Yesterday a miracle happened ! Pookie came back to my room. She sniffed around and finally sat down on her usual place besides my computer.

The first still timid approach

But then she climbed on my (unmade) bed and settled down to take her nap. Little Rosie jumped on the bed too and after a while collapsed there too. When Pookie was gone for a few moments I quickly made my bed and as soon as it was done, they both came back

and slept together the whole afternoon (with some interruptions for Rosie to play)

and in the evening, they both came on my knees ! Pookie still is not totally assured that Rosie is not a competitor to her but it's already a good beginning. Rosie quickly learned not to go too near to her, because then she still hisses.



This is a picture I like ! In the evening, while watching TV, my cats together. Well, not all of them because Lisa is probably eating (for sure) and Kim is always outside in summer and sleeps on the patio chairs. She only comes in for food. Not because we won't let her in but because she is an outdoor cat through and through.

United Cats, Arthur, Pookie, Rosie

When I am "working" Rosie loves to sleep between me and the computer and purrs like a little sewing machine.

She has discovered flowers and tries to drink out of the vase !

some climbing excerises are requested to keep her in a good shape

I don't know who has more fun Mr. Gattino or Rosie. Here he points a red lazer spot on the armchair and Rosie tries to catch it. They play for hours like that !

Rosie (unfortunately) has discovered my nose and when she has her "tender" moments she would come on my desk and leak my nose with her tiny little tongue !



Rosie wants to play with Arthur, what an effort to climb up this huge scratchpost, I mean huge for her. Arthur takes it easy.

First approach, should I attack asked Rosie herself ?
Arthur seemed to hesitate and he still does. I think he doesn't want to hurt her she is still so tiny.

But just stretching out his paw and touch her couldn't harm her !

No, he thinks I have to wait a little, there is nothing on her to play with she must get bigger !

and Rosie after all these emotions collapsed on the sofa, but as a neat cat, she choose to nap on a napkin not to make the sofa dirty.



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Good news ! I am happy ! I went with Arthur to the vet yesterday and she checked his tail. It's not dead the blood runs through and with a little chance he can get his tail function back, but nobody knows when. For the moment he can raise half of it the other half still hangs down. This also has something positive because Rosie thinks that it is a toy made especially for her.

Since the last few weeks Arthur has a new napping place, he sleeps in our cars ! Mr. Gattino once forgot to close the window so he climbed in and settled down in the back. Twice it happens that only out of the garage he noticed that Arthur was in there ! So when I drove with him to the vet he was a good boy, he only sang a little because he was locked in the cage, but on the return I let him free and he sat down in the back and looked quite happily out of the window.

actual situation and not yet tail situation

Arthur's favourite place

And another good news ! Pookie finally came back on her usual napping place only for a few hours but it's a beginning. You see Rosie sleeping behind in my "filing cabinet". I hope the worst is over !

And also eating together doesn't make problems any more here she is with Arthur

and with Lisa.

Arthur also starts to play with her a little, she runs always after him. She kicked her little white mouse in his direction and he shot it back ! Even ol' Lisa remembered that once she was young and made a timid try with the mouse. It seems to me that there is some fresh air blowing through my sleeping cats !

Little Rosie occupies the whole sofa !!

She knows what is decoration

I am not allowed to throw paper in my waste paper basket, it's occupied !



So far (you never know) Rosie is a very easy kitten. She has her daily routine. When I get up and she had her breakfast (now together with the others) she has her crazy moments and runs and jumps around like a flash !

Here she is on the way to me sitting at my computer

When we are in the living room, she would play there

and when she is tired, she naps in my file basket. She has given up the bread basket completely, so I put it away and now this is her usual nap place, just at my feet under the desk.



Rosie's main occupation, as all kitten is playing of course

Here she is attacking the plush cat which sits on my bed

She also appreciates very much the tunnel

But best of all is the kitchen paper roll with that she could play for hours and it proves you don't have to buy expensive staff for your kitten it loves to play also with existing things in the household.



Since Rosie has discovered that there is other food than her kitten food, she absolutely doesn't want to eat it anymore. No she wants to have the same as the others. It bothers me a bit because I think kitten food would be better for her, but as she has had no troubles at all and a very good appetite, I thought I drop the kitten food. Only dry kitten food I still give her although she also eats from the others bowl. I can hardly take a chair sit in the kitchen besides the food and watch whole day ! Her food is served in my room but ...

Here she checks what else is available

Arthur waits until he is served

and eats with good appetite. Rosie watches and waits

The same with Lisa, since she had got a slap from Lisa because she wanted to eat with her, she became more careful.

and as soon as the others have left, she starts ! After now 10 days she became already bigger, I can see it at our remote control !



Now it's more than a week ago that little Rosie moved in and she discoveres every day something. First of course she tries to get into the cat group and each time she sees Arthur, Pookie, Lisa or Kim she approaches and then when nobody pays attention to her she follows them and sometimes tries to catch a tail. But so far it hasn't happened yet.

She also has discovered all the toys which are of no interest to the lazy cats anymore, except the scratching tree which is still used by Pookie and the fur mice with which Arthur still plays. So she was very busy for a while !

Here she watches Lisa but doesn't dare to approach.

Pookie observes the miniature cat but keeps her distance. I still cannot convince her to sleep on my bed or besides my computer, even though I carried her there but she stayes just a few minutes to be polite and then she goes away again. That really worries me. She should defend a little more her places.

Arthur likes to watch her playing and I am sure that in a while he will join in. Sometimes it looks like.



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Last friday when Mr. Gattino drove the car out of the garage, he saw in his driving mirror something white on the back seat. It was Arthur who had found a new quiet napping place ! But when he heard the engine he got up like a flash and wanted to get out more then quick. I too had left my window open enough and this morning he slept in my car. I nearly took him with me for shopping.

Slowly the cats get used to Rosie. Kim anyway never cared as long as it's a cat even a miniature one and not a human. The funniest was when Rosie first met them one by one. She pumped herself up to a round little hedgehog with a thick tail and looked very dangerous. A furious tiger would be nothing against her. The only strange thing was that the cats didn't burst out in laughter.

Here you can see Kim watching Rosie playing.

and Arthur said hello

Lisa realized that Rosie was nothing to eat so she lost all interest and watches her with phlegm.

Pookie now is only disturbed by the fact that she cannot sleep with me anymore. Yesterday night she jumped on my bed and of course on Rosie. So she left right away. Poor Pookie, but I think in a little while they will both sleep there.

One of Rosie's favourite toy is a kitchen roll which she spreads all over the place. I only wait for the moment she will discover the toilet paper !

Today for her first week home I bought her this roll. There is a mouse hanging in with a little bell. She loves it very much and rolled around the whole afternoon.

between naps of course (yes I know smoking is bad for the health)

Watching TV, Rosie sits on my feet



Exactly in this pose Arthur lay yesterday on the sofa and watched little Rosie playing with a kitchen paper roll. He didn't bother anymore even went close to her but then walked away. Not interested.

and Pookie too, sat there and watched not angry anymore. (At least I hope so)