This morning I found Mr. G. at 6 am sitting in the living room and watching TV. I asked him why he got up so early ? He started to complain bitterly about Arthur, who peacefully sat besides him for a little grooming session. Apparently Arthur had jumped in his bed, completely wet from the rain and had meowed loudly for breakfast with his deep horror movie voice.

Mr. G. as a good slave had hurried out of his warm bed, dried "poor" Arthur and had given him his breakfast. All that so discrete and in silence like an elephant would behave if he had to do the same. Therefore I also woke up of course.

In the last few weeks Arthur has noticed that it is very easy to terrorize Mr. G. who follows his orders right away wherever he is ! In his bed, at the computer or watching TV, he drops everything to run and fulfill Arthur's wishes. That's why the man is so tired and the cat in such a good shape.

Even when Mr. G. had to go to our neighbor to help her fixing her TV, Arthur was very upset because she didn't let him in (she also has a cat who is not Arthur's friend) So as you can see he sat there and meowed so loud, that I looked out of the window to see what happened. As soon as Mr. G. appeared, Arthur greated him as if he hadn't seen him for years and then walked him home safely across the street.

And when he is not eating or terrorizing Mr. G. they watch TV together.





When I came home last week, I found my little cat family in great shape, and they enjoyed the sunshine after a week of rain.

For once even Kim looked for company and had joined Rosie and Arthur

Pookie who had choosen to be an indoor cat, looked as if she had put on some weight ! Mr. G. probably gave her too much whipped cream.

But there were terrible news for me and especially Arthur and Kim

Our friend Yanouk had to be put asleep, he had very strong arthritis in the left hind leg and just couldn't make it anymore. He looked still so young in his face but the back was badly damaged. Bernese mountain dogs in average only live 8 years and he made it to 10 which was still too short. He should have shared our lives for much longer. Domi my friend had to take the terrible decision to have put him asleep while I was in England.

Here behind the hedge he used to lay and watch over "his" cats. Arthur and Yanouk used to lay side by side only separated by the fence when the hedge wasn't grown yet. Kim used his dog house while he slept outside and waited that she would leave his house. Each night Kim looked through Domi's window door at Yanouk, nobody knows if she wanted to say him "good night".

Usually on thursdays it was my day to walk Yanouk as Domi took care of her little grandson.

He was the most beautiful dog in the whole area and everybody looked at him. Often Arthur walked with us for a while and then returned home. He also had used Yanouk once as an ombrella Domi has told me. He stand under Yanouk not to get wet !

I think you easily can imagine how Domi feels ! He took so much space litteraly and in our hearts. I each time now when I go out on the terrace I miss him so much ! He was part of our lives too.




Today it is my last day here in Eastbourne at the English South coast. As you can see it is a real beautiful place. Right on the top is my friend Anne with two of her three cats.

Here is Pepsi, above left Lilli and below my personal cat Sophie

In the evening it's brushing time and they all line up or sit around Anne

Sophie recognized me from the other years and immediately started to warm up the bed for me and took very well care of me. I didn't have much room to sleep because by a miracle during the night she grew big and bigger and pushed me to the bed end.

She also helped me with computer work and always tried to sit on my mouse. She is such an adorable, lovely cat and wanted to be cuddled all the time.

The two others did their marathon naps in the bedroom and showed up from time to time to see if there was something new to eat. They are well advanced in age respectful ladies of 15 and 16 years and very lazy !

Tomorrow morning I take the train to London spend the day there and leave for Brussels in the evening ! It will be nice to see my little cat gang again !




This afternoon, I will go for a week to Eastbourne at the English coast visiting my friends, as I do each year. Before I wanted to take a few pictures of my darling cats for different memes and also to show around.

And this came out of the photo shooting session with my professional models

Rosie bored yawns instead of looking cute with this doll for ABC Wednesday

Pookie always happy and purring when she sees my camera moved and rolled around

until finally I got this star photo. Pookie loves to be photographed !

Arthur didn't care at all and instead of sitting besides the book and looking intelligent, he too yawned, cleaned his leg and looked away. He is not professional !

that's what he does the best and here he spent the rest of the day. For once he didn't change the channel on the remote control.

Rosie too felt tired and started a 24 h marathon nap in her basket besides my desk.

I gave up and returned to my suitcase

and next time I will post from here, and wake up each morning with the screams of my seagull friends.

Meanwhile Mr.G will spoil the cats and feed them with all kind of unhealthy stuff !






Kim was sitting in our garden and looked like a cat model for and add, so I wanted to take a picture, but of course instead of sitting there and posing in full beauty she came over when she saw me with my camera.

still it's not that bad.

Miss Rosie supervised me when I mowed the lawn and then she sniffed happily the freshly cut grass. Rosie is like a little dog, she follows me everywhere.

Here she was supposed to look cute under the wardrobe, but by the time I had my camera ready, that's all what I got. Two white little paws and a piece of tail.

Arthur loves to eat pasta, especially spaghettis. We eat pasta very often but not spaghettis, so he was quiet surprised to see these long white worms hanging from Mr. G's fingers but then he ate with a big appetite and couldn't get enough.

As soon as the sun is shining he takes his job as guardian of our house very seriously ! No dog can move him away, he just looks at them when the dog barks and pulls his owner almost to the ground, he just moves an ear. Humans of all sizes and sex are allowed to pet him.

As my room is just over the entrance, I can hear their comments : Look at this cute cat etc.... or @%*$&# dog, dammit !