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Arthur drinking water ! It tastes better at the source then in his bowl apparently !



I have been tagged by Sharlene and her Spice Girls .That's the first time it happens to me , so I will try to answer on

Five Reasons Why I blog about my cats :

1. There is no reason at all. Last year in March I looked on Internet ( for the first time) for documentation about Egyptian cats. And after 2 months of surfing, I suddenly discovered the word "Blog", looked up what it meant and jumped into Blogworld.

2. But first I discovered cat forums and became member but it wasn't so nice.

3. Then during my surfing for Egyptian cat history I discovered quite a lot of Cat Blogs and Cat groups

4. I created a cat blog already under this title, but creation is a big word !

5. I wrote my stories and nobody read them. It never came to my mind that I had to comment or be a member of a group. When with "Writer Cramps" I got readers and learned how to blog, I "reopened" this blog again.

And I even had some day the idea to create CATS ON TUESDAY and this group is wonderful, all cat lovers who like to write about their cats even when they don't have a cat blog. The stories I can read now are just marvellous !

And these are my monsters whom you know

Arthur mostly with Pookie. He likes to sleep besides her

But sometimes he has two girls who keep him company



A drama happened ! Arthur had cut off half his right side whiskers ! Besides the fact that for him it's not very funny, he now has a quite funny look !

It happened while Mr. Gattino cut a little steak into small pieces, Arthur jumped on the table and into the scissors Mr. Gattino uses for this purpose, and had his whiskers cat off ! Mr. Gattino suffered more than Arthur who didn't realize at all and swallowed the little pieces with pleasure !

And then he settled down for a long nap, but .... hiding his missing whiskers !



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Spring is in the air as you can see here with Arthur and Pookie ! They suffer from severe spring fatigue.

Yesterday Gianni, an (of course) italian friend of Mr. Gattino came visiting us, to the great pleasure of Arthur. He loves guests. He immediately interrupted his spring nap and came over to sniff at Gianni's feet. He always has wonderful Italian leather shoes which of course smell also very good. Arthur likes to smell leather. He settled down on these nice smelling shoes and looked around. Poor Gianni was slightly worried that Arthur would scratch them.

But he decided then for something to play and found finally one of his varous mice , a white one of course, because white suits very well his fur. He also has black mice but he prefers whites, he is an optimistic cat.

When he had found it he brought it over and layed the mouse to Gianni's feet.

Gianni threw it at him, that's of course what Arthur had expected. With one paw like a basketball player he catched the mouse and made his "cute cat show".

Meanwhile Gianni had told us that he had had a terrible accident the evening before and it was a wonder that now he could sit here and watch Arthur. As he still felt a little dizzy, Mr. Gattino thought he should take Gianni's blood pressure.

He brought the thing in and of course Arthur had to check immediately what it was.

and when that thing made strange noises he even had to take a very close look. Mr. Gattino feared for his instrument and waved Arthur away.

Arthur was first a little offended, but then he thought that he should look cute, so that all of us wouldn't look at that strange thing anymore, but at him.

and this is the result of his efforts !

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A few weeks ago I noticed while petting Lisa that her fur felt like straw. I didn't think anything special I just thought, poor thing she is getting old.

One day I saw our neighbor dog Yanouk and found his fur so bright and shiny and said this to my neighbor. She told me then, that she is buying "senior" food for Yanouk and that's probably why is fur is so nice.

A few days later, I noticed again that Lisa's fur was not nice at all and I thought, if it works for dogs then it should work for cats too and Mr. Gattino immediately ran over to the petshop and bought "Grandma" food for his beloved cat.

Next day when Lisa as usual bit in my nose to wake me up, I opened a "senior" cat food can and gave it to her. In one second the whole content of her bowl was gone. She apparently loved it.
And from that day on it's quite a circus show in my kitchen. First I feed Lisa with her senior food, then usually appears Arthur, with half closed eyes, he is not yet woken up, yawns and condescends slowly to approach his bowl and sniffs. But this morning I had changed his usual food too and when he smelt the difference, he too almost fell in his bowl.

Kim always waits quietly in a corner until everybody has eaten, she doesn't like to be with the others and prefers to eat alone.

and Pookie for the first time ate this food too ! She always just ate dry food and it was impossible to get her swallow something else.

And here you can see the result of my efforts to make their fur nice and shiny ! They all got hair !

Next bill will be for the hairdresser !



Cat lunch meeting in the kitchen before the 24 h marathon sleep.

Who is your favorite news anchor/reporter? Why?

I think it's all the persons who comment animal shows ! Birds provoke furious looks, dogs, cats and chicken are looked for under the furniture.

Name 3 foods that are currently in your freezer.

