I think Arthur thought that he had put on weight during these long winter months so he was checking the space between wall and bed to see if he still would fit in.

Suddenly I heard rumbles, rattles and scratches behind my bed and indeed he had made it ! For a few moments I thought that he would never manage to get out and was already thinking about moving the bed, when suddenly he jumped out and on the bed

where he met Rosie ready for a little wrestle ! Not for the Olympics but only in private.

Rosie has changed since she was so sick. She became a chatterbox. She speaks now. We have long conversations together which is very funny. I never had a talking cat !

Pookie still hopes for better weather so she could go out a bit, meanwhile she squats the kitchen table and waits for feeding hours.

Old Lisa (18) doesn't care about weather, she spends the whole day glued at the radiator and warms up her old bones. From time to time she checks on the food bowls, eats and returns to her well heated napping place.

Kim, since she had been professionally groomed is now mostly outside again and only shows up when she is hungry.





The good news this week is that Rosie is completely healed and back to her old self, with gathering her mousies around the food bowls and playing with Arthur.

Arthur who always surprises us discovered chocolate cookies which were laying on a plate on the table ! He started to eat the crumps and we were so surprised that we didn't move and let him eat. Mr. G. broke another cookie for him and he ate it too ! Crazy cat !

Kim at the cat groomer

But the hit of this week was Kim ! As you may know Kim is a very shy cat who only likes cats and just supports humans. She would never sit on a lap and she doesn't like to be petted. She also is mostly outside and only comes in for food.

With her long hairs she gets a lot of knots and this hurts probably. But it is impossible to brush her ! She runs away even when you hold the brush behind your back she feels that you have something with her in your mind. So 3 times per year we have to catch her and I go with her to a pet groomer. Just see how she behaves there ! and I had told the girl the very first time, that Kim is wild and would scratch and get histerical ! As you can see there is another way to get out the knots of a long haired cat than shaving the poor thing completely.

The 15 € I payed for that were really worth it !






The good news today are that Rosie recovers nicely from her still unknown desease. You can imagine how happy I am, I had really thought it was the end.

I keep her in my room to be able to check if she uses the litter box and also that she eats correctly, poor thing has lost some weight and she is already such a little feather weight !

You see how well she feels to be spoiled

The only signs that she really had been very very sick are the shaved naked spots in her fur where she had got the perfusion and also taken blood for the tests.

She even has found one of her green mousies again, but she doesn't play very much yet.

Pookie is jalous about all the fuss we make around Rosie, that's what she thinks and therefore she didn't want to pose for me for a Valentine picture ! She sniffed at the heart, found it disgusting and went away. So I took heart and doll to Arthur and tried my luck there.

Arthur slept, and there was no way to wake him up, even when I put the cushion on his head, he just continued to snore (yes ! Sir Arthur snores !)

Rosie too wasn't in the mood and hid behind the heart. I have to wait for another day !

I really have unthankful models !


ROSIE IS BACK ! (hopefully)

These are pictures I took yesterday.

Rosie climbs again and overlooks her kingdom.

Is this a picture of a sick cat ? She sleeps happily and purrs. My (with love) cooked chicken liver she refused but ate her usual can food. Little bits but all over the day.

She also watches TV again, and bit Mr.G in his hand. For once he was very happy about that.

I think the worst is over, but we still not know what she had.



Rosie is now home since Wednesday afternoon. She has found her old places and behaves nearly normal she only is a little slow in her movements and avoids to jump high.

But she doesn't eat ! and this is what worries me the most. I still have to give her this special food with my finger and also use the syringe to force her to drink.

What comforts me a bit is that she is grooming herself and usually a sick cat doesn't do that, she even washed her darling Arthur.

I had to go to my private litterbox at 3 am and when I got up I saw her taking care of Arthur, it was so sweet that I quickly took these pictures.

She doesn't look like a sick cat ! Her fur is shiny and when she looks at me she has her usual big round eyes. What do you mean ?

Tonight I will cook chicken liver for her. Piccola my very first cat lived for 20 years with only eating chicken liver mixed with bread or a potatoe. 45 years ago there was no can food and no dry food either. Cats ate the left overs from humans. When cans were introduced, I bought one just for a try, but Piccola prefered her chicken liver and didn't touch it.
Now I will see with Rosie.



After three days in "hospital" at my vet, I picked up Rosie this afternoon. She looks quite fine, but is a little KO from the trip in the car and all the excitement she went through.

But she is still a mistery to the vet and us. All tests, blood and urine were normal. Nothing special to say. Stomac and intestines are OK too. So why she doesn't eat or drink ?? We have to give her special food just by smearing it around her mouth, otherwise she wouldn't swallow it, and give her to drink with a syringe. She also has to take a little laxativ to go to the litter box.

Of course she is better home in her little basket then in a cage at the vet, but I have to feed her several times per day. Has anybody of you ever experienced such a case like Rosie ? Nothing in her life hasn't changed either. It's just an enigma.

Thank you all very much to have supported me in my worries ! It makes it easier to support.