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Watch this little video it is too funny and so true ! It seems to me as if it were my Lisa !




from Arthur, Pookie, Lisa, Rosie and Kim

Arthur was happy that the roof of our garden shed had been repaired. Last week came two men with a lot of interesting stuff which Arthur had to inspect and while they were working and hammering and sawing, Arthur sat there and controlled everything. He also looked in the men's bag to check if there were not a little breakfast inside. Unfortunately for him it wasn't. As soon as the new roof was on the shed, Arthur climbed on it and settled down. Now the world for him was in order again.

This morning he came back from his work under the neighbor's cars and had a black tail. He gave me a slap with his paw when I tried to clean it. But he kept his claws inside it was just to show me that he could do the cleaning himself but first he had to have something to eat.

He watched Lisa just to check if the served meal was good. But Lisa is not a good food taster, she eats everything eatable. Then he tried himself but didn't like it.

So he climbed on the kitchen board and looked inside the empty cans. It was the same food, but it tasted apparently better because he leaked what was left on the border.

and as water tastes much better from the tap he had a little drink before he went to bed to have his well earned nap.

As you can see he had cleaned his tail before. Arthur takes care of himself ! White is delicate to wear !

Rosie was a little upset that he didn't play with her and decided to take a little nap too.



With the cold weather outside, my cats prefer to play inside, when they don't sleep which is mostly the case. Only Rosie is always active.

While Pookie lays lazily on the sofa, Rosie had seen a fly !

Of course she had to catch it !

But too late the fly was gone !

Therefore Rosie looked for another victim to play with and this is of course always Arthur.

But Arthur was not in a playful mood, he had to clean his fur first from his walk outside

and when cats have nothing to do they eat. Rosie found her boyfriend already busy with this nice task. He mostly visits her once a day and checks if there is something better to eat than his home food.

Apparently it wasn't that good, because he went away. He is a very friendly cat and Rosie likes him.

A friend sent me these pictures of an amazing new cat breed. Unfortunately I don't know the name, it was published on a Russian photo storage page and all explanations were written in Russian fonts, impossible to read of course. But isn't this an amazing cat ? It looks like a smaller sort of a tiger.



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Rosie has nearly doubled !
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It was about time to look in the basement for some Halloween stuff from last year. All cats were outside so I could do it without being disturbed. They are always soo helpful !

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Then I found Lisa sleeping on the sofa and put some things around her. She didn't move a bit

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I did the same with Arthur who didn't even open an eye. I thought I could use these pictures for Halloween, but so peaceful sleeping cats are not really a Halloween theme.

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Pookie didn't want to pose, she prefered to watch Rosie who had climbed in the shopping bag with new Halloween decoration for this year.
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of course she had to check it out.

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and as I had bought some flowers too, she put not only her nose but almost her whole body in the paper and sniffed at the flowers. But apparently that wasn't so interesting and she turned around and found a plate with some left overs on which I wanted to throw away. But Rosie didn't agree. She wanted to taste it.

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So I put the dish on the floor and she served herself.

Besides the fact that Arthur watched the man who cut our hedge nearly falling in the garden shed and demolished the roof nothing special happened. And of course I didn't think about my camera in this moment when Arthur admired the guy's leg hanging through the roof inside the shed.



Each time when Arthur comes back from his neighborhood inspections, he is warmly welcomed by Rosie.

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But Rosie now getting older develops her own little character and I suddenly learned that she is not so sweet and tender as she pretends to be !

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This morning Pookie jumped on my bed for a little nap. She already had given up to sleep besides me during the nights because she doesn't like Rosie sleeping there too.

But during the day nobody disturbs her there. I thought ! Rosie when she saw Pookie on "her" bed, she jumped on her and hissed !! I was flabbergasted I never thought this from little Rosie ! Pookie as usual retreated and ran away. There I got angry. I took Rosie and put her in her basket besides my bed where she usually sleeps the whole day when she is not playing. Then I ran after Pookie and carried her back to the bed. She still was upset and angry but then settled down to take her nap

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as you can see here.
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and Rosie still surprised that I had put her quite roughly in the basket was slightly offended but then stayed there and slept too.

I never thought that Pookie would give up her territory so easily and that she even seems to be afraid of little Rosie. With Lisa Rosie would never dare to do that, Lisa is an old lady to respect, otherwise she slaps with her paw and hisses like a dangerous lion !



I never saw Arthur especially interested in shoes or playing with them. He always had ignored our shoes and still does. But last week when my cleaning lady came, took off her shoes and put them in a corner, Arthur suddenly got crazy ! He attacked the shoes, jumped around and pulled at the strings. He rolled over them and behaved like a shoe fetichist ! I couldn't believe it ! And Rosie too ! They finally nearly faught for the shoes. I asked the shoe owner if she had put some cat attracting spray on it, but she laughed and told me that there was noting special on her shoes. But I suspect her having walked in catnips ! It's a mistery.

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I made a little video with Rosie and Arthur fighting over the shoes !

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After a while Rosie went out and looked for Kim in her tent. But Kim wasn't there.

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Suddenly I saw Rosie on our little garden shed ! Rosie had learned to climb ! This was the very first time that she did it ! and then she ran over to the wheeping willow tree and like a flash was suddenly on the tree !

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Kim watched this event
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and Pookie too but safely from inside. And while I took the pictures, Rosie felt save because I was there and climbed higher and higher. I thought I better go, otherwise she wouldn't be able to come down anymore. Indeed, after a while Rosie was still not there.

Mr. Gattino remembered with horror that he had to climb in this tree years ago to get Arthur down, and wanted to avoid the same incident. So he went outside looking for Rosie. And of course she sat unhappily there on a branch and didn't dare to go down the trunk. Mr. Gattino was just big enough to reach out to her and take her down before she went up again and he had to take a ladder !

With a big sigh of relief he brought her in and sank on the sofa, like a potatoe bag complaining what a work he had with these cats ! Poor overworked man !

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After this hard day, Rosie and Arthur sat side by side and washed before they both looked for a nice napping place to settle down and take a well earned rest.




Yesterday I started my Halloween decoration and of course Rosie as she is a very helpful cat assisted me with fervour. The big spider intrigued her especially, but then she noticed that the little witches had a broom !

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Of course she needed it for cleaning purposes probably and stole it from the witch.
She inspected the little thing carefully

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before she took it to the commun basket to play with it in there. In the afternoon Mr. Gattino found the little broom in his room and asked me if I had put it there so that he could clean !

A few pictures from Rosie's efficient help.

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I thought poor Rosie shouldn't clean the whole house alone, so I gave the broom to Arthur

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but he only sniffed at it and then looked disdainful away. Household is nothing for men he probably thought !