Impossible to wake them up for a selfie, sorry !



After a nice nap, Rosie shows me some new Yoga exercises. I wanted to try it out, but it was too difficult, as I can't even find where her head is !

After that, she rolled herself in snail mode and slept again for another couple of hours. Outside we had a storm called Denis, who howled around the house, it doesn't bother Rosie she continued her peaceful sleep.

From time to time she stays awoken for a couple of hours and watches TV, but there were no birds or mousies to be seen so she gave up. There is never something for cats on TV ! Not even an aquarium !

Looking outside through the window it is not better because it rains and nobody is outside, not even a pigeon ! They must hide somewhere.

While I made the bed she looked out on the empty and wet street, and as soon as my bed was ready,

she got so tired that she thought she should return to sleep otherwise she wouldn't make her daily challenge of 25 h !

Arthur sleeps, wakes up, meows for food, eats distributing pieces all over the kitchen and then goes back on his carpet continues sleeping until he wakes up because his stomach growling (even I can hear it) claims food, eats and the whole procedure starts again.

He should look like a Buddha, but not at all he rather looks like a with fur covered cat skeleton, only the belly is a bit round. He eats at least 4 bags of wet food now per day, but doesn't gain a little weight. We spoil him and don't care if it's good or not what counts is that he is happy and doesn't suffer ! Unfortunately some nights he does the same and I have to get up 3 or 4 times otherwise he meows until he gets what he wants, fortunately we are retired and could sleep a little longer but ..... there is ol'Arthur !

My friend Nicole's cat Isis when she heard the storm arriving !



We do our Sunday's job ! Selfies !



In these grey and wet times there is not a lot to do, especially outside the mousies remain in their holes they hate to get wet too !

Rosie plays contortionist or observes Arthur from above my bed

but most of the time she loves lay in her Ikea bed ! Mr. Ikea had created it for dolls, but apperently it's used more by cats, even if they have to throw out the dolls !

From time to time Rosie  works as operator not very efficient because instead of meowing into the phone she runs away when it rings !

The only way Arthur uses several times per day is going into the kitchen to screem loud for food ! Sometimes I think he had been hurt by somebody !

While I am working he sleeps on the table until his stomach claims another portion of food ! and despite the quantities he swallows he becomes more and more a skinny minny.

He not always waits so patiently that the plate will be filled !

And in the evenings we watch a film together, Rosie on the left, Arthur on the right.



I hope the Selfie comes out well, I tried to keep my eyes open !

Awww wait, I think a mousie just came in .....

OK, I do the Selfie, but I am soooo tired !

One moment please, I smell chicken !



If only the human News would be like my cat News, then we certainly would have a better world.

Besides the fact that the weather is so disgusting that Rosie just goes out for her little business, while Grandpa Arthur prefers to stay inside. I think he feels insecure now when he goes out, as he is deaf and can't defend himself against other cats or quickly run away. Therefore he stays ins the house where he feels safe, except that from time to time much younger Rosie chases his tail or wants to play with him.

The only difference from week to week is the sleeping places. This week Rosie had chosen her IKEA bed in Mr. G's room during the day, because during the night she sleeps besides me or at my feet.

Sometimes she sits on the sofa in the living room and maybe waits for a phone call, I don't know. I become jealous when I see their lives compared to mine !

Grandpa Arthur too has changed his napping place and sleeps now on a chair in Mr. G's office, and sometimes also under the chair. The chair is close to the radiator so he can warm up his old bones.

When I see him washing himself I am happy, because like a lot of old men they forget that they are also becoming dirty and they have to wash from time to time. Arthur's eyes are better but I still have to clean them and sometimes with a humid cloth I also wash his fur, but he doesn't like it very much. I should paint him in black then  I wouldn't see the dirt ! No way to give him a bath, I think he would die of the shock !

So I leave him happy and dirty (not too much) he eats 3 to 4 bags  of wet food per day and does at least 15 wee wees. I bought special litter which forms balls and so I can take it out easily. Sometimes the litterbox shrinks (at least he thinks so) and he pees outside. I found a solution I put doggy training pads around.

Otherwise he is fine, sometimes he even plays just to show that he is still OK !