Difficult to make a selfie if you see Arthur !

I am not amused ! Look he had too much mousemilk !

I hope tomorrow I feel better ! I celebrated to early !

Fortunately my cats are not afraid of fireworks. Each year a lot of animals, cats and dogs run away in panic and it is difficult to find their owners, because most of the time they have no identity chip.

The only one who is not at his ease is Arthur, he rather fears a bomb attack and not the lights so he sleeps under a table or a wardrobe. Otherwise he doesn't bother. Rosie just turns her ears around and Kim doesn't move. I think she would even sleep besides a firework !

See you all next year and hope that you are not too much afraid of the firework noises !



I made an effort for Christmas !

Is there the smell of turkey in the air ??

I changed my sleeping place, I now sleep just close to the front door. Nobody can get in !

We are waiting for Christmas. Time goes by quicker when you sleep. And she, anyway has still some left overs of her flu !

I like the wreath and the little angels and love to keep them company !

to all of you !



Don't come in like an elephant I am busy with a photo session !

zzz...zzzz....what did you say ? Selfie ? OK

I show you a selfie of my tail, I am in a bad mood today !


The last 2 weeks I have spent in Egypt at the Red sea in the Sunrise Holiday Resort, leaving my poor cats in the rain and cold, fortunately inside the warm house. Mr. G. as usual took too good care of them because they all looked a little more XL !

While I was away Kim had changed her usual place which she had occupied during at least 4 months always at the same place in Mr. G.'s room on a rug. Only for eating and other businesses she left this place.

Now she has moved to the entrance ! Don't ask me why. She does exactly the same, screwed on the same place, day and night ! Fortunately we don't get a visitor each hour, then she would certainly choose another place.

Rosie and Arthur tried to occupy themselves a bit, but did sleep mostly, while outside it stormed and rained. In the news they said that Belgium had 9 hours sunshine in the whole month ! No wonder that people have sour faces ! Cats are more discrete they don't show their mood in their faces but with their tails, which would be difficult for humans because they don't have one to express their feelings.

Everything went well during my absence, and now that I am here, they probably wait that I take out the Christmas balls and decorations !



We have a nice life with Mr. G ! We even get whipped cream which usually is not allowed or at least not too much. She needed warmth and sunshine, because she had breathing problems and now she is in a country called Egypt, which is very famous for cats ! We were even were goddesses there !

And here is a picture she has sent us the weather is wonderful and she and her friends are purring in the sunshine ! They are in Hurghada at the red sea.



There is a spider on the ceiling !

The button, where is the button ???

I just came from the groomer ! She said that I am becoming younger and younger ! I don't even have knots anymore and my hair is shorter.


That cats are special I knew, but Kim is even more than special. Maybe because she was born on Christmas Eve 18 years ago. My son fell in love with this little fur ball and took her home. So we know from where she comes, from the cat of my friend in London. Kim seemed to be a very calm kitty and didn't play much she always was with Pookie my other son's cat.

Then he had to work in Amsterdam and Kim didn't support the life in an apartment and not being able to go out. So he asked us to keep the two cats for 3 months until he would return to London. This was 15 years ago I think. From the very beginning Kim was an outside cat she lived outside slept outside and in winter she stayed in the basement. Very seldom she came to stay a bit with Poookie. She only ate during night when nobody saw her. She hated all humans and loved all animals dogs, birds, mousies included.

It was impossible to catch her an brush her and she was such a hairy cat. Taking her to the groomer was terrible. But there she behaved nicely. The years went on and we became used to have an nearly invisible cat. And then all changed since a few month. Slowly, slowly she moved into the house and Mr. G. became her big friend. She slept on his lap, and even allowed him to brush her a bit. That lasted also a couple of months. Then she changed again.

Only once I found her on Mr. G's Jeans on a chair and once even in my bed ! I was happy because I thought she had something with her hind legs but if she can jump then certainly not.

