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    Pookie is ready !

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    I hope that your cats won't do this !

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    Our cat Arthur is quite a special case. He is a very social cat especially for humans. He also likes his girls, but some male cats he doesn't like at all. Therefore he sometimes comes home like Sylvester Stallone in "Rocky". If you look closer on some pictures, you will see the traces of his last battle. But normally he is a peace and love cat. He also is a little clumsy. The other day he was sleeping on the dining table and suddenly we heard a big bumm, Arthur had fallen off the table in his sleep. But that is normal for Arthur. When he sleeps he sleeps. There also is not a day where he doesn't hit something which of course falls down and is sometimes broken.

    Arthur always has a surprised look on his face and makes big wondering eyes. For that, people in our street love him.

    He especially likes when the weather is nice and a lot of people are outside. Then he would make his tour and say hello to everybody. When I chat with a neighbour, you can be sure that Arthur sits besides me or between us and listens full of attention to the conversation. Sometimes, he lies down on his back to be petted.

    If somebody is working in his garden, Arthur is immediately there to help. He is a specialist in digging and makes no difference between weeds and plants. He is a very helpful cat.

    Sometimes when a little hole is made to put a plant in, he is very thankful because the person had prepared a toilet for him and with grace he would immediately take place on it and do his business. Sometimes he is a little astonished, when his victim is not so happy about that. But Arthur doesn't care, he is a happy cat.

    In his former life he must have been a mechanic for cars. As soon as there is a nice and suitable (for him) car in the street, he would lie under it and work. Or sleep. But then when he comes home we don't have a white cat anymore but one decorated with black oily spots and stripes, who also doesn't smell like a rose. Then, we have to carry him into the bathroom and put a wild struggeling Arthur in the bath. For that we have to be dressed up like astronauts, and not forget the gloves we normally use in the garden to cut off roses.

    He also loves to nap on cars, especially when the engine cover is still warm. Or maybe he also does break danses on it, because it's full of paw prints which doesn't enjoy very much the car owner.

    His motto is : sit in the middle of the street and look cute. Yes Arthur is a crooner.

    Here he poses for a Christmas picture

    If you don't find Arthur for a whole day you can be sure that he had found a very special place to nap. Here in the desk and he frightened me to death, when suddenly he jumped out.

    Arthur would never sleep in a normal place like decent cats would do, no, he always finds a special place and a strange pose !

    He also likes slippers, maybe because of the smell, but he loves to keep them safe.

    and then when he is very tired, he just falls down on any suitable bed.

    Please don't forget Mr. Linky and comment on other members blogs. Last week some of you forgot to do it.

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    Our cat Lisa likes to sleep in or on strange places. Instead of sleeping in a nice freshly made bed she prefers rather uncomfortable things. But when she has choosen a place, then it's for at least a month, sometimes less, sometimes more and nobody can convince her to sleep elsewhere ! You put her gently on another place you can be sure she will be back in a minute. You don't even have the time to turn around. And if you get angry and use more strong methods by chasing her away, it just doesn't do anything. She would politely run away and as soon as you are out of sight, she throwns again there were she shouldn't be.

    Lisa is a very bone headed cat. When she has something in mind even a Jehova witness' threatening her with the end of the world, wouldn't change her decision. She has always been like that, even when she were a kitten, so it is not due to her proud age of 16 years.

    On the other hand, Lisa is a very affectionated cat and has never scratched anybody. Furniture with pleasure, but no people. She also has this loud purring what I have never heard from any other cat in my whole life. It sounds like a mixture of purring and cooing and you can hear her even when you are not in the same room. This is quite annoying when you want to sleep, and she lies besides you and purrs in your ear.

    and here are pictures of places she choose for the last months !

    The microwave and when it is turning she would look through the window.

    a medical pump Mr. Gattino has to use because he forgets to breath when he is sleeping. Lisa doesn't care about the noise of the pump and purrs in competition.
    Of course the computer. When the keyboard was on the desk, then she slept on it.

    and the actual place, our toilet !

    I wonder how long it will last. She squats it since about three weeks. And there too, you just can lift her up, put her in the sink while you are sitting on the thrown but you have to put her back !

    Lisa can be a little terrorist !

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    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Arthur also loves little Father Christmas.

    I am the happy victim of my four cats with following functions : serving and acting as ... doorman, sofa, bed, canopener, playmate, cleaning woman, nurse etc....

    I am observed each time I move.

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    When I am busy they want to play and when I want to play they sleep or wash and look at me with one eye open, as if I had become mad .

    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWhen I want to read and take a book or a newspaper I can be sure that one of them sits or sleeps on it. And when I am reading one of them would lay down on my chest and cut my view.

