Although it was so nice and warm in my bed with Rosie purring at my side, I had to go up and ... stepped with one foot into something very soft. I thought it was a toy, but at a closer look I realized that I had walked on a real dead mouse ! Disgusting ! I wrapped it in paper and buried it in the bin !

Rosie made an innocent face and after running behind mousies, slept the whole day (and night)

Arthur discovered his love for Pookie. At least Pookie doesn't bother him like Rosie who always wants to play and then hisses at him. Pookie meows and that's it, besides that she leaves him in peace, so they like now to sleep together in front of the warm radiator.

Kim since she has discovered that one can sit on a table, sits now there very often and observes what's going on around her. She too starts to get difficulties with her hind legs, we are all getting old in this house !

Only Arthur keeps his youthful mind and chases his tail, which always makes me laugh, he does his daily walks on the street and follows people. I can hear them talking to him. Then it's time for a little wash and settle down besides Pookie.

and I prepare my suitcase for 2 weeks Red Sea in Hurghada Egypt ! Pookie apparently checks if I haven't forgotten something. Mr. G. will have holidays from his naughty wife and can party with his cats and overfeed them !

and I will be here, like last year and the years before. I think it's the 8th time I am going there in November. For my two friends who come with me it will be the 4th time. It's very nice, friendly people, good food and of course a lot of Sunshine !


Summer at sparklecat.com said...

My human has always wanted to go to Egypt, but as she has an American passport, she is afraid it would not be safe for her.

Linda said...

Really beautiful photos! Rosie was giving you a gift...in her mind. :)

pilch92 said...

I would have been screeching if that happened to me with the mouse. Great photos of everyone.

Mr Puddy said...

Dear Gattina, Have a fantastic trip !

Arthur & Pookie look so sweet.
Myself, I do look forward to have a nap =^x^=

Furries said...

Enjoy your vacation. Hopefully there won't be any dead mice waiting to greet your toes when you step out of bed.

Linens and Royals said...

Arthur and Pookie you make a lovely couple together as new best friends. Advice to Rosie: leave the mousies outside, they are not appreciated indoors.
I know you will enjoy your usual trip to Egypt Gattina, hope you have fun.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We wish we were going to somewhere warm as it's dull, damp and very cold here in the UK. Have a wonderful holiday Gattina.

Diana Studer said...

I remember missing the sun when we lived in Switzerland!