Ever since she is screwed on the rug always at the same place and only gets up when she is hungry or has to go out. Suddenly I am allowed to pet her what had never happened, she always ran away when she saw me, and ..... the cat who lived with us for years and said "meow" once a year became now a chatterbox.  Now she meows for food or if she doesn't like something, I didn't even know that she had such a sweet voice ! Her hair has shortened and she didn't have these awful knots anymore. Yesterday I took her to the groomer and nearly no hair came out and not a single knot on her belly. The groomer said that she looks younger and her fur is so soft ! From a nearly stray cat (with a home) Kim became a perfect house cat !

Rosie and Arthur are still the same now that it is cold  they prefer to stay inside and watch the world through the windows or sleep on sofas, chairs and beds.



This look never fails, when I do this I get what I want (or almost)

If each weak I am bothered with these selfies, this time I try a wink !


Looking out of the window for inspiration, my eyes caught Rosie very busy to eat (!!) a mouse ! I don't even like that she catches a mouse and play with that poor thing but here she ate it ! From top to bottom, the only thing which remained was the tail !

and she so much feared that somebody would take her prey away that she took a bite and then looked around her !! Fortunately she was kind enough to do that outside and not in the house.

and then with a full stomach she returned into her wires and my blue invoice which she occupies now in the 3rd week !

Kim who for weeks was glued in snail position always on the same spot (right below) moved !!! I was so happy to see her on my bed ! That meant that she can still jump and is not so half dead as she pretends to be ! Anyway her fur and her appetite confirm this fact. Strange cat, now she comes to me for cuddles ! It took her more than 10 years and also, unfortunately, she started to meow not all the time but if you had a dumb cat for so long it surprises when a meow comes out !

Sir Arthur has a good appetite but he is difficult too, look at the range of bowls where he has the choice from. To be honest not only him the others too.

He also has met our new neighbors, I don't know if they are cat lovers, but at least they didn't chase him away, apparently he is often in their garden.

The best weatherman in Belgium is Arthur, much better than those on TV or Newspaper, when he washes behind his ears you can be absolutely sure that it will rain  the same day or the next day. Sometimes also the 3rd day, but usually it is always right. I have to add it rains quite often here, but that doesn't mean that he also does ear cleaning.



What should I do now after this stupid selfie ??

Kim asked me to excuse herself, she is not ready anymore to pose for a selfie, she escapes and I think she is too old now that I run after her. Apparently she feels good in this snail position and doesn't want to be bothered anymore.

Arthur is digesting a full bowl of food and didn't say anything when I approached with the selfie material



The cats enter into winter boredom and look for changes in their life. Anyway they don't have an  enormous interest in things which happens in human's lives and were only offended when they heard Mr. Trump talking about Pussies and they realized that these were not the same.

Rosie sank in her winter sleep and only changes places, which already demands a big effort. Lazily hanging on the sofa or sleeping on blue invoices (that's the third week) or against my leg, she has also found a nice place on a backpack which lay on the floor. No mousies, not even a fly to chase ! Arthur's tail is off limit, he hisses and there is no other tail available.

Therefore Mr. G. is her victim, she squats his chair at the computer and gets angry when he asks her politely to leave this sacred place. But Rosie doesn't care and gave him a nice scratch last time, which I myself had to put a plaster on, because he was dying.

Then it was my turn, I had thrown my raincoat on the sofa because it needed to be washed. Rosie had another opinion and thought it would be a nice place for a little nap. The washing machine was ready to turn and I told Rosie to put herself elsewhere, otherwise I would wash her too. Apparently that helped because she was offended and disappeared.

Arthur gave it up to walk in the rain and come home wet. There was not even somebody to follow ! So he too lay on the sofa (fortunately it is big) put some pink wires around him, he intended to play but then gave it up and cuddled against Mr. G.

I am happy to report that I found Kim together with Arthur on Mr. G's bed ! Again in snail position, but at least she had proved that she still can jump !