The best bed in the world !

An outside Selfie ! Long time ago it didn't happen !


There is not much to report this week, as I, my cat's servant was "out of work" in form  a very strong flu. On top of that Mr. G. had dreamt that he was sitting in the wrong train and had jumped out. Arthur woke me up and instead of going into the kitchen to be fed, he showed me Mr. G who was laying on the floor surrounded by by a huge mess, the chairs had fallen, the bedside table and of course the bedlinen. I couldn't get him up, he was still confused and wanted his train ticket. I called the ambulance, and they brought him to hospital where he was diagnosed with a broken hip.

Poor Arthur misses his servant very much, there are no left overs from the table anymore because I am eating cheese and not ham or other things a cat would like !

After a while he had accepted the new situation and ate his cat food with appetite

Fortunately it's warm and the sun shines and he takes his sunbath on the bark

or he watches me from outside, looking inside where I am laying on the sofa !

As Rosie is more "my" cat, she apparently doesn't care about Mr. G.'s absence.

Meanwhile he had his surgery everything went smooth, but Arthur will have to wait for a while until his beloved servant can come home ! He first needs to stay 2 weeks in a rehabilitation hospital.



My selfie is quite good this time !

This is Kim's "selfie". If you can find her head, I couldn't ....

Chicken after the Selfie ? hmmm go ahead !


Arthur is a happy cat ! Finally the Sun is shining and lots of people walk their kids or dogs in our street. With the dogs he is a bit hesitating and prefers to nag them sitting safely on a wall, while people and kids he greets, walks over to them and is pleased when they talk to him and pet him ! Then he would roll around in the red gravel or in the middle of the street ! Fortunately there is no traffic !

He also chats with the neighbor cat, there are two, one he likes the other not and often I hear them screaming, growling, and hissing. But that's it.

It's warm on the windowsill and Arthur loves to take a sunbath there, while I am in the kitchen.

Rosie prefers to stay inside and watches the world through the windows.

Her favourite place is still on the scratch board where she nearly spends the whole day. I call her "my little fakir".



I am soooo tired !

I am happy with my selfie !

That's the best you can get out of me ! After all I am 20 years old at Christmas !!


No luck this week with the weather, it's still very windy and it rains ! The day my cleaning lady came and all cats disappeared probably in the basement, because outside cats and dogs were falling from heaven, Kim came home wet like a sponge. It was as if somebody had thrown a bucket of water over her, which was completely impossible. It took me a while to get her at least humid, to dry completely it took a couple of hours. And Kim who never wanted to be petted or brushed or even only touched, was happy to be rubbed with a towel !

In her private room : the bathroom she still sleeps in there but from time to time she moves

to Mr. G's room settles down for a long nap.

Arthur is happy with his new scratching post and uses it frequently but not like Rosie !

Rosie is in love with her scratching board ! She sleeps on it, plays on it, sits on it and at least our armchair remains untouched !

She only moves when I watch TV then she wants to sit with me, or when I am working on my PC then she has to check what I am doing.

Sometimes she lays on Arthur's rug to annoy him, and he patiently waits until she finishes her nap !

Sometimes she even allows him to share the rug with him !

And often in the evening we are watching TV together !



Sorry I only got an ear selfie, that must be enough for today !

I wonder if the flash comes out or not !


Because of the rain and windy weather Arthur had returned to his winter headquarters. He moved from one radiator to the other sat in the open fire or slept on the sofa.

and Kim didn't move from her bathroom, only for her little business in the garage.

She still has her cold on one side of the nose and sneezes quite often and as Arthur had always watering eyes and started to sneeze too, I asked my vet to come, because I didn't see myself carrying two cats to her cabinet. I was a little afraid that Arthur would be again so aggressive like last time when she had to give him a shot to keep him calm. This time he had probably forgotten what had happened to him or maybe it was the fact that he was sitting on the kitchen table, but he was a very good boy. She could do all medical examinations  without any protests. It turned out that he was in perfect health, the running eyes were normal I just have to clean them and his weight was good too.
He jumped from the table and watched then Kim's turn.

Apparently Kim is a miracle, she weights nearly 5 kg (11 lbs), is in perfect health and can even still jump. The fact that she sleeps all the time is due to her old age of nearly 20 years (in December). For her cold I got medication and have to inject the drug into her mouth 2 times a day. For this I use a syringe without a needle. Kim is a brave girl and fortunately it went smooth so far.

When the vet was gone, I was exhausted, and the cats in good shape.

The only one who has nothing is little Rosie, she sleeps and runs around looking for invisible insects or whatever

she never tried to follow Arthur into the open fire.

As now she doesn't go out very often, she had used our armchair as scratching post and it started to look awful. I bought a fluff razor for the armchair and a scratch board for her pedicure. Now the armchair looks normal again after a treatment with he razor and Rosie is happy too.

Arthur too has used it and to inaugurate it, had peed on it ! Naughty boy !

Arthur for  winter

and for holidays



I saw a bird !!

Wanted ??


This week Arthur was a happy cat ! He could go outside, walking along the street, nagging dogs and saying "Hello" to people !

He sat in the sunshine

and rolled around happily on the warm tiles.

But then it got cooler and Arthur stayed again more inside. One day I came back from a restaurant and had meat with me wrapped in a napkin in my purse. The portions were so big, that Nicole couldn't eat all the meat and I had thought to bring it to Arthur.

I put my purse on the steps and went to take off my shoes. It took maybe 2 min ! When I came back, Arthur had already pulled out the napkin with the meat inside and had started to unwrap the package. When I took it away he growled at me, I quickly went upstairs put the meat in his bowl and he jumped on it like a starving tiger !

Then he took the meat out piece by piece and ate it on the oriental rag ! Posh cat and thief !
I had not had the opportunity to cut the pieces smaller, he had already taken them all away ! And I thought if I try to take away his prey, he would kill me !

Rosie despite sunshine remained a lazy cat and slept the whole day long on my bed

She also tried to help me in the morning to make my bed. What a kind kitty !

When I open the window in my room to get in fresh air Rosie moves to her bed in Mr. G's room. She has her habits !