I am finishing my UK tour today and come home tomorrow evening. Apparently the cats are all well and don't miss me at all, except Rosie a little bit !




While you are reading this, I am on my way to London !

I think Rosie must feel that I will go on holidays ! She checks if I have taken everything I need for my roundtrip through the UK, together with my friend Ilona.

For 10 days she will have my bed all of her own, but she prefers that I am in there too !

Pookie as long as she has her breakfast doesn't care that much,

She spends her days with Kim on Mr. G's bed

The daily morning breakfast will be served by Mr. G.

Arthur has a new tic, instead of drinking the fresh water in the little white bowl, he prefers to drink out of the dirty once which are in the sink to be washed !

He certainly will be happy to terrorize Mr. G and meow loud until he gets what he wants !

I will be back end of May.






Mr. G. is still in Italy, but comes back on Wednesday. I didn't notice any  changes concerning Kim because of his absence,

she goes out for a little while as usual, but then continues her now inside life on Mr. G's bed. I even think she is happy that she doesn't have to move when he wants to go in bed !

Pookie too, is nearly always there. The only thing maybe she misses is that nobody uses an electric razor because she loves to watch Mr. G. while he is shaving. She certainly would want me to replace him, but I refuse !

Each morning I watch the same ritual. Rosie waking up and sitting on my bed to keep Pookie away !

She won't let her on the bed and eventually would hiss ! Pookie takes it easy at least in this room and stays at distance, while Arthur doesn't care about the female's moods and disputes, he starts his day with eating Rosie's food.

During the week I saw Rosie checking thorougly the living room and I feared that she had lost a real mouse there and now was looking for it. But so far I haven't found any mouse corpse.

Instead I found 4 little mousies stitched on a Father Christmas carton somewhere hidden inside her cat tower. As Christmas is not the season, she wasn't very interested  and still uses her old mousies to wash up in the food bowls.

As Mr. G. is away and Arthur on healthy cat food, he and Pookie are waiting in the kitchen  each morning, to be served. He behaves quiet good, doesn't try to jump in my plate, while I eat, but stares at me with  a starving look, so that from time to time I melt and give him some from my food but on an extra little plate.

He seems to be quiet happy and does  massages of my lap while I watch TV. Fortunately my jeans are thick enough to protect me from his claws !

All in all it seems that they don't miss Mr. G., I shouldn't tell him, otherwise he will be disappointed. Ungrateful cats ! 




Arthur is in full spring energy ! While Dominique was working in her yard, he sneaked through the French doors into her house. When she came back, she found him sleeping on her bird's cage !!! The cage is very big and the birdie very small,  so there was enough room for Arthur's nap. Apparently the birdie didn't bother and Arthur had lost his hunting instincts ! She only regretted not to have her camera ! It must have been a real funny view !

He jumped again onto my tray and tried to leak off the chicken sauce, despite the fact that the sauce was covered with my apple peels ! I tried to chase him away using a magazine, but he always jumped back and at the end he hissed at me and finally went away !

I don't know how it will be with me being alone, as Mr. G. has gone to Italy yesterday ! Thanks to his cat education allowing everything while complaining,  I hope I don't have to fight with Arthur every day while I am eating !

But how could I be angry with this sweet cat who sleeps on my bed and was upset because I woke him up with the flash light ! As my punishment he barfed on my  bed !

Rosie discovered the neighbor's house roof ! Arthur often climbs on there (I don't know how) and watches over the neighborhood, but Rosie had never done that ! Unfortunately I couldn't catch them sitting side by side, when my camera was finally ready I just got a shot of when she climbed down, while Arthur stayed on the roof for quiet a while.

I think she was surprised by her own audacity ! It's impossible to take a picture of her outside, because each time I show up with my camera she comes towards me !

Pookie has discovered a new friend, although this magzine holder stands there for ages, now she loves to rub her face on it !

She is also the only cat who loves to be photographed ! She purrs and makes pasta as you can see at her paws !

Now I will see how they behave, if they will miss Mr. G. and have me alone as a catsitter !



Rosie was born today and only a few days later I saw her for the first time together with her mum and siblings. I had always wanted a tuxi cat and had found her through an advertising. The young couple who had 2 female cats had the nice surprise to find themselves suddenly with 8 little kitten ! I fell in love with Rosie immediately !

6 weeks later I picked her up and this tiny little kitten which slept in my bread basket at the beginning, sang the whole way to our home with a loud voice ! I couldn't believe that such a little thing could make such a noise and that for 20 minutes ! Arthur immediately adopted her as his private baby and toy. Pookie was jealous and hissed (which hasn't changed) and Kim didn't even notice the new family member !

And this is Rosie today still a little cat, but with quiet some character and rather funny features !

She gathers her mousies during the night and drops them in the water bowl ! She runs and jumps around growling like a dog ! Whenever she sits under the table and you just pass by she would stretch out her paw and give you a slap ! Unfortunately she can also be quiet vicious ! You pet her and she purrs and suddenly she bites ! But hard ! She is also a cat who loves to lick ! Especially my nose, but also fingers, and hands. I think she is unique ! She is a real female, she is cuddly and sweet, behaves like an angel and suddenly turns into a terrible devil !