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    They don't care about my computer when it's switched of. But as soon as it's on, they walk on the keyboard and are very interested in watching the screen and look at all the wonderful things they had created. (and it takes me hours to get rid of it)

    When I don't get up quickly enough in the morning, they try everything to get me out of bed. They jump on my chest, purr like running truck motors, comb my hair with their paws or bite in every uncovered piece of my body. They check my nose with their whiskers or scratch like mad at the door or wardrobe.

    When finally I stumbled out of my bed and had fed them, they would sleep the whole day. And in the evening when I go to bed and want to sleep, they are running around, play, and raise the devil.

    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe scratchpost is only there for decoration (except for Pookie), the others (except Kim) prefer the sofa, the armchair or the carpets or all together.

    Photobucket - Video and Image HostingNow it's also litterbox season because it's too cold and wet outside for their delicate bottoms. Of course they wait until it's just cleaned . When Arthur was a baby he prefered to go in the flower pots rather then using the litterbox.

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    They wouldn't eat before checking their bowls first. If I open a new can they smell at it, turn around tail up walk away and look offended. So I try another one etc etc.

    When they are sick, they won't threw up on the tiles, maybe they are afraid that we could slip on it. They always choose the most beautiful carpet .

    I have to minimize myself in my bed, because one is sleeping besides my head, the other against my belly and the third at my feet. The fourth that means old Lisa, chooses the armchair as the bed is overcrowed. (Mr. Gattino moves too much)

    No door is closed in our house, the cats hate closed doors. They would sit in front of a closed door and miauwing as if the end of the world is near, or they ferociously scratch at the door until there is almost a hole in it.

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    They love to sleep inside a wardrobe and hop outside like a flash when I open it and are certainly very amused when I jump back, near a heart attack.

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    Each time somebody goes to the toilette one cat has to walk him/her there, and as soon as they are inside and the door is closed, they want to go outside. And when they are outside they want to go inside of course..Taking a bath leads to the same so the door has to stay open.

    They are all convinced that the front door is better than the back door and if you open the front door they prefer the back door.

    Yes, it's not easy to share your life with cats and you are suffering a lot, but at least something is for sure ! you are never getting bored !

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    Today I want to talk about Kim, because I never really talked about her. Unfortunately there is not much to say. Kim is a beauty, nobody would contest it but she is a very strange cat. If I wouldn't know where she is coming from and even have seen her when she were two days old, I would have been sure that she was mishandled when she were a kitten.

    But Kim was born as a Christmas cat in 1999 on Dec 23 in the house of my English girl friend in London. When our son saw this cute little black fur ball, he immediately wanted to adopt her. And that's what he did. When Kim were 2 month old, he brought her in his house.

    Kim only saw Pookie and Pookie took the little fur ball to her heart and warm belly and from that day on, Kim follows Pookie everywhere and can't exist alone. Pookie defends her and Kim who is much bigger than Pookie hides behind the little motherly cat. Kim is very big.

    Pookie with Baby Kim

    and today

    And here with Arthur

    From the very beginning Kim didn't play as normally little kitten do. The nicest cat toys, strings, paper and foil balls, she just looked at it with big eyes and hid behind Pookie. Only when Pookie started to play, then Kim tried to imitate her. Our son didn't know anymore what to do with this strangely behaving cat. From the vet side, she was in a very good health.

    When she arrived in our home, because our son had to go to Amsterdam and couldn't keep his cats, it took almost 4 years until she finally accepted to be approached. It's only since this year in spring that she started to come closer and even let pet her.

    It was quite a drama with her long hairs, as it was impossible to catch and brush her and twice I had to go to the vet to get her shaved because of the many knots she had in her fur.

    So Kim leads a quite life. She loves her fellow cats and especially Arthur (besides her beloved Pookie of course).

    She often sits or sleeps in the garden which is her favourite place, in summer, winter, heat or cold or rain.

    All cats in the neighborhood accept Kim without any problem. It's just as if she didn't exist. Even the dogs don't get crazy when she sits in all her beauty on our little wall and observes the street.

    Poor Arthur has given up to play with her. He is fat up to danse around her and get her play.

    The only thing she does and she is the only one in the group, she talks ! and a lot ! She would sit somewhere inside the house and meauwing without any reason. Just like that. A whole conversation all to herself this can last for half an hour, several times a day. And it doesn't sound like a complaint, it sounds more like a happy monologue. She cannot purr either. When you pet her you can feel under her chin some vibrations but no sound comes out. And of course if there are visitors, Kim disappears until every stranger has disappeared.

    During the first two years she lived with us, when our son came for a visit, she were hiding the whole time he were there. Afterwards we realized that she were afraid that he would take her back, because now when he comes he is even allowed to pet her.

    So of course we accept as she is, a beautiful, quite almost non existing cat who never ever broke something or behaved badly. Fact which is compensated largely by her cat family !

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    Has any of you cat lovers ever had such a strange cat ?

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