My cats are still in sleeping strike because of the bad weather. They lay around and from time to time honor me with a mouse, just to show that they are still alive.

So I went with a friend to an International cat show near Brussels, to have a look if there are more active cats ! I only discovered lazy beauties !

These once were waiting for the jury

I managed to wake up this beauty

Despite my whistling (I was proud that I still could whistle) the cats were not impressed and continued to sleep or turn their back towards me.

They all were so cool and not stressed at all. What a difference with humans ! Some of them slept in their litter boxes, probably that way they felt home.

And then the show began and the beauties very judged. When I saw this one, I thought my Rosie is a mini cat besides him !

This one too was huge and so friendly, nothing disturbed him

Great patterns !

The little one made me think of my blogfriend Summer !

He or she looked very grumpy ! Made me think of Mr. G. today

and then came this very special cat with his American owner a young woman.  He was amazing, he sat on the chair and was so big that he really needed the whole chair. I don't know what breed he is, but his fur looked like the fur of a sheep !

He was soooo cute ! He also got the first price !

Of course in my heart the first price went to

these nameless breeds, they only cost money, scratch carpets, bring mousies home, wake you up at 6 for breakfast and jump on your belly soaking wet. So far none of them has earned some money !



Is that me, this black fur ball ?

Happy ? I am digesting my 4th breakfast but I found the button !

I waited for the timer

me too !



Happy Easter !

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When I left the living room Arthur was sitting there, not knowing exactly what to do.

Suddenly he sat behind me in the bathroom while I did my make up. He hypnotized a small cabinet and didn't move. I thought he was sleeping. I went to the kitchen, came back Arthur was still at the same place. I dressed and went shopping, and when I came back Arthur was still sitting on the same spot like a statue. That made me curious, I wondered what happened that was not really normal. I lifted up the cabinet and .... a mouse ran out like a flash and tried to hide from Arthur. I quickly put the cabinet down and the mouse went back to this safe place because Arthur couldn't catch it there.

Arthur was a bit angry but then settled down again in the same position. I tried to safe the mouse with a newspaper, it didn't work. Meanwhile Mr. G. had come back and tried his luck.

And then I don't know how, Arthur suddenly had the mouse in his mouth I opened the door to the garden and he escaped into the garden with his victim, meanwhile dead of course . Don't tell me that cats are not patient ! Poor mousie.

He returned home lay down on the radiator and digested his mouse ! Murderer !

A few days later I heard rumbling in Mr. G's room. I had a look and saw Arthur and Rosie apparently playing together ! I found it strange it was a long time that this hadn't happened. So I took some pictures of the event.

But then I saw the truth ! They weren't playing together, they were playing with a mouse together, big difference ! The mouse victim of two serial killers hadn't survived of course and Mr. G. throw it in the bin without further ado. What a sad end.

The killer with the angel face had to rest after his crime.

Pookie after breakfast (no mousies) with a full belly, washed herself from top to bottom, which is very good, often old cats neglect themselves. I also help her a little with a comb. She has no teeth anymore.

and Kim in all these adventures, sat on the living table, what she had never done before !



This time it worked quite well, and my whiskers look very nice !

"Sigh", what an effort to push this button, I am suffering from spring lethargy !

I hurry up, it seems to me that I smell something in the kitchen !



Playing around with IPiccy

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Arthur is happy ! Since the weekend the sun is shining and he started to inspect the neighborhood.

From our front yard he watches what's happening on the street and if by any chance he could walk with somebody for a little while. He likes that. He again sat on my car roof and didn't want to jump down although I had started the car, I had to get out and push him down. Otherwise I would have driven around with a white cat on my white car ! What a picture !

The rest of his time he spends in dreamland and looks for other adventures.

Kim who stays more and more inside copies now the others and sits on the table as screensaver so that Mr. G. can't watch his News ! This happened for the first time this week !

Otherwise she spends the days mostly sleeping and from time to time I can see her walking through the garden.

I think Rosie is in full spring energy ! She rans like a flash through the house  growling like a dog, climbs on everything available, and rumbles in the bathtube. I had never heard that noise with a cat. But she did this since she was a kitten.

The other sign of spring arrival was that she brought me her first mousie ! I was typing at my computer and heard strange noises behind me and saw the mouse ! Fortunately it was already dead, so I could throw it in the bin. What a disgraceful grave !

As Pookie is completely deaf, she didn't hear my phone ringing although she slept on it. I had to push her away to answer the phone. It is the same now with the vacuum cleaner, she was very afraid and always ran away, now you can clean around her and she wouldn't move. At home it is not dangerous and fortunately she doesn't leave the garden, otherwise I would fear that she doesn't hear cars !



Perfect ! From this side no white Whiskers  !

Selfie time ?? I thought it was time for my 5th breakfast

No, I refuse to do it again ! Take it or leave it !

I thought I should try it out with a ballpen !



How do I look in black ?

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My cats continue their boring winter life, today they were scandalized when they looked outside, the world was white it had snowed !! None of them likes this white wet powder.

Arthur keeps himself busy with food hunting at home. He steals ! He is a criminal. I had some cheese for lunch and turned around from my tray for just a minute and saw Arthur's self service !

I couldn't resist and took pictures of him while he was trying to take a piece, which stuck at his mouth, so he preferred civilized by using his paw ! Fortunately he didn't like it too much so he only stole one piece !

The rest of the day he  lay around in all corners and slept.

Rosie too does a 24 h napping marathon and very tired from that watches me watching "Escape to the country" on my tablet, when I lay in my bed and try to sleep.

Pookie's life is as always the same in summer and winter she doesn't care, she sings her operas in the morning for breakfast and then with a full stomach she sleeps or watches what's going on. But each time one of us gets up she gets up too and stops in the kitchen and meows again. We feel terrorized.