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The laziest cat in our household is Pookie. She sleeps the whole day and night on Mr. G. bed. It's just as not having her. Only twice a day she moves ! In the morning she sits in front of the office door where Lisa is locked in during the night and as soon as Lisa is out she gets in to use Lisa's private litter box, which normally is not allowed. Pookie is far too lazy to go down to the garage where the litterboxes are or to use the cat flap and do her buisness outside. Pookie has a very delicate botty.

But before we go to bed she has her crazy moments, runs trough the house and arranges all rags her way ! It's a miracle that we haven't broken arms or legs yet !

Pookie at work

Arthur has found a new toy in the bathroom, my little nailbrush. It doesn't bother me that he plays with it, but it's quite noisy !

once it drops to the floor, he is not interested anymore and joins one of his girls either Rosie

or Lisa for a little nap.

Rosie the little housewife likes it nice and tidy. Therefore she carries her mouse toys in the kitchen during the night and poses them around the food bowls.

Sometimes I also find one in the water or into the food

Yesterday I was quite surprised to find a real one in her dry food ! Now I don't know if she wants to give the dry food a special taste or if she just tried to feed a dead mouse.

After a hard working night she needs a rest besides Arthur

Old Lisa has a new friend to nap with, a stuffed turtle. She likes to cuddle up very close to it.



after one hour and a half ......



I got this funny video from my son and wanted to share it with you.




Cats are really intelligent ! I had the prove on sunday. We usually eat in front of the TV and Mr. G feeds the cats. He can't resist their demanding eyes of starving cats. So he gives little bits and pieces to his little darlings. I don't, I want to eat in peace and prefer to give them something in the kitchen.

On Sunday was Formular 1 day in Brasil and Mr. G's only sport he watches on TV. He moved into my room because I wanted to see a film I had recorded for me on the TV in the living room. The cats were very disturbed by this strange behaviour. Why was he sitting alone in her room when it was eating time ?? They gathered in the kitchen and waited what happened. When they saw me carrying the tray into my room and hand it over to Mr. G, not even 1 min later I saw this still life !

They all came except Rosie and Kim to have their share of chicken !

I also noticed that Arthur sometimes has cast iron nerves ! He was sleeping half on my mobile when it rang. He didn't even open an eye when I took it and answered ! But when I drop a fork in the kitchen, he gets a nervous breakdown !

Arthur sleeping half on my mobile

Rosie prefers a cuddly cat to sleep with





As Halloween is approaching I thought I could take out my little decoration and at least decorate the living room. Usually nobody does decorate for Halloween inside the house in Belgium and outside it just starts since a couple of years. I began to do it, because I think it's nice to take over cute uses of other countries. My friends appreciate and like to come to see what I have done.

After half an hour of research through the whole house I finally found the plastic bag with the Halloween stuff and put it on the floor !

Rosie was enthousiastic about the bag and had to check the inside immediately

How interesting all these little witches, they were so different from her green and pink mousies

and they had a broom ! Rosie settled down in the bag and watched what I was doing now.

I decorated Arthur in the hope he would make a nice face and I could subtitle the picture with "Arthur and his witches", but Arthur wasn't in the mood for being a top model

He turned around and showed me clearly that he is not interested in witches at all.

In my halloween "archives" I also found this horrible spider I had bought to frighten my friends who usually screem when they see it.

Not so Rosie

She found this beast very interesting und started to play with it.

Arthur didn't find this spider very exciting and just opened a little his eyes. Then they both settled down for a little nap, with the spider in the middle. That was when I took these photos !

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