When I started to decorate the living room with Christmas things, Kim was very suspicious when

she saw the little Father Christmas. She preferred to run away. The angels couldn't comfort her neither.

She has discovered Arthur, after all these years of living together and started to follow him (only in the house) and always tries to sleep besides him too. I think it is because Pookie, who probably is deaf (I am not quite yet sure) chases everybody away and wants to stay alone.

Arthur likes the Christmas table cloth and thinks it is a good hide away when he has stolen something ! Which he had done, I had left some Christmas cookies in a basket and he had eaten at least half of them and the rest I found under the table ! Arthur is a real garbage cat, he eats everything ! Even cookies !

Rosie wanted to complete the Christmas decoration and found this table cloth very comfortable.

Still life in the evening, I should add another lap !

Now Christmas is over, we had celebrated in Amsterdam and my cats with our neighbor ! They had eaten a lot !



During the week Arthur brought a mouse home and was enjoying his special meal. Mr. G. tried to take the mouse away from him, but Arthur got very angry and of course ran away with his mouse. I forgot about it until today when my friend Nicole came with her dog Charlie.

Charlie ate something with gusto, but we couldn't see what it was exactly, there were little fur pieces all over the tiles. We thought he had found a cat toy and had decided to tear it into thousand pieces. Suddenly Nicole saw a mini ear ! Apparently Charlie had found Arthur's mouse and before we could do anything he had eaten it up until the last little piece ! I didn't even have to clean the tiles !

I think I should hire him as cleaning dog !

Arthur had long forgotten that he had hidden a mouse corpse somewhere and sat innocently there looking at the little Christmas tree.

Besides that, nothing special happened, it's still the dormitory here in the house.

Christmas we spent in Amsterdam together with our son and family, meanwhile my cats and I wish you a



That's the third hat I try and it still looks not good ! At least for once selfies are useful !

Not only I have to push a button, but she also put this ridiculous hat on me ! Grumble

After this selfie, do I have to wear this hat when I eat ?? It could fall into my bowl !

This selfie is better than I thought with this Father Christmas hat !




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Yesterday I came back from my 2 weeks holidays in Hourghada/Egypt. When I was in the garage, I was greeted by Arthur who started to play and jump around with the grace of an elephant baby, so happy he was to see me. Kim as usual hadn't realized that I had been away, Pookie had terrorized Mr. G. by meowing all the time for food. So she didn't care if I was there or not the most important thing was that her bowl was always full ! Rosie didn't come she showed that she was not pleased about my absence, but when I went to bed, she immediately arrived and purred a whole concert.

The next morning nothing had changed. Pookie meowed the whole morning

Kim once her stomach full, retreated into Mr. G's office

Arthur prayed into the radiator

Rosie deeply slept on the top of the sofa !

Nobody helped me to unpack my suitcase, neither when I started a little Christmas decoration

Pookie slept

and Arthur didn't even have one look on my work !

I noticed however that the cats had put on and Mr. G. had lost weight !