and there was light ...... without flash in the camera !

Today my selfie came out in blue. Suits me well I think with my white fur !

Geeeeeez ........ Arthur's face has a blue glow around !!!


The whole week I was away in Amsterdam to keep an eye on my 7 year old grandson Toby who had school holidays.

Therefore I can only report what Mr. G. has told me, about his life with his darlings. Arthur tortured him by meowing each time he moved, he loves to terrorize Mr. G. who is convinced that Arthur is starving each time he says a little meow.

Rosie slept the whole week on a blue invoice, I don't know why blue, but with cats you never know. Kim didn't leave her rug in the bedroom and if from time to time I wouldn't see her eating I would say she never leaves.

My cats are not disturbed by Halloween, it's not very much celebrated where we live. I bought a few sweets but I am not even sure if somebody will ring at the door. There is no decoration either, except in the shops.

But Kim as a black cat has the obligation to participate

Arthur is always for fun

And as Rosie is a little witch the whole year long, she has to be a special one on Halloween !



Don't disturb me I am in deep thoughts about our future, the mousies are becoming so skinny !

Hhm, I think I have to wash my tail, doesn't smell very good, so please do the selfie for me ! But don't faint !

People say that I am a beauty, sometimes I think so too !


It's getting cooler and cooler and the cats look for other occupation than laying in the sunshine or chase a butterfly. They have to change lifestyle !

Arthur whenever he hears Mr. G's car he comes running !

There was nothing especially good smelling in the trunk and he decided not to use the litter box in the garage but our "Versailles" garden outside.

Meanwhile Mr. G. had put the shopping bag on the kitchen table and Arthur was very interested in what was inside. Look at his disappointed face ! There was only 3 packages of stinking French cheese and fruits ! Not even a chicken wing or a slice of ham.

Nobody can explain me why he went into the bath tube to let out his anger there maybe because of the stinking cheese ? I throw a piece of paper in the tube so that he could play, but he only looked at it disdainfully.

Then he sat down and mulled over what to do next .... (Help)

The eye doctor had given me a blue paper with instructions of what I can do or not do with my eyes besides looking. Ever since Rosie had discovered this blue paper with the eye instructions 2 weeks ago, she sleeps on it, sharpens her claws very carefully on it and then lays down for the rest of the day. She has changed her lifestyle, instead of sleeping peacefully in my bed and keep me warm, Miss Rosie goes out the whole night and only comes back when she is wet preferably at 3 am to show me that it has rained. And of course when you go out the whole night you have to sleep the whole day too. That's life.

Kim since a month sleeps always on the same spot on the same rug, she only gets up for food and a little walk, but not outside. She, who never meowed, let us hear her voice now. Fortunately she has a little one. She doesn't sleep with Mr. G. anymore, she ignores us while we watch TV, I tried to lift her up in case she was glued on the rug, but she only protested, turned around and continued to sleep.

without glasses !



I really wanted to model for this selfie (for once) and what did she do ? She managed to squeeze her face against mine !!

I saw a bird, nearly dropped the phone that's why she had to help me and of course the bird is gone

With this selfie I show you what I have to read over the time !


My cats are slightly offended, because I had no time for them last weekend. I was busy with my painting exhibition. But of course I told everybody that these three are my models !

Now that has cooled down, we just have enough radiators for the two short haired cats, Kim with her sheep fur hates radiators.

So they alternate the places because of the different views.



I asked her to hold the phone I felt too weak !

I did the same, I was half asleep

What a place to make a selfie ! I didn't like it and you see it on my face ! All I wanted was a drop to drink !!

When I came back from hospital where I had my right eye done, I didn't realize that I looked like Frankenstein's daughter !

Arthur who was busy with grooming stopped and got a shock !

Rosie who had filed papers and was busy with the computer mouse stopped too

and looked at me with horror !

But then after they got a treat they occupied our seats as usual

and Arthur, as it was raining, slept on the radiator and looked through the window.

Kim didn't bother about my face and I only hope that next week I will look a bit better !