Rosie in good hands !

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Almost the whole week I was locked in the house taking care of a cold ! My cats very compassionated took the opportunity to also rest on beds or sofas as if it would make a difference in their normal life.

In nursing me they weren't very efficient !

As I couldn't do very much I spent my time between computer and TV, but took also the opportunity to take some pictures of my dear cats for different photo themes.

They all more or less cooperated. Here is Rosie as autumn decoration

Arthur should look up, but found something more interesting on the floor

He warmed up his belly on the radiator

just as Rosie who didn't even try to talk to the other cat.

Kim looked at me with suspicion asking herself if she should run away or not

and Arthur posed with a cup of coffee.

Anyway for the moment it is a rather dull time for cats, it's cold and wet and therefore they prefer to stay inside. Even Kim !



I thought I would be more handsome with bigger eyes !

Don't speak with me I am busy !

The photo session was too long for Rosie



Arthur sitting in the car wash

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One night I got up to go for little girls, when I saw a strange spot on the floor. Without my glasses I couldn't see what it was exactly and thought it was a fur ball. Anyway, I avoided to step in it.

And fortunately ! At the entrance of the bathroom lay a dead mouse and Rosie was admiring her prey ! I took a kitchen roll paper collected the mouse and put her in the bin. Rosie was offended.

We also had the visit of our grandson now 5 years old. As usual Arthur was happy about this visit and had a lot to do.

Here he watches over Toby who is cleaning the dining room from crumbs. Arthur was not even afraid of the little vacuum cleaner !

For the first time the other cats showed up too and stayed with us in the living room.

Pookie, visit or not gave her morning concert and then lay down and washed herself from top to bottom. She even sniffed at the toys.

Rosie slept on the radiator and observed us from time to time. The only one who didn't show up and hid was Kim. But that's not new !



Good heavens ! I look awful today !

I think I hold the tablet a little too high !

I didn't realize ! I have a mouse on my head !!!



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I had a sudden attack of energy and sorted out clothes I don't wear anymore since ages.

Kim was very happy that I had made a bed for her in the hallway.

Old lady Pookie doesn't sharpen her claws anymore so they grew and she got stuck all the time. As with me she runs away and it is impossible to cut her claws I went to my groomer, there Pookie behaved like an angel, just like Kim does ! It took not even 5 min and now her claws are back to normal again for another 3 months.

Pookie had been very brave in the car, she didn't meow, only complained once a bit, said nothing at the groomer and on our way back she sat down behind the back seats and looked out of the window. She apparently remembers that she drove often in a car when she was a baby and a young "girl".

But nevertheless she was exhausted and slept the whole afternoon.

Arthur had to model for me, I needed a photo starting with an "m". I choose magnifier and Arthur was very cooperative as you can see !

In the evening he inaugurated Mr. G's new training suit leaving some white hair on it.

When I woke up this morning and opened my eyes I saw this "still life" ! Half asleep I took my camera to shoot this picture !



I am just thinking if I shouldn't dye my hair in red ?

It's so much fun to make selfies !

I hadn't finished grooming yet !



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Summer has come to the end and Mr. G. had covered the garden furniture.

Rosie was not so happy about that, because now she can't sit on the table anymore and watch the neighborhood.

This week I was busy with the preparation of our painting exhibition and was away the whole day. One evening I found a very worried Mr. G., he hadn't seen Arthur the whole day. Late afternoon he had looked in the neighborhood, had shouted his name without any success. He then had checked all closets, cupboards, the basement and the guest room. No Arthur.  I wasn't that worried I thought he will come back when he is hungry and indeed when I went to bed, he showed up ate a bit and then jumped on my bed and laid down. He slept peacefully with me the whole night.

I had thought that Mr. G. had seen him too, so I was very surprised when I found him in a terrible state sitting in the living room. He told me that he would go to the police and ask all neighbors because Arthur hadn't come back ! First I didn't understand and then I felt sorry that I hadn't told him that dear Arthur had spent the whole night on my bed. The poor man had a sleepless night for nothing. That's communication ! 

Arthur didn't care about the worries he had caused and took a sunbath at the kitchen door.

and later decorated the sofa !



I told you, I am uncombed ! No selfie today !!!!

I need a lamp to find the button

My whiskers are still very nice !



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