When you are reading this I am on my roundtrip through Morocco !

I will visit the Imperial cities and see the Royal Palaces and other historical things.

Before I left, Pookie knew already what would happen and took it with philosopy

Rosie was a little doubtful, and maybe thought if she would sit in my suitcase I would take her along, and then she would cry the whole time to go back home !

Arthur watches thoughtfully over his empty bowls. His only worry is that he gets lots of food, treats and all kind of unhealthy stuff from Mr. G. and for this I could guarantee and assure him ! Kim probably will not even notice that I am gone. Anyway she prefers Mr. G. to me !

I hope I can visit your blogs, it all depends on the internet connection and of course the time !





Miracles happen, I could take a picture of Kim inside the house, thanks to the bad, rainy May weather ! Even she is fat up !

and hides under a chair

Miss Pookie always keeps an eye on Rosie before she settles down for a little nap, Rosie this little devil attacks her all the time

especially from behind when poor Pookie thinks nobody is there !

Sir Arthur is bored and keeps half an eye on what is going on around him, but from time to time

he gets up to have a little grooming time on the table (of course)

Rosie the so cute and lovely looking little cat is such a little bitch for the moment ! I don't know if instead of eating grass she has smoked it, but she bit me in my hand while I was reading my book ! She jumped on the bed, bit me and jumped down, I just had time to shout at her and give her a slap on her botty !

Now she has a bad conscience, tried to purr and cuddle with me, but I showed her that biting is not allowed. So she retired in her basket and played with a kangaroo.





When people have nothing to say they talk about weather.

It's cold and grey outside so Arthur prefers to keep me company and does his 24 sleeping marathon besides my bed.

only interrupted when it's itching behind his ear

or when he has to entertain his white fur in the bath tube.

Pookie too prefers to stay inside and watch birdies out of the window. Only Kim is as usual outside no matter how the weather is.

Rosie had an agitated week ! I kept again the two birds of my friend (and neighbor) and each day I allowed Rosie to watch them a little bit. Of course I stayed with her. But she was quiet good, she never tried to attack the cage and the birds were singing and were not afraid at all. They had never seen a cat either.

When I created the video (which you can see in the post below) and I watched it on my computer screen, Rosie was so interested and was looking everywhere in the room to find the birds !

Now the birds are gone but Rosie still wants to go everyday in our guest room and then she is so disappointed when she realizes that the birds are not there anymore.

When my friend carried the cage away and Arthur saw the birds he got crazy he jumped on the cage and tried to open the door, I just could pick him up and put him in the garage ! It really was crazy. My poor friend was so afraid for her birds ! (and I too)



Once again my friend and neighbor confided me her birds for a couple of days and as last time I put them in our guest room. This time Rosie managed to sneak into the room and was so excited to see the little birds.

I took a few pictures

and made this little video !



Rosie was 3 years old yesterday. She was born on May 5, 2007 and is the first cat I could photograph since the very beginning.

The first time I saw Rosie she was just one week old. When I took her home at 6 weeks, she hid under the side table of my bed. She was so little that I gave her my bread basket to sleep in !

Rosie today is a little beauty and also helps me keeping up with blogging !





After the wonderful weather we had last week, we are sitting in cold and rain again. I had to go to the "hairdresser" with Kim, she was full of knots and it was impossible to get them out as she always runs away when she only sees a brush.

Look what came out again after only 2 months ! It's a pity she isn't a sheep, I could make a lot of money with her wool !

She spends now her days with Pookie in Mr. G's bed and watches over the clean laundry.

Rosie this little bitch squats Mr. G's bed on purpose so that Pookie can't lay on her usual place. Poor Pookie then sits on the floor and doesn't know what to do, until I chase Rosie away !

Rosie also has a new toy ! Since winter is gone I wear these knee socks. She carries them around in the whole house. We realized that when Mr. G found one in his bed and asked me why I put one sock in his bed !

Arthur still tired from all his adventures during the nice weather time, only wants to sleep and does everything to get into the Guiness Book of records. Not even little mousies can wake hime up.

I also offered him tea, at tea time, but the pictures are self speaking. I had to drink my tea alone, but in a bigger cup !