The year's end is near only one day left.

Pookie after having eaten X times, finally takes a nap on a Christmas gift for Toby, a school bag

Rosie without any doubt does her new year's planning !

and Arthur is in heaven, he has his little friend on visit and they play together with little cars and airplanes. In one day Arthur became a playful kitten !



Sorry, I am not available

I feel grumpy today, go away !

This ball is not hanging at the right place, so leave me in peace I have to tidy up the tree !

What do you want ???



Kim spends most of her time in Mr. G's bed. Now that she is getting old she prefers to stay inside where it is warm. What a difference ! Even with very cold temperatures she used to sleep outside in her cat tent !

of course Mr. G. takes her for excuse not to make his bed !

As soon as he sits down she is on his lap. He is not even allowed to move then she protests with little meows. Kim has a voice like a little kitten, not like Arthur who has one which makes you think of a Hitchcock movie.

Rosie always sleeps with open eyes ! She never closes them completely. She is the only one who does that, all the others have their eyes closed when they sleep. She then has this strange expression in her eyes as if she sees something far beyond me.

Arthur and Pookie terrorize Mr. G. every single evening when he eats his supper. He can never eat in peace because they almost jump in his plate. But that is his fault, he shouldn't have started to feed them while he is eating, they never come to me ! He complains all the time, but he loves it ! This time it's "male" logic !

Rosie is disgusted, and jumps from the table,  she doesn't like human food, she only eats her personal

Unfortunately there is not yet a machine which folds the laundry so I had to do it myself under the watchful eyes of Arthur. He did NOT help me !

Rosie is probably afraid that the heaven will fall on her head and sleeps under Father Christmas !

For the moment I blog in our living room and Rosie loves to sit on the table and watch what I am doing. None of my cats was or is interested in Christmas decoration !

Nobody played with little Father Christmas, angels or balls, they are all very good.

to all of you !

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I am dreaming of a white Christmas mousie .....

Did I hear "Turkey" ??

I have the blues

What is that ? a new tablet ?? It's not Christmas yet !!



When I came back from Egypt last Saturday, it was rather late, around midnight. But Arthur showed up from nowhere and greeted me with a loud "meow" ! When I arrived in the kitchen followed by Arthur and Mr. G. there were Pookie (asking for food) Kim, hesitating if she should stay or run away, but she stayed, the only one I didn't see was little Rosie. But when I took off my coat she too arrived and meowed her little joyful meow. Apparently nobody had missed me, they were all in a very good shape and behaved like always.

Rosie went to bed with me

and when I opened my eyes in the morning I had this delightful view !

My sprained ankle which just had healed, was sprained again when I fell at the airport in Hurghada, there was a gap I hadn't seen. Fortunately I still had all medicine from the last time and the bandages and I took care of my ankle which was swollen to a little ball. Arthur and Rosie alternatively took care of me by sitting on my lap, which made my legs sleep ! Arthur is heavy !

Pookie jumps on the sofa, with a few difficulties, but it still works. She is always observed by Rosie who doesn't want to come her too close to me, but Pookie doesn't care !

Two who NEVER got near together are now big friends ! They often sleep together in front of the radiator, or on the sofa or bed.

Kim also has changed ! Not with me ! I am still suspicious in her eyes. She became  nearly normal and loves to socialize !

Now she loves to sleep near her "siblings" with Pookie, Arthur and even Rosie ! Miracles happen !



Although it was so nice and warm in my bed with Rosie purring at my side, I had to go up and ... stepped with one foot into something very soft. I thought it was a toy, but at a closer look I realized that I had walked on a real dead mouse ! Disgusting ! I wrapped it in paper and buried it in the bin !

Rosie made an innocent face and after running behind mousies, slept the whole day (and night)

Arthur discovered his love for Pookie. At least Pookie doesn't bother him like Rosie who always wants to play and then hisses at him. Pookie meows and that's it, besides that she leaves him in peace, so they like now to sleep together in front of the warm radiator.

Kim since she has discovered that one can sit on a table, sits now there very often and observes what's going on around her. She too starts to get difficulties with her hind legs, we are all getting old in this house !

Only Arthur keeps his youthful mind and chases his tail, which always makes me laugh, he does his daily walks on the street and follows people. I can hear them talking to him. Then it's time for a little wash and settle down besides Pookie.

and I prepare my suitcase for 2 weeks Red Sea in Hurghada Egypt ! Pookie apparently checks if I haven't forgotten something. Mr. G. will have holidays from his naughty wife and can party with his cats and overfeed them !

and I will be here, like last year and the years before. I think it's the 8th time I am going there in November. For my two friends who come with me it will be the 4th time. It's very nice, friendly people, good food and of course a lot of Sunshine !



Sorry, it's so stormy outside that I fear to show my whole head !

No photos please !!

OK, put only because it's you !

When do I get something to eat ? I am starving ! and you make me  work !!

a little higher the tablet please !



Visiting a friend, I sprained my ankle when I got up from the sofa !! At first I didn't feel nothing but after an hour my foot was swollen like a balloon and it ached terribly. Cream and bandage helped a bit. So I was locked in for the whole week.

Rosie didn't take a lot of notice of my poor foot, but she was happy to have company the whole day, other than Mr. G. It had rained the whole week and despite the fact that she went out mouse hunting and came back wet like a sponge, the mousies must have decided not to go out in the rain. So no mouse corpse this week.

Arthur watched over the outside world sitting on my desk, what he saw were umbrellas in all colors, and of course the dogs who belonged to the umbrellas. People without dog wouldn't go out in this sh..t  weather !

Our independent Kim who was always outside and preferred to stay alone, looks now for the closeness to Pookie. Pookie had been her "mother" when they lived with my son in London, and Kim was a baby. She always slept against Pookie's belly. Now for obvious technical reasons it is not possible anymore because Kim is at least two sizes bigger than little Pookie. But apparently it doesn't matter !

Now as she doesn't go out anymore or only occasionally, she has learned to jump from furniture to furniture and she had tried to jump from the sofa on the table. She fell down, because here hind legs are not the once of a young girl anymore, but she insisted and managed ! Much to the nuisance of Mr. G. who sees his view on the TV now cut off by two cats (fortunately not at the same time) Kim and Arthur.

Pookie too has difficulties to jump and calculates for a while before she jumps, but so far she manages !

Rosie finds it nice that I am always laying on the sofa and tries to make pasta out of my trousers !