Today it is my last day here in Eastbourne at the English South coast. As you can see it is a real beautiful place. Right on the top is my friend Anne with two of her three cats.

Here is Pepsi, above left Lilli and below my personal cat Sophie

In the evening it's brushing time and they all line up or sit around Anne

Sophie recognized me from the other years and immediately started to warm up the bed for me and took very well care of me. I didn't have much room to sleep because by a miracle during the night she grew big and bigger and pushed me to the bed end.

She also helped me with computer work and always tried to sit on my mouse. She is such an adorable, lovely cat and wanted to be cuddled all the time.

The two others did their marathon naps in the bedroom and showed up from time to time to see if there was something new to eat. They are well advanced in age respectful ladies of 15 and 16 years and very lazy !

Tomorrow morning I take the train to London spend the day there and leave for Brussels in the evening ! It will be nice to see my little cat gang again !


The Chair Speaks said...

Your friend's cats are beautiful! Isn't it nice that the cats remember you!

Ellen Whyte said...

Haha, I love the idea of the kitty who expands during the night.

They look very sweet those cats. Hope you have a lovely time in London, and that Rosie and the gang don't show you the Tail of Disapproval when you return home.

We love Luna said...

Your friend Anne is very lovely and I like a that picture of her with the cats around! Cute!
Sophie is a doll, lovely pictures!
I wish you a safe return and thanks so much for sharing your pictures.A place that we would love to visit someday!
purrs and love
Luna and mommy Léia

Boom Nisanart said...

They are the great host and friendly !
Lucky you to got Sophie to take a good care of you.
Please have a safe trip . And I bet your kids will miss you so much : )

Thank you to let us get together every tuesday even you are been away from home

Unknown said...

How wonderful to have a cat friendly place for vacation. I am so glad you are having a good time.

Sharon Wagner said...

Pepsi is such a cute and bubbly name...Ha!

catsynth said...

It's nice to have cats at your vacation spot as well :)

Lui said...

Oh, Lilli is so cute! I'm sure the cats back home are waiting for you. Hurry home, Gattina!

Irishcoda said...

Nice of Sophie to share her bed with you. I had to laugh at the image of an expanding cat! I'll bet your gang will be happy to see you again--even though they may not act it!

meowmeowmans said...

We are so glad you've had such a wonderful vacation, Gattina! How nice to have kitties to interact with while you are away from your own. :)

I'm sure Pookie, Rosie, Arthur and Kim will be super-excited when you return!

Amy & the house of cats said...

That is great that you had some kitties to keep you company while you were vacationing! And isn't it amazing how cats can get big during the night like that!!

Elizabeth Pujalka said...

What cute and beautiful cats!!! they´re adorable :)

Linens and Royals said...

Lucky Gattina, your own personal cat to sleep with when visiting a friend; and then a day in LONDON!!!
But I,m sure your own cats will be pleased to see you when you arrive home.

Pip said...

Very nice pictures! It looks lovely there. And the kitties look very happy!
Have a safe trip home!

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

It's amazing how are furry ones can take over the whole bed.
I just noticed on your sidebar the picture of Arthur sitting in the dishwasher, I love it!!!

Wendy said...

OH my cat Goddess am I excited to see your blog first and then cats on tuesdays. I have a new blog about my cats and myself; well and life, but I can't wait to join in on Cats on Tuesdays! Sophie is so delicate and lovely and I also have a tux. kitty, Sele who is short-haired. Pepsi what a beauty! Dancing around with glee at finding other cat people. :)

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Safe travels home of course!
So sweet to visit some old cat friends. Yes, the sea side looks very inviting and comfortable!


Kat said...

Beautiful post. I love the pictures of the cats and I also loved the story about your dog Yanouk. Its such a pity he died. It must be really sad for you.