Wait ! I have to turn my head !!

Now it's better !!




I had to change my life style completely !

The first two days I could still sit on my favourite place, watch the lady in waiting and the Butler inside and  the birds and squirrels outside !

and when I was tired from watching I did my little yoga exercises or

I slept besides her. 

The weather changed ! It became cold and it rains and I moved on my favorite armchair with the Mexican plaid which I really love. I even don't do my pedicure on it !

What should I do ? The wind was meowing around the building and made a terrible noise ! Even I can't meow that loud !

So I decided to close my ears and sleep until I am hungry or when the howling wind stops and I will do the same as my friends below !





 Here I am my selfies for the week ! My daily program, play and sleep !




I am a bit sad, because my neighbor the white cat with the black spots has moved out and I couldn't say good bye, but I think I didn't want to ! Anyway I didn't see her anymore, but one morning I saw a man on  my terrace and was of course horrified and hid under the armchair ! They took all furniture out of the neighbor's apartment and carried them over in my kingdom on a lift which was fixed on a truck ! 

And the men had put all my cats in a corner and it was as if they attended a meeting there !

When I had seen this I ran in my lady in waiting's room and hid under the bed !

Fortunately it didn't last long and I could go back to my daily occupation. 

Laying around and watch squirrels and birds ....



and then one day she brought me a nice big feather ! Was I happy, I played with it the whole day (when I was not sleeping, I need my beauty sleep) and I asked hee to bring me more feathers, that's such a nice toy !! 

We still have wonderful weather and it's quite warm during the day, but I can't sleep on the terrace anymore because it's too cold in the nights.






Wait a minute there is a fly on the wall !


Are you satisfied ? I kept my eyes open

Please do not disturb !!






Nothing special happened this week, except that she was very angry with me because twice when she got up during the night to use her litter box, I jumped at her leg and scratched her !

 I just wanted to play and she made a whole drama out of it because blood was dropping from her leg on the parquet and she had to hopple into the bathroom to get desinfectant (I wonder why, I am not dirty) and a plaster ! I admit I have never done this before and I don't know why I have started with that. I think I will have to stop because I saw her googleing to see why a cat jumps on their servants leg ! 

There are still a few things to unpack and she found an old suitcase ! Inside was a little kitchen, a bedroom and a living room. It's not very interesting for me and I can't understand why all guests are so excited when they see this old thing which apparently dates from 1947. Long before my time. I think I am far more cute then this old sofa or bed. I let her put a chair besides me only to show how small it was. 

I like to sit on the terrace under the table and watch the pigeons ! Unfortunately they are far too big for me, I said hello to one standing on my hind legs and the pigeon was sitting on the barrier of the terrace, but we didn't like each other, he flew away and I ran into the living room !

When I am tired I like to sleep on my armchair, the sun is shining through the curtains and it is nice and warm.

and in the evenings I like to sit on her lap or just besides and we watch TV together. Sometimes I have to stretch out myself and don't understand that she pretends I hurt her !!



I am too tired

why does it itch ?

I better sleep


Today I will tell you how I spend my days as an inside cat ! Honestly I like this life, nobody bothers me only sometimes a human I don't like because she uses this awful thing which makes a lot of noise and she walks around with it to clean the floor and carpets. Fortunately there are many places for me to hide.

Late afternoon I play a bit with my green mousie, there are two, but I don't know where the other one has gone ! I ran around to do my exercise and growl to keep my voice in shape for the night. I like to meow and sing loud when they sleep and I can't understand why she gets angry and shouts from her room "Rosiiiiiiiieeee, stop it!"

When she goes to sleep, I come with her to try out my claws if they are still sharp enough which again makes her angry because, she says, I have my tower with the scratching post. But I like to change a bit, the feeling is different !

As a good body guard I check the bathroom for her in case there is a spider, she hates spiders and screems, I like to catch and eat them, they really taste good !

Then of course I have to choose where to sleep during the night, on the blanket or on the bedsheet ?? difficult choise ! I choose the bedsheet, because anyway once she is asleep I move up and sleep against her back !

Here I wait until she gets up, and then go with her to the kitchen for her coffee. I don't eat when somebody is around, I do that during the night when I am in peace and nobody disturbs me.

And then I climb on my cat tree and watch the birds outside ! Sometimes there are mostly pigeons and magpies, a little big for me !

Sometimes I go outside and look down on the lawn and see some other cats. But really I don't want to go further, I like it on my terrace.



I am coming .....

Wait .... I see a spider .... hey don't run away !



I have the best place in the whole house ! She leaves the curtains a bit open during the night so that I can see what is going on outside, because we are lucky the whole lawn is lighted, and I see cats walking around ! I love to sit on the top of my tower !

This is my neighbor's cat, I still d not know if we will become friends or not, so far she doesn't say anything and anyway we can only touch our heads ! I am a little careful, she or he is much bigger then me !

I also love to walk a bit around on our huge terrace and watch what's going on ! The good thing is, there is no danger for me anymore, I am sitting safely on the 3rd floor and no tomcat can attack me !

I have a lot of napping places all of my own, and don't have to share them with siblings as I had to do before. In fact I love the life I have now, I don't have to go out for mousies and bird hunting, the only thing I have to do is to give a bath and feed my inside mousies which are nice and green and not boring grey.

I love the rocking chair and spend a lot of time there, because I also have a nice view on the other side of the building !

And this is my old armchair I know from since I was a baby, but now I love it even more because it has a cheerful cover which suits me very well as background.

Since I live here with my human mum and dad, I am really happy !

The only thing I don't understand is, why do they wear white or blue masks when they come home ? They never did this before, but since we moved and live here I only see half of their faces ! I wonder if this is a new human fashion ! Honestly I prefer to see their whole faces. Fortunately they take it of once at home and our guests too !