Three pieces of the new black neighbor cat, they tored him into 3 pieces.

If you were to have the opportunity to name a new town or city, what would you call it?

Arpoliki (for Arthur, Pookie, Lisa and kim) Sound like holidays in Greece !

Main Course
What will most likely be the next book you read?

How to catch a flying bird

What's the first thing you notice about the opposite gender?

They notice whiskers and claws and if the cat is not too big (they are heros)

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13 Things Arthur has listed today, to proof that cats are better than kids because they:

1. Eat less

2. Don't ask for money all the time

3 Are easier to train (sometimes)

4. Normally come when called

5. Never ask to drive the car

6. Don't hang out with drug-using friends

7. Don't smoke or drink

8. Don't have to buy the latest fashions

9. Don't want to wear your clothes

10. Don't need a gazillion dollars for college, and...

11. If they get pregnant, you can sell their children.

12. They keep you warm and purr

13. They always agee with you



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  • First of all we have to welcome our new member Lehanne. From today on, every Tuesday she will do a Cat cartoon for CATS ON TUESDAY ! So today she has done the first one for us and you can see the funny cartoon on her blog. I think she is very gifted and I thank her very much !

  • Since Pookie was a kitten, I noticed that when I had a alu foil in my hand (from my cigarettes for example, and yes I know smoking is bad) she could be asleep somewhere but suddenly showed up like a flash and sat in front of me with big eyes waiting that I made a very small foil ball , the smaller the better, and then threw it for her somewhere in the room. Then she got crazy and ran and jumped behind the little ball, using her paws and played football (soccer) or basket or whatever. Now you would say all cats do this and that's true. But the special thing with Pookie is, that when she has catched her little ball, she picks it up in her mouth and brings it back to you ! Just like dogs would do. Then she lays the ball on or besides my feet and looks at me, waggling wildly with her tail, asking me to pick it up and throw again and that she could do for hours !

    I throw, she brings back, I through she brings back (and tomorrow I could still write the same phrase).

    Since at least 3 years, Pookie hasn't used the cat house anymore. Nobody uses it, they sleep besides or just before but never in, except this week.

    I discovered Pookie in the house. At first I didn't see her but then I took this picture to keep it for eternity, it's such a rar event.

    I had some chocolate in my hand wrapped in alu foil and she heard the noise when I took the foil from the chocolate.

    She came out, looked around. (Eyes should be wide open)

    and run over to me. Of course this you can't see because I had to take my camera and first put the chocolate away.

    Then she looked at me with wild huge tiger eyes, just like on the picture. (I ask you to use your phantasy, because the poor thing was blinded by the flash) !

    She jumped on the little ball felt on her bottom turned around and put it in her mouth.

    And again I threw it and it landed behind the chair, she brought it back put it down to my feet and as I threw it again, she kicked it under the sofa.

    Now to find it was another story.

    finally she gave up and returned to her cat house.

    But not inside of course, that was an exception, now she sleeps again outside.

    Conclusion, as the living room is cleaned once a week (don't forget Mr. Gattino doesn't make any crumps and is quite clean for a man) we can collect about 10 - 20 foil balls in all corners and under the furniture. If I were Mrs. Gates I would threw $ bills !

    That's how I spend my evenings.

    And Sir Arthur watches the show and after a while falls asleep.

    This is the sleeping position of a discrete, distinguished cat.



    Before leaving for the cruise, Pookie is checking her hat, because she wants to be in competition with Melli who takes 20 hats on the cruise !

    Arthur put his hat on and went to sleep to be ready for tomorrow !

    Lisa after a long wash thought it over and decided to stay home. She thinks she is too old for that, approaching 85 (human years)

    Friendster images

    That's what Arthur is expecting for tomorrow !

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    Our cruise started on Friday in Stockholm and will be tomorrow in

  • Waterloo
  • and then in Norway, Spain, Germany, Alaska (!), US, Italy, Dominican Republic, Australia and other mystery destinations!

  • schedule here

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    Name two things that made you smile this week.

    When Arthur dropped like a stone from the dining table while he was sleeping

    Pookie apporting little foil balls like a dog

    Fill in the blank: Don't you hate it when ________?

    Lisa wakes me up at 3 am because she bites in my nose and pulls at my hairs. At the same time she purrs-currs in my ear ! She is a sadistic cat, I suffer !

    When you can't go to sleep, what is your personal remedy to help yourself drift into Lullabyland?

    Listening to Pookies soft purrs in my ear

    Main Course
    What is something about which you've always wondered but have not yet found a good answer?

    Why do I have four cats ??


    What is your favorite pasta dish?

    They all love minced or raw meat in general and would kill for that ! Especially Arthur !

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