Unfortunately the Butler has a disease which the doctors have to find out. So the maid has taken him to a specialized doctor and now he has a lot of appointments with others.

Therefore she has no time for me and I understand because anyway with the lockdown and my living now as an inside cat there is less to tell about me.

Keep me in mind that's what I do the whole day, I still continue to play during night..

But you still can follow the maid on her main blog WRITER'S CRAMPS

where without any doubt she also will talk about me ! "See" you there then !



On my watch tower 

                                                                     My favorite place



As all the other weeks I spent my time between my watch tower and my armchair and the night with my maid. The butler moves too much and he snores that's why I prefer to sleep with her !  

She was a bit angry with me, because I wanted to play which she misunderstood and I bit her in her hand ! Immediately there was a red color liquid which came out !  Of course I ran away before she could rant at me !


I was already up and waiting in the living room for her to show up ! The curtains were still closed.

Then she came, opened the curtains and I meowed hello, she told me that I am a bad girl, I wondered why apparently she had not appreciated that I had bit her  !

Then I made the planning of the day ! Behind me it smelled real good ! And the sun was shining !

 I hesitated a bit and looked left and right and then on the lawn four foors down, no cat around

I went outside and inspected the terrace ! It was the first time since before what they call Christmas that I have put a paw outside !

But there was nothing special, I didn't even drink the rain water, I decided to return inside.

I was still thinking what I should do and if I should do something, nothing came into my mind, I had eaten I was outside I had sniffed fresh air and let the sun shine on my fur. I think that was a full program for the day.

Therefore I decided not to bother with anything, and rolled into my favorite snail position for a good nap !





Look at my tail, I tried to say "Ooooh" 

I don't play with this thing ! And it is not selfie or play time !

Go out of here ! I don't want selfies to be taken while I take my bath !!

See when I im a good mood ....



I was shocked ! When the maid opened the curtains the world was white ! It had snowed for the first time this year !!! And quite a lot !

Of course I didn't put my paw in this white stuff, I preferred to watch inside through the window what was going on !


The maid discovered her artistic talent and draw this in the snow !

My little cat statues had all a white hat !

 It was fun to watch the birds

I remembered that in the other home my brother Arthur (who is in heaven now) used to sit on the table and watched the butler and the maid eating, and then he tried to steal their food on the plate !

I am not interested at all in the food, but I also like now to sit on the table and watch them eating, just to keep them company, so that they are not so alone in these lockdown days !

But that is then enough for the day, I retire and sleep on the bed or in my favorite chair !



I just look outside

Do I smell chicken ?

Yes ! but I don't like chicken !

Another lockdown week, which is nice for me because my servants are home most of the time !  The Butler disappears once a week to play cards with his friends, I don't know why he is so happy about that, if at least he would play a game hunting mousies, cards are so boring, they are flat and you can't play with them.
My maid too goes out to visit her friends or they come here. I love when they are here ! I jump from lap to lap and they pet me and talk to me and I always have a wonderful afternoon ! I even forget to sleep !
I love now to sit on the table and observe what they are doing.
When in the morning she opens the window doors to let in the fresh air, I find it cold and humid and

prefer to stay inside in the warmth and look out of the window

I also love to play for a while on my cat tower and when I have enough
I sit besides her and we watch TV. Not very interesting for me, so mostly I fall asleep and when they go to bed, I follow after a while and then I bring her to bed.

During the night I put my toys together besides my cat tower, but one mouse I left in her shoes ! She likes that, it makes her laugh. !



What a face I make, must be the necklace I don't like

Come a little closer !

Now it's my turn to make publicity for jam !


This week went by so quickly,  it's normal I think as I do a marathon nap with just  little interruptions due to the call of nature ! 

Besides her "Lockdown babble club", her two friends nobody showed up as we (except me) are still suffering the Lockdown. That's why they call their get togethers Lockdown babble Club. 

Honestly I like it very much and go from lap to lap and they all pet me and admire me which of course makes me purr and I am happy. They are all so kind and don't smell so bad like the one who comes here and puts all upside down and pretends to clean with this awful machine !

That's why I have to find hiding places, mostly under my personal armchair or like here on the chair under the table cloth ! Between us she had to look  for a long time until she found me !

That's still my favorite place !



How nice to sit in the sunshine on my tower !

There is something moving on the floor ! Can't lift my head !

 I tried to smile for my selfie, but I forgot to open my eyes !

I really cannot understand why all humans are so unhappy with their lockdown lives ! For us cats it's just wonderful, we always have  company, because now they work from home or stay at home ! 
I have to admit that sometimes it's a bit getting on my nerves, because I can't do my pedicure elsewhere than on my cat tower, because I also like to scratch the chair, it sounds so nice but then they get angry  !
My days are almost all the same, which doesn't bother me I love to have a regular life !
 The whole night I have the living room all for myself and I hop and ran around and play and sometimes I also sing because I am so happy !
I don't understand that she is NOT happy, because I make a lot of noise. Now she tries to get me tired before she goes to bed, but so far it hasn't really worked ! After a good day sleep I am in full shape during the night. The Butler has closed his door and doesn't hear anything.

Around 5 am I go to bed too, that means I just walk a bit on her to find the right place, but she doesn't like that and gets up for her litter box. Then we find an agreement, she lays on one side and I sleep against her belly

Then when she starts with her computer I sit on my tower and look out of the windows on both sides ! Sometimes I see pigeons flying by but they are so big ! But I love the little squirrels which I can see crossing the lawn.  It's a pity that I can't catch them because they just have the right size and they have a red fur.

After having sniffed a bit fresh air, without going out,  it's too cold, I do my grooming from top to bottom, and then I am again very tired !

The rest of the day you will find me here, unless we have visitors !