The last important thing I had to do was taking Kim to the groomer before I go on holidays on Monday ! It had been exhausting to chase her and put her in the carrier as always, but once she was there she was happy and purred !

Her hair production in not even 3 months was really important ! She didn't say a word in the car, the others sing operas !

I will be back on December 14 !



It is a real boring month for my little cat family. Besides eating and sleeping there is not much to do ! Even Arthur has lost his energy and has behaved like an angel during the whole week. He didn't even steal a slice of salami of Mr. G.'s bread.

Pookie after having meowed long and loud 5 times for food in one morning finally stopped and took a rest for the next concert.

Kim sleeps the whole day on Mr. G's bed, I don't even see her when and what she eats.

Rosie hides from the world and rolls up into snail position. From time to time she opens up one eye, two are too tiring to see who is there.

and Arthur lazily watches the few magpies in the garden and is bored.



Sorry, but she insisted to be on my selfie !

&@"#§ there is more table than myself on the picture !



The new TV speaker for the mousies' channel !

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During the week there was not much going in on, but during the weekend Arthur was the busiest cat of the world ! He had to be the footman of grandson Toby !

He followed him everywhere and watched what he was doing !

The box which had contained a Playmobile castle was of the highest interest to Arthur, of course he had to climb in and check it out.

Even Rosie doesn't bother anymore about this miniature human and sits cool and relaxed on the top of the sofa and doesn't care about noise.

Pookie too didn't change her habits and gave us her free daily concerts for food ! Only Kim had disappeared during the day !



It's only this stupid tablet ! I thought you would bring me something to eat !

No flash, OK, but I won't open my eyes !

On strike ! No way to take selfies today says Arthur !



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The summerly weather continues and we have up to 20°C (68F) which is very unusual for Belgium.

Arthur develops spring feelings and runs behind Rosie who doesn't appreciate at all, look at her tail !

He enjoys the sunshine inside and outside he loves to sit on the kitchen window sill and I can see him behind the curtains.

I had to have new glasses and wanted to make a selfie together with Arthur, he is the only one who was cooperative, the others ran away ! Now I am poor like a church mouse. Glasses costs the same price as a cruise !

Rosie also loves to sit besides this ceramic cat and watch the birds from the living room.

She didn't even make an attempt to play with my earrings when I sorted them out !

And after a long day of hard work, the 22 h sleep starts !



I said : Nooooooo selfie today !

Green grass is the best background for a selfie !

I am looking awful ! I just told her that she was disturbing me !

Yeah, yeah, you got me  !



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Pookie becomes more and more a stomach with four paws !

Wherever she lays at whatever hour of the day, if one of us moves, she gets up and starts to sing her songs for free ! A real concert until she gets something to eat. So here you see her sleeping on the rag, then she heard me got up, sat in the kitchen and sang and only stopped when her bowl was full. She should be the fattest cat in the world with all she eats, but she is a slim old lady of now 17. So we resigned and obey. Fortunately she doesn't wake us up (yet) during the night !

I think Rosie started her winter sleep, she is too lazy for everything even to play with the feather and real mousies are not available, especially when she doesn't go out. I refuse to do mouse breeding !

She always sleeps besides me during the night and while I read a little bit before I fall asleep, she is already far in her dreams.

Arthur is bored ! So while he watches lazily the few magpies walking in the grass, he mostly sleeps there on the radiator.

As the sun was shining he took a sunbath on the kitchen window sill, but nothing is going on, no neighbor works in his garden.

Even Kim forgot to run away when I took this picture !



Aren't we a nice pair ?

I am getting old ! I have one white whisker !!

Please push the button for me I am taking a sunbath

Ooops, I think that was a little too close !