Geez ! I forgot to clean my nose !!

Lots of birdies outside today, but too big for me all magpies !!


Rosie feels happy to stay inside outside tt's all dirty the snow melts

Arthur is full of hope that he could go out for a little walk when the snow is gone !

Meanwhile they rest and roll happily around !

But from time to time Rosie imagines a mousie and runs around to look for it. That's her daily exercise !



I won't come out ! Maybe with something better like raw minced meat or chicken !

I made my "owl" eyes for the selfie !


Poor Arthur when he looked out of the window he was horrified ! For the first time this year we had frost and the lawn and street were white !

Only a little bit, it hadn't snowed but it was colder then the other days.

Arthur looked for warm sleeping places. What should he do in this cold outside ?

He found a nice place behind the (fake) logs and settle down for the whole afternoon.

Another place he loves very much, maybe he thinks that the color suits him so well, is the black leather sofa. Fortunately he doesn't scratch the leather, that was my big fear, but it is of no interest to him.

But !! When my friend came wearing leather boots, he got crazy he sniffed and wanted to do his pedicure on the boots, she had to take them off, and so he fought with the carpet because the leather smell had stimulated his playful mood !

Because it's cold, Rosie allows Arthur to sleep near her, was a long time it hadn't happened anymore because she always chased him away. She lays on the fur rag, and Arthur on the tiles, he doesn't like fur he is afraid of it !!

Rosie lays on the armchair the whole day

and in the evening when we watch TV she sleeps on my lap

Dear old Kim doesn't move away from her bathroom and spends her days there. I have bought her a new blue towel and she loves it.

Still 2 to 3 month to go and it will be better !



Sorry to say that my cats were not very cooperative or rather not at all to make selfies today. Therefore not to miss the theme, I told them that I will take the selfies for them, but at least they should look nice and meow "cheeeeese". They didn't meow, but they did their best !

Rosie was busy to unwrap a gift, but was so polite and lifted her head for a second.

Arthur lay on the table and watched me half asleep

From Kim anyway I can't expect selfies anymore, she mostly sleeps !


My poor cats suffer from the cold and humid weather and when they come home, after a short (very short) outgoing, their fur is humid too.

It was market day and Arthur sleeping on the sofa heard Mr. G. coming back, he jumped down ran in the kitchen and waited for him to come up the steps. He always thinks that there is something special to eat for him in the bags. It wasn't the case and only when he was really sure that there was nothing else he dared to eat from his bowl.

But first he had to take out the mouse Rosie had put in his bowl. What a caring cat !

Our neighbors are on holidays and we feed their two cats. After two days Arthur had found out, which I didn't know.

While I was putting the food in the bowls and didn't see a cat I heard loud meowing and thought that cat has the same voice as Arthur. I looked everywhere but found both cats then eating in the kitchen.

When  I opened the door, what did I see ... Sir Arthur sitting in front of the entrance door and singing with his whole heart ! When he saw me he stopped and as a gentleman escorted me home. Now he does it every day ! He starts meowing when I go in the house and only stops when I come out !!

The rest of the day or rather days they are all doing their marathon sleep at the same (Kim) or different places.



I am dreaming of a green spring ....

I agree that's not really a selfie, but I badly needed company !

I am proud ! I kept my eyes open !!


We have two bowls in the house filled with fresh water, but what did I see ? Rosie who drank out of the flower pot in the garden. Apparently rain water tastes better. She also quickly did her business before running in the house again ! It's cold and wet outside !

Both are sitting near the heating, Arthur is in deep thoughts, probably what could he eat next !

Rosie watches the birdies from inside !

When I went into the garage what did I see, Arthur sitting in a carton ! Apparently I had woken him up !

Kim spends her days half here in Mr. G's room on the carpet or in "her" bathroom. This week she had like an epileptic attack for a few seconds, but then was normal again. My vet told me that old cats have these attacks quite often, I should leave her alone and it will go back to normal. And she was right. Kim is again eating, sleeping and goes for a very little walk on the terrace, but she mostly sleeps.

Cats are crazy ! After a couple of years Rosie didn't play or even only touch her toy mousies. But what did I find yesterday in the water bowl ? A mouse ! It had soaked up all the water and poor Kim was sitting there and wondered why there was a mouse and no water in the bowl.

Years ago Rosie used to tidy up the living room she collected all her toy mousies and gathered them around the food bowls !! I wonder if she starts again !