I am in Eastbourne (UK) til beginning of August. No cats in the hotel !



With our rollercoaster weather, my cats spent the day inside, outside, inside, outside etc

When I opened my eyes this morning, I saw this, I quickly grabbed my camera before Rosie really opened her eyes. 

After breakfast Arthur rests with a full belly on the bark besides the terrace, while Rosie has her "coffee".

Kim has to think hard to plan her day !

Sometimes they all lay together in the grass

But Arthur's favorite place is still the warm barks.

Pookie is as regular as a watch. She meows for breakfast, after that she meows to lift her up so that she could drink and then she stops meowing and lays down somewhere on the cool tiles. It has to be in this order !!

Watching TV together in the evening

and when it was so warm I laid on the deckchair until my eyes started to close and then I went to bed. Rosie as usual kept me company and did the same. 



Never in peace ! How can you ask me to smile ??

Oups, I forgot to close my mouth

For a change I tried an upside down selfie !



Fiddling around with different online programs I came to these results

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I am pleased to say that my very skinny Pookie starts to put on weight ! Ever since she had all her teeth pulled out, she seems to feel much better ! And with her daily anti anxiety pills she doesn't  meow anymore the whole day long !

She claims for food each time we put a foot in the kitchen, and of course she gets it. Elderly ladies  eat in small portions  but often. What a relief, if it continues like that she will stay with us for another few years !

When the weather was nice and warm Arthur was in a very good shape ! He ran around in the garden and wanted to play with Rosie, but she found it too hot and hissed him away.

Arthur took it easy, sharpened his claws on our poor tree and then settled down too.

But now it's cool again and he choose a new place to nap, which is the radiator behind my desk, unfortunately for him it's cold !

Rosie observes what is going on in the street

and Kim too has moved inside and sleeps on the sofa.



Grumble, grumble, no I won't open my eyes !

%&@$# tablet, now I fell over !!

OK, OK, I did it, now it's enough !



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We had the worst heatwave in Belgium since 1901 ! The temperatures climbed to nearly 40°C (104 F) and the whole country was paralyzed ! We have no aircondition except in supermarkets, shops and cars, as we have never such high temperatures and certainly not for over a week !

Pookie tried to cool her old bones on the tiles and stayed inside. Fortunately the heat didn't harm her appetite. And of course each time one of us went into the kitchen she asked for food. We are happy about that because she starts to put on weight !

I had moved outside and sat under the Pergola with a ventilator. Arthur kept me company and enjoyed the ventilator too. Or he was laying exhausted on the table of the living room ! He even didn't do his walks through the neighborhood.

Rosie lay mostly on the terrace, and stretched from time to time her body

and rolled around ! Apparently she didn't bother about the heat, although she was too lazy to go on mouse or bird hunting !

Fortunately today it has cooled down to normal summer temperatures, and we are all waking up !



What an exhausting work to push the button, it's too hot !

I had no chance to run away !

Was the screen in the right position ?



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