For my cats it's always a drama when I dare to change the bed sheets ! They become very angry because I disturb their habits.

Arthur tries to stay until the last minute, but then the vacuum cleaner chases him away.

Rosie looked out of the window to see if it was worthwhile to go for a walk or not,

and as all cats when they have to take a great decision, they wash !

Finally she decided to sleep on the top of the sofa and look offended.

Kim waits, she walks from one room to the other annoyed that the beds are not ready !

Pookie finally found a place and ironed Mr. G's files in his office

but then  changed her mind and moved to the sofa in the living room. It's a very hard life for a cat when the household doesn't turn as usual !

Arthur  found an occupation and a place to sit, he supervised Mr. G rolling his cigarettes and thought while he is rolling he is not smoking !



Very satisfied with the result !

I refuse to push the button !

Never again !



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As you can see from this picture, I have caught a cold !

Rosie tries to comfort me by trying to wash my hands and face, she is the only cat I ever met who loves to lick humans like a dog !

Alternatively Arthur does his best too, by warming my lap

Rosie watches over me, to see if I drink my tea and swallow my pills

Arthur does the same, but choose the wrong place, poor Mr. G. couldn't see anything of his TV program,  Arthur cut the view !!

Tonight I feel already better and hope that by tomorrow I can jump around again like my cats  !