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It is unusually cold in Belgium for December. This morning we had - 6°C (22 F). Normally the thermometer shows this in January or February, but we have no snow so far.

What should my cats do when it's so cold outside ? They didn't even have a nice Christmas Eve because we were away and the neighbor took care of them. Poor darlings. But on Christmas day they got their part of turkey which Mr. Gattino had especially bought for them.

Arthur who had slept for a months or so first on my bed then besides my bed, has moved since yesterday to Mr. Gattino's office where he settled down amongst the cables and instruction sheets for the new DVD portable player. I wonder if I should put a movie in with dancing mousies ?

Lisa the old girl (17) is still sleeping on the doormat at the entrance ! I don't understand why ? She has the whole house with all beds, sofas, armchairs, baskets at her disposal and she plays the poor neglected cat, kind of Cinderella !

The only one who is still active is Rosie with her new mousies, some of them are already without tail !

This was the view I had this morning in the kitchen. She still ranges her mousies during the night around the food bowls ! A real little house fay !

but then she too collapses on my bed, tired of too much work.

Pookie moved back to Mr. Gattino ! She was very shocked because she had realized that she had slept peacefully besides Rosie on my bed and this several times ! Of course she couldn't tolerate such a bad behaviour during her sleep ! Offended she went back where she could be the only cat !

To all of you, cat owners, cats, slaves, butlers, servants etc. I wish a very happy and healthy NEW YEAR !

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We spent Christmas eve in Amsterdam (Holland) together with our son, his girlfriend and her parents. So our cats where alone for Christmas ! But we came back thursday the 25th afternoon and found this :

Arthur as Christmas decoration with an angel warming his botty.

Rosie deeply asleep.

But when I put her Christmas gift around her 4 mousies !!

She of course woke up and was she happy !

a mousie paradise !

Of course she started with biting the tail off !

I suppose she will have a lot to do for the next days !

Hope you all had a very nice Christmas !!



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To all of you ! Kitties, beans, slaves, butlers, big things, servants etc.

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Cats on Tuesday will be for next week again !


CATS ON TUESDAY - Winter time and a miracle

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Since it is wet and cold outside, Arthur imitates the bears, he retired in his winter sleep. He became a real boring cat. He doesn't play the clown of the house to amuse ourselves and doesn't visit the neighbors either because anyway they are inside too.

To amuse ouselves at least a little with this normally so entertaining cat, I decorated him with angels, but even that didn't wake him up !

Rosie is far better ! She at least is very busy with her mousies, I had to replace them all, because she had bitten off all tails and chewed on the rest. With 6 new mice she has a lot of work now to range them every evening around the bowls in the kitchen.

For all the new necklaces I had bought in Egypt I had to find a place to "file" them properly

I bought this box, here checked

and approved by Rosie. I had put 9 little bowls in there and each contains one or two collars.

watching TV with Mr. Gattino

A miracle happened ! After one year of being angry with me because I brought Rosie in the house, Pookie moved back on my bed ! she even stays there again over night and she says nothing against Rosie who sleeps there too. They just ignore each other, but it works ! I am really happy about it !

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It's always the same. If you want to make nice pictures you can be sure that it won't work. Here is the second photo session I tried for Christmas Greeting cards !

I tried to wake up Sir Arthur, but he was very busy with his afternoon nap and he

slept and


and continued to sleep even when Santa fainted on him !

But then he was offended because of his disturbed afternoon nap and to comfort himself he sniffed in my slippers and fainted too !

I looked for other victims. Kim and Pookie were outside. Lisa had her nose in the radiator and was out of use. But there was still Rosie left !

I put an angel between her paws, telling me two angels would be a nice subject

but Rosie didn't seem very interested in this strange thing

it didn't even smell like catnip !

But she didn't protest and looked everywhere except into the camera. I gave up ! Hopefully I will make it until Christmas !

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As a proud cat owner I wanted to take pictures of my darling cats for Christmas cards purposes.
My first victim was Rosie :

I put a Santa on the table and expected that she would sit down and "smile" but no, first she had to check what that was and what a strange odor it had

Apparently it didn't smell very good

Then she looked if there was something interesting around. I had put a little Christmal ball on his knee to get her attention

Result, bad Rosie put her paw between his legs ! Dirty girl !

and pulled out something

A little ball ! How interesting !

Santa didn't support this behaviour and fainted

I put him up again and asked Rosie kindly to make friendly big eyes. She tried (not) her best,

and the result is rather mediocre.

I have to wait for a better day !