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Sir Arthur suddenly came out of his hibernation for a short while, just to show that he is still alive.

and he proved it by playing in the bath tube.

But it didn't last very long. After this enormous effort he collapsed on the couch to continue his sleeping marathon.



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Perhaps you think that I always talk about Rosie, but she is the only still active member in my household at this time of the year.

Green thumb paw Arthur retired into a deep hibernation, just like a bear. He does an everyday sleeping marathon since no neighbor is in his garden and no workers in the street.

Kim has decided to finally sleep inside, apparently even for her it is now too cold outside. In a superhumanly effort Mr. Gattino has carried Kim's tent from the terrace into the living room (10 steps) to take down the tent and put it away for the winter. Since two days it stands there (he first has to recover from this effort) and of course Kim moved in again. (Here watched by Arthur, Rosie and Pookie, you just can see her nose).

A few days ago, Mr. Gattino asked me why I (it's always me !) had pulled out all the toys out of the cat house. I hadn't done it, I would rather put them in.

The cat house, and the toys under the table !

It was Rosie who had done it. What a work !

one last mouse to be put away !

Rosie now 7 months old has become the perfect housewife. She always is busy to put things in order.

She even found a new place for my ballpen ! Only it was a little hard to sleep on it. Everthing now which we find at the most strangest places was ranged by Rosie. Socks, underwear, even a clothes pin, which she must have found in the basement.

She also thinks that Arthur doesn't take enough care of himself and his white fur. Therefore she washes him for hours.

After a while Arthur gets fat up and gives her a slap with his paw. This doesn't impress Rosie at all. She jumps on him and energetically pulls him down and continues her washing until she decides that he is now clean enough.

She also is a very picky cat. She has never broken anything. She only scratches on the scratch post or on a doormat and has never touched anything else.

On top of that she is as punctual as a train. She eats whenever I get up (i.e. Lisa makes me get up) but her real breakfast she wants to be served at 9 am ! Until 11 she plays or put things in order. At 1pm she stands at her food bowl. After that, you don't find her anywhere but in her basket until about 3 pm.

She takes her "tea" and plays and ranges again. When she gets tired she would nap with the others in other places. In the evening she watches TV with us and plays. At around 10pm she gets nervous it's time to go to bed. If she could she would put me to bed. When I am too late and still busy she shows me that she is not happy at all. When finally I am in my bed she comes and snuggles against me to kiss me good night by washing my nose. But when she starts to wash my whole face, I have to stop her because she has a quite wet little tongue, so I put my hand on my face. Then she would settle down with her little head just besides mine. She has never disturbed me during night either.

She usually goes out twice a day now. Once in the morning once in the evening. I know it because when she comes back she jumps on my desk (never on the keyboard !) to kiss me as if she hadn't seen me for 20 years and because her fur smells so good of fresh air.

Honnestly I have never had or heard about such a model cat. She also is the only one who always takes her daily naps in her basket. The others nap everywhere.



Rosie has a strange habit. She loves little mice in fabric with little tails . The first thing she does when she had played for a while, she bites off the tail. I then find the tails in the most strangest places. She also chewes on these mice, there must be something interesting inside. But the most curious behaviour is that when she has finished playing she puts the mice in or around the bowls containing dry food ! As you can see there are two mice in front of the bowls and one mouse inside !

She only plays with these mice since a while and doesn't touch other toys. Even the feather stick is of no interest to her anymore she prefers that I throw a mouse where she can run after and then bring it back to me.

After a while the mice will disappear and even by checking the whole house and under the furniture we can't find them anymore. Only solution to keep little Rosie busy is to buy new once. That's what I did.

I had bought can food and two bags of dry food and of course the mice. In the plastic bags with the cans I had put the carton with two mice pinned on and left everything in the basement to range it later.

But after one day to my big surprise I saw Rosie playing with this carton ! I couldn't believe it she had digged it out from the plastic bag amongst the cans and brought it up the steps to play with it in the hallway, while the cleaning lady was occupied with the bathroom. We bursted out into laughter and then I took the carton away from Rosie to detach one mouse and give it to her. The carton with the other mouse I left on the kitchen table to find it a little later on the floor in the living room !

