This time I got it right ! You are allowed to publish !

How can I make a selfie if you put these apples around me ??

You see that was far too close, that's rather a macro of my nose !

I had been away for 5 days in Amsterdam, to keep an eye on Grandson Toby. But when I came back the heat here was really terrible, we are not used at all to these temperatures. We had up to 37°C (99 F) and that of course without air condition !

The cats looked for cool places outside in our garden.

Rosie in the shade on the tiles, but before she had a little drink, I had put a basin outside for other animals too. Our grass is not green anymore but yellow !

Sometimes they gather around the garden shed

which Rosie likes very much when the shade is there of course

Arthur prefers the bark, or rather the plastic underneath, because he had digged some holes !

and Kim hasn't changed ! She is every single day at the same place and only moves when the sun arrives in the afternoon.

I will be away for 3 weeks doing a big round trip through the Northern countries. The cats will be as usual spoiled by Mr. G.

And this is my trip in a comfortable Bus.

My cats will give their news when I come back end August ! 



No, I don't shut my mouth ! I pushed the button ... go away !

see, I wanted to try a Yoga selfie and it worked !!

Outside selfies are not bad at all ! I could even keep my eyes open !

Our beautiful summer weather continues, and therefore we are all a bit lazy.

Kim only gets up when her tummy rumbles and she is hungry, then she would walk to the kitchen and ask for food.

When she has finished eating she lays down always at the same place just in front of the garden shed and the hedge. Sometimes I think she never moves and is maybe glued to this spot.

Rosie has discovered this place too  !

But she loves to sleep on my bed too and not to disturb her, I leave it open !

Apparently she needs some company and as Arthur has other sleeping places, she stays besides her stone brother... he must be quite warm !

She also likes to sleep on a chair outside on the patio and observe magpies from far ! They are too big for her !

Arthur is the only family member which is active in this house ! Except that here he rests in his favorite place on the bark in the shade.

But if somebody comes, he even runs in this heat to check who it is and to say hello.

This was the case when the pedicure lady came ! He was watching her and paid attention that she didn't cut off our toes !

He also has discovered a new napping place for the night ! Not very comfortable in my opinion, but he likes it. He is squeezed between the window and the shutter, maybe it's nice and cool there.

He also loves to sleep on my desk besides the computer and then goes out on the windowsill, which always makes me nervous as it is on the second floor and I am always afraid he would fall or jump down. But Arthur probably thinks that I am stupid, he is far too intelligent to do that !

I can only say, I lead the same life as my cats, only that I have to go out from time to time for shopping and of course I have to blog too, although there is not much to tell about my lazy cats ! Even the mousies have nothing to fear, it's too hot to hunt them !



I told you there is a spider sitting on the phone !

I am still looking good ! Today I am quite happy with my selfie

Do you really think I look better with the flower on my head ?


The warm weather continues and I and my cats are living outside ! Only Mr. G. is an inside human, he doesn't like the sunshine. Only through the window. Quite strange for an Italian.

Kim loves to lay in the grass, always on the same spot in front of the garden shed, and when it's too hot she moves towards the tiles into the shade.

And as usual after her outside time she moves inside

Here I have a perfect view on her still bushy tail ! Despite the fact that I had been with her at the groomer a few weeks ago, she generously shares her hairs with the whole household.

It doesn't happen very often that Rosie and Arthur walk side by side, but probably they had heard a noise in the kitchen and had both to check what was going on. Arthur sleeps on the bark and Rosie under the hedge, they both got up and came towards me.

Rosie's favorite place when the sun is gone, sometimes I think she lays besides Arthur.

Or she plays my model on the terrace

Rosie has a new quirk ! She doesn't like to sleep on the sofa, unless I have put a sheet of paper there, as a bed sheet. I had realized that when I had left an invoice there and found it crumpled in the morning ! Of course I took it away and she was offended, made clear that she wanted a sheet, so now she has one and from time to time I have to change it ! Cats are prima donnas !

no bird, no mouse, no butterfly, not even a fly, poor Rosie

Arthur after having emptied the bowl of the neighbor cat in their kitchen, (that's what my neighbor told me when I saw her), collapsed for a siesta under the ivy.

He mostly remains outside and only comes a bit inside to watch Television.

Since two days my friend Nicole has adopted this cute 2 year old cat in a animal shelter, she is so cute and cross eyed. She is a Birman cat, maybe she was not perfect that's why she landed in a shelter. Nicole who had a Golden Retriever before, couldn't live without an animal and as a cat is easier to keep she is now very much in love with her little Claffouti ! (Strange name I agree)



Now you pursue me even in the lawn ! That's not good for your camera !! And I have other things to think off then selfies !

Go ahead I am in a cheerful mood today !

Can't you see that I am relaxing and purring on Mr. G's lap ! Can't open my eyes for selfies !!


After weeks of rain and flooding, now we suffer from drought and I really wonder what kind of soil we have ! We are not allowed to water the lawn anymore, wash cars or fill in swimming pools !

Arthur aware of this dramatic situation and yellow looking lawn, helped to water it ! Isn't he a kind cat !

When the job is done he rests a bit in the shade, because the tiles in the sunshine are too hot !

As it is still daylight until 10 pm, he sits on the window sill and looks outside. It's nice and cool and lots of people are walking their dogs at that time, because the heat is gone. When the electric shutters close he quickly runs inside and looks for an appropriate sleeping place for the night.

Rosie as usual copies a snail and spend the mornings on the sofa tired from the night where she is looking for mousies especially. This week she didn't honor me with a corps !

The different artifiial mousies are of no interest to her, although the blue one is filled with herbs for cats ! Or Rosie has a congested nose or she doesn't like cat drugs !

Sleeping amongs cables and wires she adores ! and as blanket I have to add a white sheet of paper as bed sheet ! The paradise she says !

Rolling around outside is also one of her hobbies when it is so warm !

Each morning even early around 7 am I see Kim sleeping in front of the garden shed !

when the sun becomes too strong she moves in the shade. And each afternoon around 2 she moves inside and goes only outside a little bit in the evening.

and then she sleeps the whole afternoon here. Kim has a very scheduled day ! You almost can set your watch after her napping and moving times.

For us the weather can continue this way the whole year long !