Each morning I have more or less the same view ! Of course after breakfast !

They all choose a napping place to spend the whole morning there.

Arthur still keeps an eye open in case something could happen.

I have a game on my Kindle a talking cat, I tried it with Pookie, but she refused to say "meauw" so the cat didn't say anything either. Only when I said "Pookie" it repeated "Pookie" but or she didn't hear it or she doesn't bother.

In the afternoon Arthur choose another place and it took me some time to find him !

Mr. G. has to go to hospital for a little surgery, so a week before he prepared already everything he would take along, which means a pajama, a bathrobe and some underwear. Pookie and Kim thought what a nice bed he had prepared, and slept on it, with the result that everything was full of hairs and I had to prepare all new things !  Men !

We had a flooding in our kitchen, and we couldn't find out from where it came, it wasn't the dishwasher, which Arthur checked thoroughly.

Finally I called a service for cleaning the tubes and Arthur was delighted ! It had been such a long time that no worker had been in the house !

and instead of being afraid of the noise of the pump and the water, he sat there and supervised the guy who btw. found that very funny !

Now it doesn't bubble in the tubes anymore and the kitchen is accessible without wearing boots.



When I arrived home Saturday evening, nobody was there, I mean of the cats, only Mr. G. who helped us to unload the car. Finally Arthur showed up, wanted to jump in the trunk once it was empty, and was rather offended that we didn't let him. Then he disappeared.

Mr. G. had a lot of work ! He birdysitted Dominiques two Parakeets, which replaces the canary who died, and these two once love to chat and sing the whole day. As they were locked in the guestroom, Arthur was sitting outside the door and sang too. At least the first days then he gave up. Mr. G. had to play Udini to get into the room, otherwise Arthur would have sneaked inside like a flash.

Our other neighbor was also on holidays for a few days so he took care of her cat too. Poor man was overworked.

Pookie waited until I had thrown my stuff in my room and sat amongst the things for a little wash. She realized that this time it was an arrival and not a departure, so she quickly lost all interest.

The sun came out on Monday and I put Oscar the lawn mower robot on the grass which had grown so much that I thought I should rather have two sheep instead of two cats. Although they eat grass too but not enough for a nice looking lawn.

Rosie and Arthur checked the street, but nobody was around, only me pulling out some weeds.

Rosie hopefully looked after something which moved, even a worm or a snail, but found nothing and disappointed returned home.

I had the impression that Kim hadn't moved during all the time I had been away, because she still sat on the same place.

I saw her only moving in the morning when it was breakfast time. She doesn't care who feeds her, even a serial killer could do it.

The only one who really was happy that I was home again was Rosie. She purred and showed her affection by washing my nose, cheek, hands and everything which wasn't covered by the blanket. She is the only cat I ever knew who likes to lick people like a dog !



Since August 4, I am on holidays at the Lake Geneva but on the French side together with 2 friends.

The day we left Arthur watched over my luggage and then pawed good bye !

According to Mr. G. who is their kitty sitter, they are all very well and Pookie eats like a horse.

I too overlooking the Lake on the terrace ! Here I am with my friend Dominque who owns a beautiful villa here.

On Friday we return home and probably will find a very spoiled Arthur.



From all cats I know, Arthur is the only one who loves little children. My neighbor's granddaughter came to see the cats, with the result that they all ran away except Arthur who was delighted. He followed her everywhere, allowed her to pet him and was the most patient cat in the world !

Sometimes there are loud and for us human's ears very dangerous screams, growling and hissing which can be heard in the whole neighborhood.

This time it was the usually so peaceful Pookie who defended her territory against the neighbor's cat ! It sounded as if they were killing each other. But by the time we both ran to window and door and clapped in our hands shouting to stop it, they had already separated.

I ran out of Pookie pictures and wanted to make a photo session with her. It didn't work. Each time I approached the camera she sniffed at it or rubbed her head against the chair legs or mine, so I decided to wait and do it another day. Pookie loves to be photographed and purrs but unfortunately she also moves !

Despite the warm and sunny weather, Rosie preferred to stay in her basket against the heating which was not heating  and watch over her mousies !

while Kim choose the warm bark and played part of the decoration.

Pookie was the first one to discover my suitcase checked it and then she did what all cats do when they don't know how to react, they groom themselves, in not very elegant poses.

I told them that I will be away for 10 days, my friend and neighbor Dominique are going to her property in France at the Geneva lake to spend some holidays there together with another friend. We will go by car in two steps as there are 800 km to drive and we don't want to arrive half dead.

Mr. G. as usual will spoil the cats and they will all have holidays from the female human who pays attention to what they eat ! It will be the "fiesta" for all of them.

And while you are reading this, I will be on my way to :