I am coming .....

Wait .... I see a spider .... hey don't run away !



I have the best place in the whole house ! She leaves the curtains a bit open during the night so that I can see what is going on outside, because we are lucky the whole lawn is lighted, and I see cats walking around ! I love to sit on the top of my tower !

This is my neighbor's cat, I still d not know if we will become friends or not, so far she doesn't say anything and anyway we can only touch our heads ! I am a little careful, she or he is much bigger then me !

I also love to walk a bit around on our huge terrace and watch what's going on ! The good thing is, there is no danger for me anymore, I am sitting safely on the 3rd floor and no tomcat can attack me !

I have a lot of napping places all of my own, and don't have to share them with siblings as I had to do before. In fact I love the life I have now, I don't have to go out for mousies and bird hunting, the only thing I have to do is to give a bath and feed my inside mousies which are nice and green and not boring grey.

I love the rocking chair and spend a lot of time there, because I also have a nice view on the other side of the building !

And this is my old armchair I know from since I was a baby, but now I love it even more because it has a cheerful cover which suits me very well as background.

Since I live here with my human mum and dad, I am really happy !

The only thing I don't understand is, why do they wear white or blue masks when they come home ? They never did this before, but since we moved and live here I only see half of their faces ! I wonder if this is a new human fashion ! Honestly I prefer to see their whole faces. Fortunately they take it of once at home and our guests too ! 



No way ! I refuse to do a Selfie ! My hair is not combed and I have cercles under the eyes !!

have to sleep first

 and then watch TV 





This week it was awfully hot more than 30° !


 Rosie spent the morning on her tower observing what's going outside

The neighbor's cat is waiting for her, I still don't know her name,  I have only talked once to the lady and then I have never seen her agan. I think her husband works during the night.

It's funny to see when both cats try to sniff at each other, Rosie plays the shy girl and waves with her tail but a little less then before, in a while they will get used to each other

Rosie starts to play with her new mousies but still prefers her green once especially for putting them in her bowl. 

Now that I have only one cat of course she gets more attention and as she has become an inside cat I noticed that she was constipated ! Poor thing because she meauwed strangely each time she had to go. I called my vet and she told me to put a table spoon of paraffin oil over her dry food and that would help. Now I will see !

This is the second post I do, because with this "simplyfied" new Blogger all photos had disappeared or the text was not in the right place, I would prefer if they returned to the "complicated" version. It's very much time consuming ! Maybe one day I will understand "simple procedures" ! 




 This new Blogger "improvement" makes me crazy ! I just had finished my post, clicked on "label" and the whole post was deleted ! Anyway Rosie did her best to make some Selfies, although it was very hot we had 40°C (104) !!

Not a lot of people have air condition as usually it gets never so hot, but this is the third summer now !

Global warming or not, Rosie wasn't completely awaken when she made her first selfie

On the second picture she made an effort and looked out of the window to watch a pigeon, but then she had enough and left the sofa !

In this heat there is not much to do, in the morning she lays on the terrace and looks at the traffic : birds, cats, magpies and sometimes a squirrel

She grooms herself thoroughly watched by the neighbor's cat who lurks under the door which separates the two terraces.

Around ten she decides to nap on her beloved rocking chair and I close the windows and the curtains to keep the heat out. Fortunately that works quite well at least enough that we don't melt !

Taking in the sun and fresh morning air
Pigeon watching

grooming to be a beauty

 I had bought two new mousies for her, as the green once look a bit damaged because she continues to bath and feed them in her bowls. Unfortunately the two pet shops I went didn't have green mousies only red and yellow and grey once and when I explained to the young girl that my cat only plays with green once she laughed her head off. Cats are real strange creatures, I didn't know that they also have favorite colors. Now I try with these once, maybe she will adopt them, but for the moment it doesn't look like !

Now we have a thunderstorm and Rosie hid under the armchair !






It's quite a long time that I haven't written about not my cats anymore but my cat, the only one who moved with us into our new home. She is only 13 and the last one who passed away with nearly 20 years was our dear Arthur. 

We sold our house and then were stuck for three months due to the lockdown. But then finally we could move and little Rosie became from an outside cat an inside cat ! 

I was quite worried that she wouldn't get used to it, but something very strange happened ! As soon as we let her out of her carrier, she started to inspect the whole apartment and ... approved it ! She even went on the fortunately big terrace on the 4th floor, but didn't dare to look down the first days. We had secured the space between the tubes with a grid, so that she couldn't fall down.

And this is her new Kingdom, where she has a beautiful view over the trees, she can watch squirrels, dogs and other cats and see the birds flying by ! Very interesting for her !
Apparently she didn't regret her old home where she could walk around the neighborhood.
Meanwhile she has tried out all available sleeping places and seems to be a happy cat !
We had 37° at 7.15 pm and she warmed up her belly on the hot floor ! Inside and outside
Years ago I had bought a cat tree for my cats, which was ingnored by all of them. I thought I will bring it along and fortunately I did ! Rosie discovered the tree as if it was completely new and spends most of her time on the tree ! She also does her pedicure on the tree ! 
Never ever I had thought she would feel home here so quickly ! Even quicker then Mr. G. who in the beginning got lost always going in the wrong direction when he wanted to go to the kitchen.
 And then Rosie did something she hadn't done for years ! She tiedies up the room during night and puts her mousies in the food bowls. One in the water and one in the food !  Or both in the water and my neighbors must think what a strange laundry I have ! Drying green mousies on the table in the sunshine.

The funniest is she only plays with green mousies not with other colored once ! She has red and yellow once, but she doesn't touch them. 

She even has a neighbour friend ! They only can see each others faces, for the moment they are a bit distrusting, but at least they don't hiss at each other !