Today I had nothing better to do than making 3 collars for my cat girls. I had seen wooden pearls in a Hobby & Craft shop and thought that would be a nice idea.

Mr. Gattino looked cross-eyed to the ceiling and complained that he is waiting since 3 months for one button to be sewed on his jeans.

and here they are

Lisa escaped when she saw me with the collar in my hand, but then allowed me to put it on.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Pookie, when she saw the collar, stretched her head out and was happy to have a new one ! She is a vain cat !
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
and poor Arthur instead of getting a new collar got his monthly medicine against fleas. But as he slept, he didn't even notice this event and I could even leave the little tube on his back for the picture.

Arthur is a special cat not only in behaviour but also for fleas. He attracts them. One flea in the room is for Arthur and one flea in the whole town would take wives (I think a flea is not monogamous) and children and move in his fur. I wonder if they think they are doing wintersport ?



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Since Arthur has left my wardrobe for good and doesn't sleep in there anymore, he now starts to get back to his old uses.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

He sleeps on the heating because it keeps his little botty warm and then wakes up. Now he has to ponder what he could do next. He does what all cats do when they are strongly thinking about a future crime to commit, he washes himself from top to bottom.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Now he nows what he could do !

Just a little jump on Pookie to see if she is in a playful mood !

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Not at all ! Madame Pookie is very angry and hisses. She is pushing a loud screem, lays down to show him that she is not that angry and then disappears like a flash.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Arthur is giving up and suddenly remembered after ages, that toys were in the cat house. He didn't even know anymore what exactly. He pulled them out.

He found a white, a black and a patterned mouse and gathered them around him. He left the others in the house. I didn't even know that there were so many mice !

Then he did his show with the black and the white mouse.

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After a while of jumping and running around, he finally had to rest.

That was enough ! He had done enough gymnastic for the day.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
And then he joined the others. Suddenly we had a cat meeting ! Until today we never managed to get them all four on one picture !

You see Pookie and Lisa as archenemies sisters and Arthur in his last hope tries to play with Kim. But she only looks at him wondering why he is hopping around.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Finally Arthur did what he likes the most, he went to bed for a nap. He had enough of all these females.

And when he is sleeply like that, I can put whatever I want around him, he doesn't move. So I choose a little statue I have bought in Egypt which looks like Caylinn's little Dragonhaert.

The only difference is, Dragonhaert is not (yet) wearing an earing !

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As I presented Yanouk dressed up, here he is "normal". I wrote this story a few month ago for Catster, but I am not a member there anymore.

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"little Yanouk"

When Yanouk moved in our neighbour house 5 years ago he was 6 month old and Arthur a young curious boy of about 7 month. Yanouk had never seen a cat before. Arthur had seen a lot of dogs and he found them crazy.

The trouble is, Arthur is not afraid of dogs ! When he walkes by a fence where a dog is locked in the garden, he would sit there and watch the dog jumping, running, throwing himself against the fence and barking like mad. Arthur's only reaction is moving his ears and making big eyes. When he has seen enough and the dog is near a heart attack Arthur would walk away. (tail up)

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The same thing happens when people are walking their dogs in our street. Of course on a leash. Arthur would sit on the little wall in front of our house and look at the dog. Small dogs pulling at their leash and barking in soprano are quickly picked up and safed in their owners arms. Big dogs are pulling on the leash and the poor owner looks like doing waterski.

With Yanouk everything is different. When they first met looking at each other through the fence, Arthur put his little paw through the fence and Yanouk, wildly waggeling with his huge bushy tail sniffed at it. Then he wanted to play, he put his paws apart and his bottom up and waggled his tail like a windmill. Arthur found that funny and touched playfully these huge paws again. From this day on they were friends

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Now I have to say that Yanouk is an enormous dog, he weights 60 kgs (133 lbs) and when he puts his paws on your shoulder he is as big as me i.g. 1.70 m (5.6 ft) and I am looking in his cute big face with his expressfull eyes full of love. So if you make the calculation as Arthur only weights 5 kg (11 lbs) I think he would fit at least 4 times into Yanouk. (I am bad in calculation)

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Every sunday Arthur offers a fresh bone to his friend and Yanouk loves Sundays !
Arthur watches as the huge bone disappears in no time !

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still a little crumb left

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Arthur participates in his mind, but he preferes a nice piece of chicken or fish

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In the warm sunshine they would lay together only separated by the fence and sometimes looking at each other. Or when it rains it happens that Arthur goes over to Yanouk and as he doesn't want to become wet he walks under Yanouk ! My neighbour observed that, but she didn't find her camera. Must have looked very funny, the huge black dog with the little white cat walking under his belly.

Another time, my neigbor Dominique saw Arthur sleeping in Yanouk's dog house with just his little white head looking out. Yanouk slept on the grass in front of his house (it's really big) and waited patiently that Arthur finished his nap. (Don't think that Yanouk is an outside dog, no he is both in and out).

Normally Yanouk is not so keen about cats, he would love to run behind them and bark at them. But he has to stay at his leash with Dominique and is not allowed to bark, he is very well educated which is absolutely necessary with such a huge dog. A dog of this size can quickly become dangerous when he is not trained. He doesn't know his strength.

