A catastrophe has happened in my cat's life routine ! It had snowed ! For the first time since two years !

Arthur after having his breakfast wanted to do his morning walk, but when I opened the window door and he saw this strange white stuff outside, he made a quick U-turn !

Then he sat on the heating and looked out, mulling over what to do now !

Rosie too was desperate and sat thoughtfully on the table !

Kim didn't even try to go out,

she had made a bad experience the evening before, she wanted to go out and then ... when she saw this white powder laying there, she returned as quick as a flash into the house !

Pookie once her stomach full, didn't bother about the snow and preferred to keep warm the files in Mr. G's office.

And then they sat there not knowing what to do. I had wanted to take a picture of white Arthur in the white snow, but it didn't work.

Instead I had to clean the litter boxes more than usual ! I don't understand, making little holes in snow is so easy !



I shouldn't have moved !

I have enough !!



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My first action after my holidays in Egypt was taking Kim to the groomer ! The young woman and I had agreed on a fixed day, all 2 months on a Tuesday at 9 pm. At that time of the day I am quite sure that Kim is at home !

Still after two months the fur mountain was impressive ! Kim as usual behaved like an angel, once there, to get her in the carrier is another story !

I also had done some Christmas decoration, just for us, as we are celebrating Christmas in Amsterdam together with our son.

While unpacking the balls and angels etc didn't impress one single cat and they didn't even show up, they like the finished work. Arthur likes to sit and wash on the small table

or between angels and watching what is going on outside

Kim prefers to sit on the dining table feeling lighter with less fur

so does Rosie, she loves to lay there for a little nap

Only old Pookie can't jump anymore on the table and prefers to nap on the sofa, Arthur keeps her company laying on my lap.



I just opened my eyes and there she came with her tablet !

This time I wanted to look nice ...



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I am back into the cold, from Egypt's Red Sea where I had been on holidays for 12 days. I haven't seen a single cat, because we left the Hotel complex only once and of course the hotel didn't have any cats.

While I was away my cats had their holidays too, but Mr. G. had suffered. He had to get up very early in the morning to feed the opera meowing Pookie and often when he went to bed again he couldn't fall asleep anymore. Therefore he was happy that I am back, I get up early anyway.

But he and Arthur spent nice evenings together watching TV. Arthur is an easy cat, he agrees to all channels.

When I arrived late evening only Arthur greeted me, later Pookie showed up in hope to get some food. During the night I felt that Rosie had joined me in my bed. I petted her and she purred like a motor but suddenly she bit me in my hand so hard, that my hand is swollen and hurts very much. I have no scratches just one little point from her teeth. First thing on Monday morning I went to my doctor, meanwhile my hand looked like a balloon. I got a tetanus vaccine and antibiotics and hope it will heal soon.

The next day she avoided me because I had shouted at her and had given her a light slap. I don't know why she bit me, she had done it before but just a little for playing and never so hard. She has found a new sleeping place, the "old" basket of Pookie, which I had put in the living room in front of the radiator. Nice place to spend the winter time !

Balloon hand or not, I started with the Christmas decoration. Arthur made a little tour through the angels and balls, but was not very interested. The others didn't even show up.

But he thinks he looks very decorative on the christmassy table

When I woke up in the morning I found Pookie happily laying in her Ikea doll bed, just besides mine.



The trouble is, she has to show me the button !

Where do I have to push ?



As Pookie can't jump on my bed anymore I found the perfect solution !

I had seen on a blog a doll bed somebody had bought at Ikea and had transformed it into a bed for her cat ! I found this a wonderful idea ! I bought the bed, Mr. G. assembled it and now Pookie is happy to have her own bed besides mine !

Arthur didn't mind that I put a napkin on him while he was hoping to find some food in the still empty plate !

While you are reading this I will sit in the plane and fly into the warmth and sunshine of Egypt. Rosie supervised my packing, she will be the only one who will miss me.

Kim never realizes if I am there or not, so she can groom herself in peace.

and this afternoon I will be here, enjoying the beautiful hotel, the food and the warm weather for 12 days !



Thanks for having pushed the button !

A double selfie

I managed ! with one paw I clicked while washing the other !



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