Sometimes it's difficult to be a "Selfie" model !

Don't interrupt my dreams !

It seems to me that Arthur's eyes are much better. He still has some crusts around the eyes, but at least there is no liquid coming out anymore. It's rather difficult to remove the crust, sometimes he lets me do it with my fingernail, probably he realizes that he feels better then.

Strange is that his fur has grown and he is full of knots ! I tried to comb and brush him, but the knots are to thick. Mr. G. cut some off but that does look awful, so I will go with him to the young woman who always groomed Kim. Hopefully Arthur behaves good, but he absolutely has to be cleaned, as he doesn't do it anymore ! Otherwise he eats like a horse and drinks his cat milk, sleeps a lot and looks as if he had put some weight.

These pictures I have taken a few hours ago and think he looks quite good for his 18 years. Of course he sleeps a lot and doesn't go outside anymore, it is also far too cold or it rains.

Miss Rosie lives her life as usual, sleeping on my bed, or sofa, or armchair mostly during the day and during night she goes out ! She doesn't fear bad boys when she comes back she always meows to announce that she is there, I find it very polite from her only when it is 3 am I am less happy. She wakes me up to say hello, and purrs in my ear, or sits on my chest and I get nightmares. Sometimes she is wet like a sponge and I always have a tissue on my bedside table to dry her !

Here she just had finished her nap, and went for her breakfast or lunch or whatever.

Unfortunately she teases poor old Arthur ! She always tries to occupy his napping places when he is not there. So today. Arthur doesn't care, he just takes the other radiator and sleeps there. Then it is not interesting for Rosie anymore and she jumps on her armchair !

Cute is that they are closer and closer together,  just like in the beginning when Rosie arrived as a kitten and Arthur played Daddy. 



I am thinking ....

It's so nice to sleep on the radiator, can't do selfies anymore, I don't want to ! I want that everybody keeps in mind that I was a handsome boy and my servant agrees !


In the evening while I watch TV Arthur sits or sleeps on my lap. Since a week Rosie joins and lays besides him. That had never happened since Rosie was a kitten.

My lap is not large enough for both, so Rosie sleeps just besides. I refuse to put on weight to have space for both cats !

She also likes to sleep on my blanket when I am not on the sofa

Or on Mr. G's place. She is the only one who goes out mostly during night, Arthur doesn't go out anymore. He became very fearful outside, but when we have people at home he is still the old crooner.

We had celebrated our Golden Wedding a celebration had been organized by the city. Rosie presented the Diploma we have got together with flowers and a vase.

We had invited our family and friends and Arthur was happy to be amongst so many people ! And to honor his reputation he sat in the open fire, fortunately with fake logs

After they went home he retired in Mr. G's office on a chair he had never slept on.

His appetite is still good and he also uses the litter box, only sometimes he doesn't sit in the middle, but I put a doggy pad underneath.



I prefer to hide my eyes, they are still not completely healed !

I am sooo tired, can't open my eyes more !

Rosie and Arthur started their winter sleep. I only see them in different places, that's all I get to be amused. Finally it makes me sleepy too !

During the day Rosie makes an enormous effort to move from my bed to the armchair, then to the sofa and at the end the day on or besides my lap not even watching TV

Rosie has turned her head ! She must be exhausted by now.

Ol' Arthur is not better but he has an excuse he is old. He changes from one radiator to the other and sleeps on the warm tiles.

From time to time he gets up, visits his litter box, makes a mess and then collapses again in the same places. He still manages to jump on the sofa, but that's all. He still eats a lot and seems to be OK. Even his eyes are much better, now there is only a crust around, which is very difficult to remove, I have to do it step by step each day a bit ! But now he is not so reluctant anymore, maybe he has understood that I don't want to do hurt him.

That's cat life and I think it's contageous !



Do not disturb .....

She has cleaned my eyes, I don't like it but for the selfie it was necessary !

Arthur still continues to sleep in the same places, he is a brave cat now and goes in his litter box in the kitchen and the doggy pads help too, I put them close to the litter box so there are no accidents anymore !

His eyes are better, but not yet healed, and his appetite is unchanged. He sleeps most of the time and sometimes he goes out for a little walk. That's all I can do for him to make his life easy and happy.

Rosie too is in sleeping mode and chooses between sofa, chair and bed also always the same places. During the day now she doesn't go out, she goes out during the night. With the result that the neighbor's cat comes in and eats Arthur's left overs. It was an abandonned cat which my neighbor started to feed and let him sleep in her heated basement, she has also two cats, but apparently the food is better here so from time to time he stays in our basement. Can't chase him away ! I fake I don't see him ! Rosie doesn't agree with me, when she sees him she hisses and kicks him out !

And that's all they are doing for the moment !



I would say each week I start with the same sentence, "the weather was lousy" it rained the whole day long with short interruptions and therefore my cats are soo lazy, I think they sleep  more then 24 h !

I wished I could do the same, but, as a servant I have to get up, feed them, pet them, before they collapse again on a chair, the bed or another place !

So it was very difficult to do selfies with them.

Arthur's old bones refused to get up and as he is completely deaf now, he didn't even hear me and at least open an eye !

So this is his selfie, and I am sure he is quite happy with it, as you can't see his crusty eyes, he looks as if he had put up an eye liner. Although I clean it when he lets me, but in the morning he looks like a Halloween cat. Fortunately it seems that it gets better and better.

Rosie saw me coming and wasn't very happy either, she was very busy with grooming !

I just got this selfie when she interrupted her work !

and immediately continued

Before I could take another picture

She was fallen asleep on her freshly cleaned tail !

And this is my view the whole week long ! I could write "from Monday til Saturday" but sometimes Arthur moves besides the radiator because it is too hot, at least that's what I suppose.

I think he has put on some weight he looks a bit better, and I have to say he eats like a horse ! He should be a double sized cat with all the food and cat milk he gobbles down !