I wonder where the birds are ??

See I am cross eyed, humans find that beautiful not me !

I am meditating

I am ready !!

WEEK April 25

I wonder if Rosie doesn't suffer from the Coronavirus lockdown, because she sleeps most of the time. At least she changes her napping places, from the sofa to the armchair and then into my bed.

We humans are locked in, she can go out, but she doesn't.  I tried to play with her, but she only looked very bored at me and turned to the other side to continue her marathon sleep.

From time to time she sits on the radiator and looks if there is something to see, but as there isn't apparently she returns. When we move I don't have to fear that she disturbs the neighbors by loud behaviour !

Before Nicole picked up Isis at the animal shelter, she had established rules for the cat and told us that of course the cat is not allowed to sleep in her bed, or on the sofa etc

It didn't take a long time and Isis had educated N, you see the result here ! No room for N anymore !

Isis quickly took over N's household and she even allows her to be brushed !

N had decluttered her living room a bit and as the rubbish service is closed too, she had put the things to be thrown away in her open fire. Isis realized immediately that something was wrong with the open fire and that behind the screen there were interesting things to be investigated, she tried hard to get inside but it didn't work and we had our fun !

As the weather was so beautiful we sat outside and Isis whispered her secrets in the little sheep's ear !

And then she found a plastic bottle and pushed and rolled it around and we had a lot of fun to watch her.

Another lock down week went by, one day being similar to the next so that even humans don't know what day it is !



I want you to see me from another angle !

Yikes ! It rains ...

The sun dazzles me !

It's not really my time for selfies !


Rosie is allowed to go outside, for her the confinement doesn't count. But apparently she thinks that she has to do it too, at least during the day, what she does at night I unfortunately don't know.

So she hangs around the whole day, and rolls from one side to the other, at least that way I know that she is still alive.

Of course she has no problem with the hairdresser, because she does the DIY while I slowly slowly look like a Hippie ! I wonder when hairdressers are allowed to work  again.

While I watch TV Rosie observes me, or she falls asleep. I am sure that she does an average of 23 h beauty sleep per day !

Isis is an inside cat but has two enormous terraces on the second floor where she can sit on the little wall and overlook the garden. Of course she is very happy that her servant is looked in now too and entertains her by climbing on her cat tree and making funny contorsions !

She also helps in the household, during one night she had pulled out of the wardrobe all of Nicole's T-shirts and has carried them into the living room. Don't ask me why, cats are always full off surprises !



Or it's the Coronavirus or the spring lethargy but I am always tired !

What's that ? that's not the camera !



I am so tired, the whole day both are around and speak to me and want to play because they are not allowed to go out because of a strange virus with the name Corona, like a crown !

I promised to do a better selfie and made an effort !

Not much or rather nothing special happened this week, the cats can go out where they want to, while I the servant have to stay at home or are only allowed to go out to buy food ! And that's the most important for Rosie and Isis.

Rosie sleeping places this week was her armchair

or my bed !

Armed with a mask and rubber gloves I drove to Nicole to visit her and Isis. It was so nice to be able to sit on her terrace and enjoying the sunshine

Isis had the same opinion and sat on the wall of the terrace, looking down into the garden, Nicole was afraid she would jump down and put her on the floor

Where she found a new toy, my shoes ! She really loves shoes and as soon as I had taken them off she put her nose inside and pushed them around ! She is apparently a shoe fetishist !

Fortunately we have our cats they help us to keep us in mood !