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I was sitting in the garden and enjoyed the warm sun. Rosie kept me company but later moved

on my seat where I had installed my laptop.

Pookie was peacefully washing herself in the sun.

and Kim rolled around, quite unusual for her. Apparently she felt very good.

Suddenly I saw Arthur coming out of the house. He stretched himself back and forth after a good nap and stalked on the terrace. He looked around telling the whole world "Here I am" ! He visibly was in a very playful mood !

He spotted Pookie and ran after her. Pookie was very upset and escaped direction hedge. But Arthur followed her, moving with the grace of an elephant.

Pookie told him : Keep away !!

But Arthur didn't listen, he wanted to play and couldn't understand that she got so angry !

He told her to calm down and then

taking a flying leap he tried to catch her ! Pookie disappeared behind the garden shed. Arthur now, very proud and satisfied that he had shown everybody who is the boss sat down and ...

cleaned his unspeakable. Of course he didn't dare to try to play with Rosie, because Rosie knows him, she gives him a slap in the face and tells him that he is only allowed to play with her when she wants ! Arthur the poor Macho !



Since Rosie has discovered the garden, now that she is a cat and not a kitten anymore, she checks every corner ! She doesn't go far away and not (yet) outside the garden.

Here she is thinking over what to chase now ! She had had some little flies, a little beatle and even met a worm ! What a strange thing that was ! looked like a string and moved each time she touched it with her paw. Very interesting ! And the little snail she had taken for a marble ! So many strange and new things.

Rosie is thinking hard, what is coming next ??

Maybe there is something up in the tree ?

She heard something behind her and quickly turned around to see what it was.

Working hard behind the paper bag and digging little holes, she didn't find neither mole nor gold

It's very disappointing, Rosie thought and looks for new adventures.

Meanwhile Arthur has collapsed on the sofa. He had been out all morning to make his tour in the neighborhood, had probably been fed by all his human friends and felt now exhausted ! Life is hard !!



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I hoped that I wouldn't have this view anymore now that spring has started ! After more than 6 months of looking at sleeping cats I really want to see them moving !

Old lady Lisa (17) has lost more and more of her hairs around her neck and even a little on her head ! The poor thing really looks now as if mites had been in her fur

but apparently that doesn't bother her at all, she has a very good appetite and even stole one of Rosie's mousies to play with it. The shot she had got from the vet for her fur hasn't helped yet.

But she seems to be fine because she doesn't yowl anymore during the nights thanks to her "happy pill".

Little Rosie has discovered our garden now and goes out more and more. Not very far but she seems to love it

I had bought some plants and wanted to put them in this pot so she came out to help me

Little twigs on the grass are so nice to play with !

I also had put my ceramic cats outside,

Rosie hadn't seen them yet.

Under our weeping willow is our animal grave yard. I cleaned it today supervised by Rosie of course

Pookie too came outside but when she saw me with the camera she quickly ran behind the

garden shed and I had to do some gymnastic to get this picture of her

and of course Rosie had to go there too !

Only Arthur didn't show up. He probably visited our neighbors and played the starving cat. His appetite has decreased which means that he found better food and probably catnips by visiting his human friends !

But then from time to time he shows up to play in his tent !



I needed a white background for this little cat group and thought that Arthur's white fur would be ideal. Indeed it didn't bother him at all and he continued to nap until suddenly he made a little move and .....

they all fell down ! Arthur here admires the fainted cats !

Rosie had discovered a new bag and of course had to check it immediately

in and outside

and then she didn't know what to do and therefore thought about grooming her tail.

before she retired in her tent for a little nap.




As it was a nice spring day, Rosie explored our wheeping willow for the first time ! It is the official "scratching post" for all cats around.



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My cats were happy ! The cold weather had disappeared and it was a spring day ! Miss Rosie who never wanted to go out, suddenly discovered the whole garden and enjoyed it so much that she stayed outside for quite a while and I started to get worried !

She had discovered the wheeping willow and had climbed up quite high !

She was surprised how high she was and started a little wailing meow.

My son called her and tried to get her off the tree, but as soon as he approached she was reassured and happy that there was somebody so she climbed again and even higher !

Finally he gave up and told her to get down by herself, went away and suddenly Rosie was able to get down and showed up in the living room a short while later !

Arthur prefered the front side of the house

He meticulously first watered the plants,

before he decided to climb on the car

The view was perfect ! He looked to the right

and then to the left

before he settled down to watch the neighborhood !