The weather was crazy this week ! Until wednesday it was very warm up til 20°C (68 F) and Arthur of course took the opportunity to watch the street from our front yard.

Noboy escapes him especially the dogs which he is nagging only by sitting like a little statue on the wall.

For the moment he is the only cat with some other activities then sleeping !

He watches over Mr. G taking a bath,

and keeps my car nicely decorated with paw prints.

Then the weather changed and the temperature dropped to - 1 °C (24 F°) and it was freezing

Our living room became a dormitory, with Mr. G. included as he still has his eye infection and doesn't see very well, except the cats of course.

Kim has come back and is now always together with Pookie whom she still considers as her mother, although they didn't come from the same litter. Pookie stems from a pet shop in London and was bought by my son, while Kim one year later came from my friend's cat litter also from London. BTW they still meow in English together so that the others don't understand !  

This was the view I had yesterday when I came back from shopping ! All cats united in the living room  dormitory.

Rosie has her "flying cat" period and jumps on the mantel piece to groom ! So far she hasn't broken anything !

For once I managed to take a picture of the three eating together ! Usually they all eat at another time, Pookie her dry food during 24 h and Kim and Arthur like chicken, beef, or fish "mousse" which they eat in the morning !

Mr. G. had heard about a kleptomanical cat in California, and I found the corresponding video ! It is just unbelievable the cat had stolen about 600 (big) items over 3 years !

I remembered then that Arthur when he was about one or two also stole things ! Here he had carried this big cord bone from our neighbors dog through the cat flap into the living room !! Mr. G. of course thought it was me ! Another time he brought a whole French bread home, it was almost bigger than Arthur himself.

But what you can see here is just incredible !





As boring as the week was, as agitated was the weekend ! A mini human visited his grandparents together with his Daddy. Except Arthur who was delighted about this new company which brought a little life in his daily routine with his human mummies, Pookie, Rosie and Kim didn't like the visit at all ! Especially the first day.

Arthur played football (soccer) together with Toby, Mr. G. and the giant human, and as goal keeper stood on the cat statue, only Arthur can choose such a place ! He ran after the ball which I found rather amazing because compared to his size, the ball was rather big !

He watched over the mini human and Toby learned how cats take a bath ! Arthur really showed his best !

Best friends !

In the evening they watched TV together, Arthur always besides.

He also watched him playing with the toys inside

and after Toby had gone to bed he tried out the toy box and used it as a tube to play inside ! Arthur suddenly was a young boy cat again ! We had such a fun !

The others retired on different beds and just crossed the kitchen to go outside. They didn't hide anymore because they were quiet reassured, the mini human didn't bother them, he didn't scream, ran behind or even tried to catch tails ! He was a very good boy !

Pookie listened to all these strange noises and to what was going on in the house on Mr. G's bed

Rosie slept with one eye open (you never know)

Kim looks very nice now since she had been at the groomer, all the red fur is gone and she looks really beautiful. I only saw her once sleeping on the bed.

When they were gone, Arthur helped to put the toys in the box, pulled the string with a little telephone through the kitchen and collapsed then in Mr. G's office to rest.



Football = Soccer



Poor little Rosie started caughing on  Thursday and I thought maybe she had swallowed a hair. But as it continued through the weekend I preferred to take her to the vet.

She was very good, but purred so loud that the vet couldn't check her breathing correctly. Apparently it was nothing serious she got a little shot for her cold, but otherwise she is in a very good health.

After that Rosie was exhausted, and I happy that it hadn't been something more serious. Now she is her old self and looks after mousies again.

Arthur also was hunting and decorated our entrance with a fat rat ! Fortunately dead. I wonder from where they are suddenly coming, we never had rats before ! The end is near !

Now summer is over, although we didn't have any, and we had to put the garden furniture away which we had used exactly 6 times in the whole season ! Otherwise they stood there as decoration. Arthur helped especially with the plastic and then checked if the table was well covered and now rain could come in.

As Kim has moved inside again, I took an appointment for her at the groomer. To catch her and put her in the cage is a titanic work ! Although I had closed all doors, put on my shoes and my coat faking as if I would go shopping, she felt that there was something in the air and tried to escape through the stairs to the basement ! There I picked her up and she screemed like a sirene and ran straight in the cage. I just had to close the door but I felt exhausted.

Then as usual she was the best cat ever, holding still, purred and made pasta on the table, I just can't believe it. When we try to brush her she runs away without even seeing the brush, she feels that we want to attempt something bad on her ! She is a very intelligent cat and has a special sense for feeling when something changes.

The result was this huge mountain of fur pieces and hairs and this in only 3 months ! If I could she would make some nice pullovers and scarfs ! Probably she had been a sheep in her former life !

When we came home she escaped immediately and hid in the garden and came only back during the night ! But now she is back to "normal", I mean as "normal" as she can be ! But when I want to sit down besides her she runs away !






Since a week Arthur is sorry that the days shorten. He used to sit outside our living room and played "Stalker". He observed us from outside and it was so funny to see a tail walking by and then his white face looking through the winow.

Now this is finished and he had to find another place.

So during the day when it's not raining he sits now outside the kitchen window and supervises what I am doing in the kitchen.

Arthur had never been a talkative cat, but since a few months this changed. Now he "speaks" all the time ! This would be nice and funny if he didn't have this horror movie voice. If you are peacefully somewhere and suddenly you hear a deep miiiiiiouououou (a mixture of a cat and an owl) besides or behind you, it makes us jump to the ceiling (that's a little exaggerated, but nearly) He chooses between myself and Mr. G. and follows the selected person the whole day. Outside he walks this person to his/her car, and when he/she comes back he accompagnies wherever we go in the house. In the above picture he choose a sunshine spot to take care of his white fur. Sir Arthur wants to stay a Sir.

Killer Rosie, here laying so innocently had brought in 3 mice corpses during the week, therefore of course she is very tired. Especially the whole day because she goes hunting during the night.

Pookie is very active ! she walks from a bed to a sofa, to a chair to another bed and so forth and of course sleeping that much makes tired.

and all 4 love sport !