Ever since autumn has started officially, I have the impression that my cats start their winter sleep. The house is boring, no mouse chasing, no running around in cercles, just nothing. Wherever I look there lays a sleeping cat ! A real dormitory !

After her long lasting morning concert, Pookie finally settles down for a nap, but only until somebody goes to the kitchen, then she is suddenly there too and meows again for food ! She must have a stomach with a hole in it.

Now that it is cold during the nights and in the mornings, Kim has also started her winter sleep on different places.

Rosie loves her basket during the day and my bed during night. They really are permanently tired !

The only one who shows that he is still active is Arthur ! But also very limited.  He played a bit with the string of my camera case, probably just to please me

and confused me because I suddenly saw 3 cat statues instead of two on the little wall in front of our house. He takes a little sunbath, teases the dogs and then ....

he just does like the others ! I falls into his winter sleep !

I sincerely consider to do the same ! 



I like selfies, why do the others complain ?

Your tablet has a strange smell today !

Sorry, but I just finished my mouse !



Rosie in "her" world !

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Another week went by without major incidents.

Rosie my model for an alphabet photo theme, was not very cooperative because she played with the string of my camera case. On one of the pictures she looks as if she wants to hang herself !

The weather is cooler, there are less mousies around so she spends most of her days on my bed.

One day during the week, I wanted to go shopping but Arthur sat on the car roof. He starred towards the cat flap, started to pump himself up, hissed and then I saw why !

The neighbor's cat was looking through and Arthur didn't like that at all. When the cat saw me she ran away.

and Arthur settled down again. I told him to please go off my car, but as usual Arthur suffers from occasional deafness. So I got in the car and drove it outside with Arthur still sitting on the roof. Only when I closed the garage door with the remote control, he decided to jump down and disappeared somewhere in the bushes ! Poor Arthur I had taken his bed away !

From the two others there is not much to say. Kim shows up and disappears and Pookie meows again the whole day long. I have to return to the vet ! It becomes unbearable, fortunately she is quiet during the night. She doesn't seem to suffer either at least not physically.



No, I don't have to go to the dentist !! I have a treat hidden in my jaw for later use !

I think my eye make up is perfect !



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The nice weather is gone, and for this reason I now have inside cats.

Ever since I have to use my travel computer because my normal computer has been sent to HP to be repaired, Arthur has a lot of space on my desk and uses it as observation point for street watching.

From time to time he has to move so he walks across my keyboard and writes posts. Last time he wrote yéyéyéyéyé which was the sound of the French singers to fill in the voids of Rockn'roll music in the 60th.

He has also discovered Skype and last time when I was chatting with son and grandson he put himself on the keyboard so that they only had a white screen and I had disappeared. I took him down and put him on my lap and to the great pleasure of my grandson he could speak with Arthur ! Arthur sat there and stared in the screen, wondering probably what happened.

During the weekend I was ill and mostly stayed in bed. Nurse Rosie watched over me and stayed the whole time with me. It's strange, when I am not well, nobody feels well in this house !

Besides the fact that Rosie had brought a mouse in the house yesterday and Mr. G. had to chase them both outside, nothing special happened. This was the last view I had of my cats before I started to write this post ! Very active cats ! Maybe they want to get into the Guiness Book of Records with their napping skills !



Your tablet is dirty ! Now I have to clean my paw !

Each week the same, I am bored zzz, but I did my duty !



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This week it was cold and rainy and my little cat family choose to stay inside.

I had tried out a new cheese, which was very appreciated by Arthur, the one I usually eat he doesn't like.

Before I had time to carry the tray into the kitchen, I saw Arthur helping himself ! As quick as a flash he had jumped on the tray, unwrapped the cheese and .... I just had the time to take it away. Poor Arthur was rather angry !

Over the weekend he was a very busy cat, he had his little friend grandson Toby on visit. But this time they didn't play much together, Arthur was only interested in Toby's breakfast.

Poor Kim went through a nightmare ! I took her to the groomer. As usual her hair production was amazing ! In 3 months she had produced wool for at least one pullover ! It's a pity that I don't have a spinning wheel and I am not good in knitting either. The worst part of this procedure is chasing her down the basement steps and put her into the carrier ! I am always exhausted. But then in the car and at the groomer she was a very good cat, I think she knew where I took her and that afterwards she would feel good.

Rosie behaves rather philosophic, she looks out of the window and watches over the rainy landscape, mousies are hidden in their holes with this bad weather, so she sleeps all day long in her basket or on my bed.



I must have made some progress, I look nice !

This tablet doesn't work properly ! It looks as if I had a glass eye !

A difficult position, but I wanted to see how I look from above !



First time I tried out Pixiz ! There is a lot of choice !

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I think my poor cats don't understand the world anymore. One day its hot, one day it's cold. Fortunately they don't have any problems with their clothes. they just change napping places.

Arthur has chosen the garden table for a nap, and was not happy when I came out with my computer to blog on the terrace !

Pookie sleeps on the cool tiles, always inside, she seldom goes outside now, that she is an old lady. She loves to lay in the kitchen, and each time we dare to go into the kitchen, she starts her concerts for food !

Rosie relaxes in the heat, from time to time she brings us a mouse as gift. Fortunately only dead once. Unless we step barefoot on one corpse, it doesn't bother us, Mr. G. throws them in the bin !

Kim must be hiding somewhere under the bushes where it is cool, we don't see her very much.