Take that thing away ! I am not in a mood for selfies !

I don't mind, I do my selfie for you !


Nothing new happened despite the fact that I wasn't at home last weekend, I celebrated the 8th birthday of my grandson in Amsterdam.

Rosie and Arthur love the new furniture and I am happy to say that they are not interested at all in doing their pedicure on the leather. They only sleep on the sofas.

Watching TV with us in the evening, Arthur on my lap and Rosie takes a shortcut to the sofa to keep company to Mr. G.

These are other napping places for always tired Rosie. Looking out of the window, where nothing happens, or sleeping on my bed and yawning.

Arthur apparently fears an earthquake

and checks on Rosie's food

Arthur loves the new sofa and squats it almost the whole day !

Kim hasn't left the bathroom yet, although when the sun is shining she has found a sun puddle in Mr. G.'s room on a carpet. But never for long. She sleeps most of the time, but also goes out for a little walk. She eats not much but doesn't look skinny. Her hair has shortened and I am allowed to brush her, but there are no knots anymore. 19 is quite an old age !



I am too tired to lift my head out of my tail, at least I have opened one eye !

Selfie !! I just woke up, I am uncombed and unwashed !

Surprise, surprise !


Sometimes I think I live in a sleep testing laboratory. When I look around me everybody sleeps, only Mr. G. is hanging either in front of his computer or the Television. I am the only one who still moves  around.

So far Rosie has tested all chairs, on my lap or just besides my legs. That it is not always the same day you can see at my jeans !

Sometimes she sits on the table just besides my chair and she racks her brain where to sleep now !

Until she finds a better place she just settles down on the table

When I am busy elsewhere, she kindly keeps my chair warm !

She is a chair heater ! On this chair she had never curled up but yesterday we had a visitor who probably left such a nice smell that now she squats this chair ! I wonder what will happen when our sofas arrive !

As it's cold and rainy outside, Arthur interrupts his sleep tests and has some breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one.

he still sleeps on the same chair

Kim always in her private corner in our bathroom

and to conclude the daily sleep testing, they sleep in a synchronized way !



I am still half asleep, sorry ....

Phew, again a selfie, it's not my best day today !

Good heaven ! I have two more white whiskers !!


I think Rosie has the most of sleeping places ! She uses Mr. G's office chair,  the garden chair in the living room (sofas still not delivered) on Mr. G's sofa in his offfice, and on my bed. Outside she only goes for a little walk, because it is quite cold.

Walking makes thirsty !

Arthur was very disappointed and upset, because nobody came on Halloween for trick & treats. Offended he returned into the house

The sun was shining and he took a little sunbath on the window sill, but then got back into the warm house to sleep on Mr. G's bed and in front of the radiator.

Now that the window door in the living room is closed, and Sir Arthur too lazy to go downstairs and through the cat flap in the garage, he had watered our kitchen twice ! I hope it will stop !

Kim is still in her routine life ! She goes out for her business, but then comes back into her private room, our bathroom where she spends the rest of the day (and night)