When the weather is bad my cats love to sleep on or around the radiator especially when it is not too hot.

At normal times this could be a still life of our living room. Rosie and Arthur around

and Pookie on the radiator watching over the neighborhood.

But then something terrible happened ! Painters came and painted the radiators. Arthur was offended especially because he couldn't jump on the freshly painted radiator (and get an egg shell color) because I had invented a cat safe heating protection, by putting 2 chairs on both ends and two on the front and covered them with a bedsheet. No way to jump on it !

When he had finished with cleaning his fur, he thought he could help Mr. G. at the computer, where he stayed the whole afternoon, getting on the nerves of his beloved Mortadella donator (I heard him : "get off my keyboooooorrrrrd" ! )

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We have visitors ! My friend Claudie from the South of France, whom I had known through blogging, visited us together with her daughter Melissa.

Kim apparently didn't like our kaftans and prefered looking at the flowers.

while Rosie was very surprised that somebody else took a picture of her ! Melissa dared !

Kim usually so shy and hiding when visitors are there, apparently became big friend with Melissa and even allowed her to pet her ! I was very surprised !

Mr. G. took the opportunity of Kim's good mood and managed to brush some of her hairs off !

Arthur and Rosie weren't impressed that two new people were in the house.

He warmed up his fur in the sun and was probably thinking when we would finally sit down for lunch so that he could turn around the table and meowing for mortadella,

or he lay in the warm gravel in the sun

For once we were lucky with the weather !





We have the worst August weather ever, cold, rain, the sun apparently moved far away. So what should my dear cats do the whole day. Going out ? Impossible they don't like wet fur coats.

Rosie, the only one who ever sleeps in a basket moves from one to another and does a napping marathon. From time to time she gets up to run behind Pookie and then they hiss at each other.

Pookie, when she doesn't sleep on Mr. G's bed, found another occupation, she loves to watch the screensaver an acquarium and tries to catch virtual fishes, which of course doesn't work. But she keeps on trying but so far without any success. Meanwhile Mr. G waits impatiently to be able to use his computer again.

Arthur too loves the computer, but he prefers to walk on the keyboard and change programs.

He follows Mr. G. everywhere even when he took a bath, probably hoping that he would take some Mortadella with him in the bath tube. He is the only one who even goes out when it rains and comes back wet like a sponge.

Even Kim moved inside and plays the princess and the pea.





Sorry I am late, I had the wrong date !

When I had dreamed that all four cats would jump into my arms and purr of happiness about my return so I was really wrong. The welcome was rather cool, or at least they remained indifferent.

The only one who "greeted" me when I got out of the car, was Sir Arthur, scratching behind his ear, because obviously he didn't know how to behave.

He had spent such nice holidays, eating Pizza and Mortadella and nobody stopped Mr. G. from doing it !

Rosie too, as all cats when they don't know how to behave or what to decide, washed herself first from top to tail, before she jumped on my bed and purred and licked my nose, which I don't like because it makes me sneeze.

and the next day she lay in her basket just besides my desk, which she hadn't done for a long time.

Pookie cleaned her paw and the rest and throw a short glance on me, it takes her always a little time to forgive me.

Therefore she did what she had done the whole time I was away, she helped Mr. G. on his computer.

Kim didn't even dare to come in and continued to watch I don't know what in the garden. I am sure she didn't even realize that I was gone for 10 days !

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