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Lisa, who doesn't water plants but computers.
Usually she is like this before she falls asleep

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Only interruption is to fill her stomac at least 20 times a day.

Here she washes her face near my NEW computer ! and then walking over to my lap, started the printer, really she is overdoing with her help !
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Now the tail and then nap.
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I have got such a lot of comments on my catastrophe, that I want to thank you all and also defend poor old Lisa who finally did only what (in her mind) she had to do !

I explain. Lisa is 16 years old and suffers as many female humans also from hormonal disturbances. It happens twice a year in spring and automn during her love life period, if she weren't spayed. So good old Lisa suffers PMS and as she is more than middle aged, she doesn't suffer from headache, hotflashes or bad moods no, she needs to water everything which comes in her mind. Just like that.

A few examples a part from for the first time my computer : Microwave, Mr. Gattino's shoes (inside) his pullover, washing machine, diswasher, computer screen but also the hedge in the garden. Fortunately the whole watering doesn't stink.

Of course when it started about 10 years ago, I took her to the vet. And she (the vet) explained to me that if it has nothing to do with sudden changements in her life (the cat) then it would be probably hormonal.

As Lisa didn't have any changements in her cat life, we tried it with the prescribed pill. And see, it worked. No spraying anymore. That's why usually (yes usually) I take her to the vet each year to make a little check up and of course for the pill. But this time I put the call from one day to the other until it happened. But now of course I won't forget it any more. This was a very luxury pee unfortunately not in gold.

Now you can imagine what poor Lisa has to suffer. If you with your PMS had to spray against a microwave what a gymnastic ! or pee in you husband's shoes it's not easy at all I guess. No we only have the above mentioned troubles.

Usually Lisa is a friendly and very affectionated cat and she purr/currs the whole day even without reason. She sits somewhere and purrs her strange purring which sounds like a mixture of a pigeon, a razor and a cat. To not repeat myself for those who know Lisa already I wrote about here http://gattinamycats.blogspot.com/2006/07/is-your-cat-as-bullheaded-as-mine.html

Now why didn't I go to the vet ? Because I were busy with blogging. And why do I blog, because I like it and also to get comments ! (very important) Therefore I came to the conclusion, it was not my fault but yours !! (It's always good to find a culprit)

And now I should be thankful to Lisa for the nice new laptop I had to buy for my Christmas ! Fortunately computers are the only things which get cheaper by the time and not like food or clothes !

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Obsidian Kitten said...

oh poor Lisa!

like the expression: "When Nature calls..."

then we must pee where we must pee!

Anonymous said...

Poor cute Lisa! I hope she gets her pill soon, or there will be more very wet shoes.

Obsidian Kitten said...

Lisa looks so much like our Emma...it makes me laugh every time I see her!


soon i will post Cats on Tuesday! i'm so excited, i think i will introduce our girls to everyone on the first day (of course, it is *already* tuesday where you are, isn't it?)

tiggerprr said...

Poor Lisa! hehe I will try to participate next Tuesday! :)

Anonymous said...

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