Here you see Rosie "ashamed" of having "stolen" the carton, and playing with the mouse. Arthur was also present but he rather helped the cleaning lady. He loves her !

One thing is for sure she is not a silly cat !

After all this hard work Rosie took a sun bath.

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Just before I went on my holidays at the Red Sea in Egypt, I wanted to empty the dishwasher and Rosie discovered something new ! Clean dishes ! Of course she had to go inside to check if there was something else.

When my suitcase was packed and closed and I unplugged the cables of my laptop and I wanted to put it in the case, Rosie was sitting inside and she didn't like at all that I had to take her out !

When I came back after two weeks I was warmly greated by Rosie who purred her heart out of herself and didn't leave me for a minute. Mr. Gattino told me that she had slept on my T-Shirt I had left on my bed during the days and at night she came over to him to wash his nose. I noticed that his nose was especially clean.

Pookie threw a glance on me and disappeared on a new place she had occupied during my absence, she was very offended and only came to say hello after an hour. But then she also purred happily.

Our neighbor my girlfriend had kindly watched over Mr. Gattino not feeling well and had to go to the doctor so she raked together all leaves in our garden for him. There was a lot to do as our wheeping willow had really wheeped a lot and it took her one and a half hour to rake and collect all the leaves.

To keep her company and watch if everything was done in the right way Arthur had helped by running behind the flying leaves and since there were so many on the grass he profited from the situation and digged his private toilet in there. But as a well educated and polite cat he of course closed the hole meticulously after having done his buisiness.

Away or not, Lisa when she saw me wanted to eat !! And as Mr. Gattino has fed her each time when she said a loud shy meauw he gave her some food. I can see the result ! I am not sure if she is happy to see me again because I watch that she doesn't eat too much.

I am not sure either if Kim even noticed my absence, she came by looked at me and then watched her TV the turning washing machine.

Mr. Gattino in eager to feed his starving cats had broken the special spoon I had bought for this purpose it was red with a cat head so he used an old spoon he found and it was ..... the silver sugar spoon of my mother ! It looked a little ugly to him and he thought I wouldn't like to use our spoons so he took the oldest one he could find. Haven't we chic cats ??? Eating with silver spoons ? Of course I use it too now at least this ugly spoon has a useful purpose. Since then it is shining !

Everything got back to normal life. Arthur playing with Rosie who had grown quite a bit in this two weeks.



The Kitten Friendly Blog Award

Awarded by
to Gattina

This is the first award I received for my cat blog ! I feel very honored but I think my cats don't care they would prefer a steak ! That is the difference between human's ambitions and cat's practical sense !

Thank you very much Mar ! It's a pity that you don't have at least one cat then I could send a little steak for him/her with a sticker on it "Award for an Award" The nicely decorated sticker would be for Mrs. Mar's ambition s and look like this !



The last day of our holidays at the Red Sea in Egypt, late evening while we were savouring our hot Karkade tea before going to bed, we suddenly heard a sound like a baby cry. But then it became more and more like a meauwing. Finally I opened the door and sitting in the middle of the corridor was a cat !

When she saw me she came right away into our room. Apparently she wasn't hungry at all and tail up discovered my T-shirts and settled down !

We laughed and petted her

here Ilona

and Chantal.

She purred like a little sewing machine and apparently felt very comfy. This couldn't be a stray cat, she must belong to somebody in the Hotel. We called a man from the staff and asked him to whom the cat belonged. He told us something in arabic and tried to take the cat out of my T-shirts. But she didn't want to. Ilona finally pulled her out, but she immediately jumped on my bed and was ready to sleep there. Finally she managed to pick up the cat and handle her over to the man who left our room with the cat in his arms.

While we were still discussing where this cat came from we suddenly heard a strong meauw again ! I went to the door and opened it and sitting just in front looking at me was the cat ! She had come back ! She probably thought these 3 grandma's let me sleep in their beds.

Of course we hadn't the heart to put her out again and I offered her some water which she drank with pleasure.

Then she returned into my T-shirts and lie down for a good night sleep. We went to bed too. I left the window a little open but at 3 am I woke up from a loud meauw, switched on the light, Miss cat wanted to go out but not out of the window ! So I opened the door and she went out and disappeared. Unfortunately she didn't come back and we have never seen her again.

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