For the moment my little cat family lives rather apart and each one its own life. Arthur doesn't play with Rosie, which makes her quiet angry and she tries to bite him in the tail or chases him around and then he gets angry. I suppose this will change in a while. Cats can be so moody.

After having watched Mr. G's shaving session Arthur decided that the bathtube was finally more for humans than for cats

and choose the TV program for a thorough fur cleaning

before he went out to get some sunshine on the car roof. It didn't last long because the sun disappeared and it started to rain again.

Rosie, as Arthur refuses to play with her, comforts herself with her mousies. Here she helds a mouse meeting. Then she chose one

carried it in the bathroom and played hide and seek with it using the bath rug

In these cold and rainy days Pookie's main job is "bed warmer" She eats, walks a little around and then continues her 24 h marathon on Mr. G's bed.






Poor Arthur was sick. He didn't eat very well and lost weight. Mr. G. took him to the vet. Arthur had a gum inflamation, that's why he couldn't eat. He behaved very badly at the vet, hissing, scratching and yowling, then he escaped from the table and they had to chase him around the room until finally they got him. Our brave vet lady was very surprised that Arthur was so aggressiv, he had always been such a good cat with her. I think it is due to the bad experiences he had when another cat had bitten him in the tail and he almost lost it.

Now he is back to his old self, played with my scarf and pulled out some fringes !

He also goes out again, especially when Mr. G. comes home, he follows him like a little dog but before he has to check what is going on on the street of course.

I had changed the decoration of my season basket, the Christmas stuff is gone and Miss Rosie had to check if it looked nice. Arthur, always curious, had to put his nose in there too.

Pookie has a new napping place, which doesn't make me happy, it's on the stove ! I am worried that she will jump on it when it's still hot. But apparently she only sleeps there when there are no pots. Otherwise she prefers Mr. G's bed.

Kim has a new job. She is our doormat ! Since a few weeks she sleeps at the entrance, when she is not outside. I really don't know why, because it is not an especially comfortable place.

Rosie too wonders why Kim is sitting there.

For the moment Rosie has bitten off all tails from her toy mousies and drops them in the water bowl ! The mouse she puts besides the bowl ! I think I should find her a job in a circus.





Since the weather is so bad, wet and cold and only once in a blue moon the sun decides to make a hole in the clouds and gives us some light, I stated that I don't have enough legs.

When you are owned by 3 lap keen cats, (the fourth prefers wet and cold grass) you should have at least 4 legs. In my case not 6, because Pookie and Rosie would never sleep side by side.

But as nature gifted me with only two pairs of legs the rule counts : The first gets the place first.

Mostly Rosie the little bitch wins. She has 1000 of tricks in her fur pocket to fool Arthur and chase away Pookie.

When Arthur from time to time manages to sleep on my lap, and kneads pasta on my leg (above left) he also must be in a very tender mood. Otherwise he too prefers to sleep on beds or in wardrobes.

But when he finally settles down, he also wants scratches behind his ears and I manged to do so with my left while I shot the pictures with my right hand. I am becoming ingenious.

As the temperature rose, Arthur thought spring had started and I saw him climbing on the neighbor's garden shed roof, watching over the neighborhood, his favorite occupation.
unfortunately "spring" didn't last long and it started to rain so he returned home and

kept me company in the kitchen. How can I cut zucchinis and avoid a paw ?? I found the solution, I asked Mr. G. to cut the vegetables and Arthur went away when he realized that it wasn't meat.

Pookie doesn't know what to do with herself for the moment. In the mornings she runs around in the house like crazy, hides under the rugs and jumps on the beds and then she is K.O for the rest of the day.

One morning I found Rosie like that, and later I knew why, my right slipper apparently had shrinked over night and I couldn't get my foot in, because she had hidden one of her mousies inside !