..... The fairest in all the land !

Don't drop the camera on me ......

 What's up there ?




This has really been a strange week ! The living room was decorated with balls, angels and father Christmas, candles and other stuff of no interest to me ! When I was younger I used to play with angels and balls, and garlands but now that I am 13 it has to be something more interesting, like my laser pointer ! 

In the evening they had a glass of what they call Champagne and then they were hanging in front of their screen and I saw the little boy who talked to them and showed what he has got. Apparently they had some difficulties with the connection but then I heard them talking and I fell asleep ! 

 as usual in my favorite chair.

It got boring, because when they had talked enough with little and big boy and the girl, they started to eat some disgusting stuff called Sushi. I prefer my dry food which I eat since 12 years and I don't like to eat anything else  !

Finally I had enough and went for a while sleeping on the Butler's bed, before I joined her when she had finished watching TV. This was supposed to be Christmas Eve. I never ever had a Christmas like that, where I didn't have to hide because of the little boy. Apparently he is kind but you never know. In the old house I could hide in the basement or go outside, here it is not necessary, people seem more friendly to me and I don't run away anymore. 

I'll see you again next year !!




I sat on  her belly and was thinking what to do today, but she wanted the weekly selfie !! So I turned around and here it is !







Nothing special happened this week, even the rain was not special ! We had a visitor, a friend of the Butler, who came and repaired the litter box of my humans ! 

I don't have these troubles mine is different. It was very nice from our friend, because I too like him very much and even dare to sit on his lap, which I never did before when I lived in the other house !

Each day it's the same routine, and that's what I like ! Nobody disturbs us ! Here I will watch TV with her and sit on her lap.

But first I like some cuddles ! 

After the movie we all go to bed. I usually stay a bit with her and then I go to the living room and play a bit ! I also train my voice and sing operas. I think my voice is still very good despite my age !

I usually find my spider which I put in my water bowl because it needs a bath. The mousies (the green once) are now very skinny because I took everything out what was inside ! A kind of white stuff which I distributed over the whole apartment. She was not amused ! When I have played enough I return to bed. I jump on her belly which wakes her up and I am quite upset that she is not happy that I show her my affection !

In the morning I tell her to get up ! What a nice view she has when she openes her eyes .... on me !


Get up  ! It's not because I am hungry, not at all ! I eat during the night when nobody looks at me I love my privacy when I am eating. I don't like to eat during the day.

 and then I jump down and a new day begins !

We wish you all the best for the New Year and please no Corona anymore ! 




 Selfie time ! I know !

I am in a frame !

I see my spider !




This morning as usual I observed her doing her Yoga

I had worked the whole night , I wanted to check what my mousie had inside

It was like cotton and didn't taste good. I left it on the bed and followed her in the living room

and sat on my observation tower

She gave me a little Christmas tree, but I didn't want it ! Took too much space on my tower !

Then I did what I can do best ! I settled down in my favorite armchair and started my 23 h sleeping marathon.

Btw  during the week she had called the vet lady. I like her very much so I didn't protest. She came to my home and checked me from top to bottom, but couldn't find anything. She had called her because she thought I behaved strangely and also sang too many operas during the night. She asked her to buy some other food just to give it a try, and it tasted very good. Now she is happy that I have nothing and I showed her as soon as the vet had left the house, I played like crazy with a little ball and then looked for my spider and was feeling top !!

She told me that I am a very naughty girl, because she was so worried and when the vet was gone I was in full shape !



That's my selfie with my paws !

I caught a strange mousie !

I am soooo tired






This week my routine was disturbed, which I didn't appreciate at all ! I need my 23 h beauty sleep especially in winter !

What happened was that she disappeared in the basement and came back with a box ! On the table was already a shopping bag standing with nothing interesting in it, because I had checked.

She put the whole stuff from box and bag on the table and started to put things together.

Here is one result the the little Christmas tree she wants to put on the window sill in the Butlers room. Anyway I am not at all interested in these trees.

But then I suddenly found a wreath on the table with balls  ! That I found rather interesting. I jumped on the table and sniffed at the wreath thinking it would smell like fir branches, but not at all it smelled awful and the branches were artificial ! She said she did that for me otherwise I would pull out the branches and needles would be in the whole apartment ! So what  ? we have this awful noisy thing which is used once a week which, she said, cleans the floor !

During the night I like to play a bit and check what I could find under the furniture
and indeed I found my spider which had disappeared for at least a week (that's what she said) I couldn't understand why she was not happy to find my spider in the water, I thought after his excursion under sofas and other furniture he needed a bath. 

I still like to sing when she lays in bed and wants to sleep or at 4 am, I don't know why, it's just so nice to sing when the moon is shining, she leaves the curtains a bit open for me so that I can watch what is going on outside, because the lawn is illuminated during the night, apparently for eventual burglers. 




For a second Isis woke up

but then ....

I am sorry but we are still under lockdown our humans are hanging around the whole day ! We are exhausted !




Due to the above mentioned lockdown,  I have nothing special to report about Rosie this week is, that she does an early winter beauty sleep ! 
on the bed

on the floor

on her favorite armchair

and when I open the window door to let in some fresh air she just puts her head out sniffs, thinks it is too cold outside despite the sun and returns where she came from ! I have read somewhere that a cat can sleep up to 23 h a day, not a kitten of course, rather a grandma !

I have to say we almost lead the same life !



Again ??

Take my selfie !!

It's a bit blurred

That's a nice picture I think !


Another week went by and Rosie keeps her now established habits

In the morning when I get up she watches me getting dressed and then follows me in the kitchen where I have my coffee !

When the sun is shining she takes a sunbath on her cat tower while the fresh air comes in. It's always rather warm in this place even when the air is cold !

Once the window closed she moves on the top of her armchair and observes the birds in the naked trees, now she can see them really nicely although they are too big for her taste, pigeons and magpies !

As Rosie still meows in the night, I had read that I should make her tired during the day so that she sleeps at night. Since I don't feel like throwing mousies and little balls around all the time, I bought a laser stick with which I can make a red dot, a red mouse or a smiley.

It's really handy, I watch a movie on TV and Rosie chases the red dot, the mouse or the smiley!

As I have got the stick only today, I hope she will stay like that the whole night and not sing her operas at 3 am !  

If you have better ideas, just let me know !