According to the awful rainy and stormy weather, my cats lead a very peaceful life, they definitively have the good attitude they sleep until it's over

For a few hours the sun was shining and while I was making my bed, Rosie took a sunbath. After I had taken these pictures it didn't happen again !

I had put a big plate with choclate covered marshmellows and other goodies on the table because TV inspires you to nibble something. Rosie had seen Arthur who apparently loves them because he had tried to eat one ! She inspected the plate, but didn't like it. Now I have to put the plate away when we are not there, because Arthur would eat them all ! Not very good for his health. He is a garbadge can in a cat shape.

And while the others are rather lazy, Pookie who suffers from sleepyness the whole year long is the only one quiet active. She plays with everything she can find, and watches in front of the cat flap to chase away an eventual intruder, by screeming so loud that it wakes up the whole neighborhood ! You could easily think that somebody tries to kill her ! She also gnarls like an angry dog. When I ran down to see what happens and eventually rescue the half dead cat, I find a happy looking Pookie sitting there, only her tail is still puffed and looks like a fury Christmas tree !

Arthur follows his hobby the whole day long ! And he isn't even what I would call fat !!

In the evening the still life looks always the same :

There is a sleeping session on my lap, in turn Rosie, Pookie and Arthur. Kim of course never naps on a lap !

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We have been in Amsterdam over the weekend to celebrate Grandson Toby's second birthday. When I opened my travel bag

I wondered why I had taken two of Rosie's toys with me ! The little caring darling had put them in my bag probably to make me think of her ! She must have done it over night, before I closed the zip. They were just under my clothes ! 

When we came home she was sleeping on the armchair and seeing us, rolled around and was happy ! The whole night she spent stuck at my chest, as if I had been gone for at least a month ! Apparently cats don't make a difference between one night or several nights.

Pookie as usual was offended, we found her sleeping at the entrance. When she saw us she ran away but came back later and to show her happiness she was running  through the house like a Formular 1 car !

Arthur had recognized the noise of our car, came running from nowhere greating us and walked around our legs and we tried not to stumble over him while we unloaded the car.

Then of course the highlight of his day was that he could steal share supper with Mr. G. !

With his stomac filled, he offered his chin for a scratch session !

Kim didn't show up yet !

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Arthur, who caused me worries last week, because he didn't want to eat, I finally bought the very expensive "Hills" cans,for "deluxe cats" and with that he started a bit and then more than a bit.Arthur knows what is good for him !

and that he showed when I served chicken with Basmati rice mixed with vegetables ! Already in the kitchen he started to sing operas while I cut the chicken into little pieces and almost jumped into the knife ! I nearly became a cat murderer ! But then when it was served, he really went mad ! Poor Mr. G. couldn't feed him quick enough and complained loudly, but of course he was very happy about Arthur's recovered appetite ! Arthur ate so quickly that he could have participated in a "fast eating" competition ! And the last piece which Mr. G. had on his plate and while he looked at the TV, Arthur stole so quickly and run away with it, so that it was impossible to take it away, because he growled like an angry tiger ! We were a little worried because in this last piece was the only bone of the chicken breast ! Gone of course !

With a filled stomac he collapsed besides the radiator and apparently felt very happy !

Rosie watched with disgust this guzzler

and Kim too. They both weren't interested in chicken.

Pookie our marathon sleeper has suddenly an activity attack ! She runs behind little aluminium paper balls (thrown for Rosie) and laying on my lap, played with the string of my jump suit ! She took example on me and also became a chatterbox, especially in the mornings.

Rosie was quiet lazy this week, she didn't catch a single mouse, but rested on my bed. I had this view when I was reading my book before I turned off the light.

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Instead of entertaining me, as November is already a dull month, my cats have decided to save energy and move the less possible !

Since a week I always have the same view, while watching TV,  Rosie either in deep sleep, and when she wakes up she has to groom herself from top to bottom, probably because she had dirty dreams. Fortunately there are some crimes to watch, otherwise I also would do the same, except washing on the sofa.

Arthur is not better. I think he still recovers from Toby's visit. He also has lost his appetite a little and doesn't try to jump into Mr. G's plate. Even when he offers Arthur some treats from his plate, Arthur turns his back to him and walks away. It worries me a bit, because it is not normal.

Petals drop on his back and he doesn't even realize, but I realize that I have to throw away the bouquet !

The only food he eats quiet reluctantly is Rosie's diet food. Which proves that he is intelligent enough to take care of his stomac !

The only one who moves a little bit is Pookie, who normally always sleeps. She helds long speeches, in the mornings, which probably she has copied from the American election campaign. She talks and talks and probably promises lots of mousies, but the trouble is, there are none. After that she has found a new place and takes care of the entrance as a doormat.

Rosie to show her gratefulness by decorating the water bowl with one of her toy mouse, just because there actually are no real once !