Arthur has no problems with that, he never agreed to be educated. He educated himself.

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It is almost 2 months now that Arthur doesn't go out. He still is a inside cat and gets on the nerves of his sisters.

Yesterday he jumped on Pookie because he wanted to play with her and got such a slap I don't know where, that he lost some hair and I thought it snowed !

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Pookie is a very good actor, she screemed so loud that the furniture was almost shaking, leaving poor Arthur with big eyes and flat ears.

Of course nothing serious had happened.
Sometimes Arthur is sitting outside, just at the cat's entrance and looks around, but never for very long.

In the evening I air the living room and Arthur watches his siters going out. Kim first drinking out of a flower pot (I always thought we have water in the house) and then walking away.
After a while, Pookie also decided to go out for a little walk.

When I closed the door, Arthur tried to catch my leg with one paw. I think he feels very good !

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Not yet the case ! But it happened in the past !



This is Yanouk, Arthurs big friend (big in all senses) The poor boy had been castrated because he had a big tumor at his family jewlery. His owner put him a T-shirt on, because he tried to scratch himself and take the bandage off. We find him very cute dressed up like this (he less).

Arthur of course had also to have a look on him. So for once he made an exception and went out with me. He went to the fence and sniffed at his friend. Yanouks paws are almost as big as Arthurs head ! But when I went in again, Arthur followed me immediately, even with his big friend he doesn't dare to stay out. He still is an inside cat.



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  • Last week I visited Tor's blog. He had written about a red cardinal, the bird of course and not somebody of the Vatican. There also were a link to the bird's song. Curious, I clicked on the link and the red cardinal started to sing. Suddenly, Pookie who slept peacefully on her little chair besides my desk, woke up, made big eyes and jumped on my keyboard. And as usual in so special moments, you don't have your camera around.
  • So today I armed myself with my camera, clicked on the bird link and watched Pookie. Again, she woke up and looked around very excited.

    Immediately she checked the computer to see where this horrible noise maker was hidden. Nothing on the keyboard.

    She jumped down and looked at the bed. Then again she watched behind the computer and waved her tail around like a windmill.

    and up again, maybe behind ?

    Finally she looked up, hoping that her future victim would be there on the shelves ?

    But also behind the bed, there was nothing.

    Maybe behind the desk ?

    But then she realized that I had my camera and was observing her. Pookie is not stupid, she looked at me with very offended eyes which told me "you got me twice but now it's over".

    Then she turned around and tail up walked with dignity to join Arthur who were still sleeping. He as usual didn't bother about bird songs. Birds or mice were friends to him, he is a peace and love cat. He only gets very upset when the black neighbor cat comes in to check his bowl.

    And Pookie settled down for a little nap, after all these excitements.

    If you intend to open this link below, and your cat(s) is/are in the room, please make sure that no fragile objects are lying around. Protect your keyboard and .... take your camera ! You never know what will happen.

  • Tor's bird song

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

  • 17.2.07


    In July I spent a week with my friend Anne and her husband at Eastbourne at the English coast. She always had cats, even up to 10 and Kim our cat came from one of Anne's breeds. But now they only have four and when I stayed with them I really felt home ! I had Sophie who slept with me in my bed and adopted and cared for me during my whole stay !

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    Sophie, keeping me company in the garden. She really has a beautiful pattern.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    and that evening I had packed my suitcase to leave the next day, she slept in there and didn't want to go out ! She wanted me to stay !

    Here is Smudge a very old cat around 20 I think and I called him the doormat.

    He was a very dangerous cat ! He always slept on one door sill and didn't move at all when you had to go in or out the room ! He didn't even open an eye ! You had to climb over him. He slept. During night you had to be very careful not to step on him and you had to stalk like a stork ! Otherwise you risked to break your neck !

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Besides sleeping the whole day, he only interrupted this activity for eating. As he had become quite skinny with his high age, Anne always put a whole selection of his favourite food on the kitchen floor and watched anxiously that he would eat something.

    So here you see Smudge still half asleep asking himself "to eat or not to eat" ?

    This scale I found somewhere I don't remember, but thought it would be interesting for all cat owners (or owned by cat people).

    Smudge approaches his 100 birthday !! Sophie is in her 80 and my Lisa 88 ! Only Arthur is a man in his best age, around 35 !

    Cat's Age: .............................Human's Age:
    6 months.......................................10 years
    8 months.......................................13 years
    10 months......................................14 years
    1 year..........................................15 years
    18 months......................................20 years
    2 years.........................................24 years
    4 years.........................................32 years
    6 years.........................................40 years
    8 years.........................................48 years
    10 years........................................56 years
    12 years........................................64 years
    14 years........................................72 years
    16 years........................................80 years
    18 years........................................88 years
    20 years........................................96 years
    21 years.......................................100 years

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Talibans don't like at all when you take their wives for a letter box !

    The man who invented this cat is Philippe Geluck, a very famous belgian cartoon designer ! I even found him with Google. He has a lot of humor and often treats problems or happenings with designs of "Le Chat" which means "The Cat".