My cats noticed that November is really an awful month. It's cold, it's grey and it's very humid. So most of the time they are staying inside only doing one walk outside per day, except Arthur who still hopes that somebody would be in the street.

Before I switch off the light and sleep, I have this nice view on Rosie and Arthur who settled down to keep me company. The bed shrank.

Rosie sleeps or watches over her mousies, which now again she drops in the water bowl. She hadn't done this during the whole summer, so I wonder if it is a seasonal reaction. Should be studied scientifically.

Pookie likes to sleep on the remote controls, but I lifted her up to get them out under her belly. She also loves to sleep on files, like some employes do too. And loving Rosie had prepared a mice tea with two mousies for her. Isn't that sweet.

Always checking the kitchen if there is nothing eatable laying around, Arthur collapses on a bed and sleeps, waiting for the next meal.

Even Kim stays inside and shares the bed with Arthur or decorates the living room. Don't approach she would run away !



The flowers in my flower pots in the front yard were still blooming, but as it gets cold and colder I decided to take them out and replace them by fake plants.

Pookie was quiet disappointed that these balls didn't smell at all, and she watched me when I put hooks in the balls to fix them in the pots.

No cat came to admire my work !

But when I changed my desk from the dark corner at the end of my bed under the window, Rosie was delighted ! Now she can watch me and the street at the same time. As the desk and the tower are just in front of the radiator we both purr now. We have a new job .... neighbor watch !

I wonder if my cats don't prepare themselves for a cold winter and try to put some fat on !

Each evening at supper time I have the same view. The cats checking what is in Mr. G's plate and then meow all together to get some pieces. Of course he can't resist and shares his food with them, complaining at the same time that he can't eat in peace and that he hadn't even had the chance to try the meat. And each evening I say the same "stop feeding them", but without any result, in some situations he looses his hearing capacities.



Since I am back from my holidays in France I have the impression that I live in a sort of aquarium when I go outside and in a dormitory when I stay inside. In short, it rains and it is cold.

Wherever I look, there is a cat squatting the best places, although the doormat is not exactly what I would call a nice place for a nap.

Arthur enjoys some head scratching otherwise he sleeps in or on the cat tower because it's close to the heating.

Rosie prefers the sofa and when Arthur is not there also the cat tower.

I needed a model to present chop sticks but Arthur didn't cooperate, Rosie was a little better. No way to take a picture of an active cat !

The only thing they were doing, was going out at night and jumping on our beds at 3 am their fur completely wet, which of course waked us up and we were not very happy when in the dark you wanted to pet them and half asleep your hands were wet too !

But today the sun was shining and Arthur took a sun bath on the kitchen window sill. It didn't last very long because then it became cool and wet again and he returned home and meowed loud for some food.
Lately he has become a very noisy cat ! I hope it is only temporary, as we have already a very talkative cat ... Pookie.



When I came back from France a week ago, I had expected that Arthur was waiting that I stepped out of the car. But there was no Arthur, in fact there was nobody.

Even when I put my suitcase in my room I didn't see a single cat. When finally they showed up one by one in different moments, they behaved as if I had never been away. They were not happy to see me, or offended because I dared to go away.

In fact I got the impression that I hadn't been missed at all and that I  returned into a dormitory !

Pookie squatted the sofa, opened one eye, saw that it was only me and closed it again.

Arthur had put his head nearly into the radiator and didn't want to be disturbed.

Rosie watched me hanging some laundry on the radiator, but without further reaction.

The only work she had done over night was putting one of her green mousies in the water bowl and watched from far if they would drink. But they didn't.

Only in the evening when Arthur suspected that I would prepare the supper he came to check if I had taken something out of the fridge.

So I was thrown immediately into daily cat routine. The only event was on Halloween when kids rang at the door and when I opened I saw 5, 3 little witches and 2 pirates and .... one white cat ... Arthur ! He hadn't even worked under a car to get a black fur ! The kids were more delighted by Arthur's presence then by my sweets !