Spring has moved in, and my cats slowly get out of their winter lethargy !

To my relief, Arthur started to use the bark again as loo, he used the litter box only, because he was to lazy or it was to rainy to go out !

One morning when I went to the kitchen I discovered a poo in the middle of the kitchen ! I was very upset because I thought that one of the cats starts now to poo in the house, although I thought that they have no bowel problems as the poo was so nicely shaped. On a closer look I realized that it wasn't a poo, but a sausage Arthur had stolen during the night from the bowl I had left on the stove and had forgotten to cover it and put it in the fridge ! Apparently the sausage was not to his taste, because he only had one bite ! Now we have one sausage to share !

Pookie becomes more and more talkative and as she can't jump on my bed anymore she sits there meowing loud to wake me up, if ever I dare to sleep a little longer ! She had never done this before. She becomes an old lady.

This was the view I had when laying in my bed Rosie suddenly decided to go under cover !

She loves my new computer, it's easier now to walk on my desk and leave paw prints on it. The old one was with a standing screen !



Easter doesn't say anything to my cats. Eggs and little bunnies are of none interest.

Pookie would have preferred a piece of salmon

and Arthur just fell asleep

Rosie had sniffed at the beautiful orchid, Mr. G. offered me for Easter which inspired her then to wash the smell off.



The week was routine, but the weekend was exhausting, at least for Arthur, because the others had disappeared and were invisible. The reason : Grandson Toby and Dad squatted the house !

Pookie smelt that there was something special and suspicious in the air, the carpets had disappeared and toys were standing around ! She didn't like this at all.

And then they arrived.

 Arthur was delighted, they immediately had a little small talk on the terrace.

Even when two other little once arrived, he was happy ! He played crocket and ran after the wooden balls. Arthur behaved like a kitten again. He even bunny kicked the football (soccer) when it arrived accidentally on his belly !

In the evening before Toby went to bed they were watching TV together

Of course love also goes through the stomach and he hoped for some treats !

The next day Pookie noticed strange stuff on the terrace, it was a whole photo equipment. Before somebody arrived she quickly went inside.

My son wanted to take an "official" picture of his parents and therefore put up a background. Arthur had to help and hid under the drape

He also considered to jump on the seat to pose, but Toby tried it out too.

all this preparation for this result (taken with my camera)

When they finally left in the afternoon, Arthur was exhausted and had a restful nap ! The others arrived from all directions, happy that they were gone !



Each morning when I wake up I see Pookie waiting (and of course meowing) on the floor looking up to me in my bed. The times where she could jump up and walk on me purring, are gone, she can't jump anymore, at least not on my bed because it is too high. Fortunately she still manages to climb into Mr. G.'s bed ! The carpet covered board he had built for her to walk up on furniture she hasn't used yet.

We were cleaning our terrace, only Rosie checked from far sitting in the grass, the others preferred to stay inside !

Pookie was very intrigued by the noise at the front door, when Mr. G. cleaned it with the Karcher !

Arthur the philosophe watched us safely through the window laying on the radiator.

Nothing special happened this week, with the nice weather the cats walk in and out ! And I managed to take this picture of Kim before she ran away when she saw me coming ! She will always remain a mystery to me !



12 years ago on April 3, little Arthur was born, at least that's what we have been told by the Vet. We got him from a shelter beginning June when he just was 6 weeks old. He was such a cute little white fur ball, and became the funniest and very special cat we ever had ! He is the one who makes us laugh all the time !

Today he celebrated his birthday, as you can see from the picture above !