Summer has come to the end and Mr. G. had covered the garden furniture.

Rosie was not so happy about that, because now she can't sit on the table anymore and watch the neighborhood.

This week I was busy with the preparation of our painting exhibition and was away the whole day. One evening I found a very worried Mr. G., he hadn't seen Arthur the whole day. Late afternoon he had looked in the neighborhood, had shouted his name without any success. He then had checked all closets, cupboards, the basement and the guest room. No Arthur.  I wasn't that worried I thought he will come back when he is hungry and indeed when I went to bed, he showed up ate a bit and then jumped on my bed and laid down. He slept peacefully with me the whole night.

I had thought that Mr. G. had seen him too, so I was very surprised when I found him in a terrible state sitting in the living room. He told me that he would go to the police and ask all neighbors because Arthur hadn't come back ! First I didn't understand and then I felt sorry that I hadn't told him that dear Arthur had spent the whole night on my bed. The poor man had a sleepless night for nothing. That's communication ! 

Arthur didn't care about the worries he had caused and took a sunbath at the kitchen door.

and later decorated the sofa !



I told you, I am uncombed ! No selfie today !!!!

I need a lamp to find the button

My whiskers are still very nice !



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Ever since autumn has started officially, I have the impression that my cats start their winter sleep. The house is boring, no mouse chasing, no running around in cercles, just nothing. Wherever I look there lays a sleeping cat ! A real dormitory !

After her long lasting morning concert, Pookie finally settles down for a nap, but only until somebody goes to the kitchen, then she is suddenly there too and meows again for food ! She must have a stomach with a hole in it.

Now that it is cold during the nights and in the mornings, Kim has also started her winter sleep on different places.

Rosie loves her basket during the day and my bed during night. They really are permanently tired !

The only one who shows that he is still active is Arthur ! But also very limited.  He played a bit with the string of my camera case, probably just to please me

and confused me because I suddenly saw 3 cat statues instead of two on the little wall in front of our house. He takes a little sunbath, teases the dogs and then ....

he just does like the others ! I falls into his winter sleep !

I sincerely consider to do the same ! 



I like selfies, why do the others complain ?

Your tablet has a strange smell today !

Sorry, but I just finished my mouse !