I just had breakfast, lunch and supper for the first time today !

I managed to keep my eyes open !!

Can you tell me what I should do today ? Besides this stupid selfie ?

Can't you see ? I am not ready yet so push the button for me !


CAT NEWS January 21

Another boring week for the cats and me ! Although the sun is shining, it is bitter cold and they probably fear for their precious little paws, or maybe it hurts to walk on the frozen ground.

The only one who goes out at least for an hour every day is Arthur. Maybe he does it for his health, but I think it is more in the hope to find some company. During the week I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard growling and screaming it was Arthur who fought with a neighbor's cat who had dared to come into the living room and wanted to sleep there. He threw her out, had a big tail and I returned into my warm bed.

Being a snow white cat is now in his ambitions, he wants to match with the snow !

Or he sleeps when there is nothing else to do.

Rosie too is bored, and sleeps most of the time mostly on my bed and chases away everybody who wants to come in, except me of course.

As I have no other things to photograph, Rosie is a willing model. They all gave up to run away when they see me with the camera.

Poor Arthur can't even do small talk, because Pookie is deaf, but maybe meanwhile he has learned the sign language, cats are so intelligent !



I really tried to keep my eyes more open, but I am always afraid of the flash ! Sometimes it works, sometimes not

Today I like to do a nice selfie for her !

I didn't know that there is an incorporated camera in the car, and I pushed a button !

Yes, yes I push the button, you and your selfies, yawn !


CAT NEWS January 14

The week was exciting at least for Pookie and Kim.

As Pookie doesn't go out anymore or sharpens her claws, they became very long. I don't dare to cut them myself so I took her to Aline Kim's groomer. Ever since she is deaf she loves to ride in the car !
On the way back I let her out of the cage and she sits there and looks outside ! The cutting went very quick, and Aline left the dog she was busy with on the table and he barked at Pookie who "smiled" back I guess, she didn't hear anything and of course was not afraid at all.

I love this picture, she looks so young despite her 18 years ! In autumn she will be 19 !

Kim as usual made a big show to get her in the carrier and I was exhausted when I got in the car, but then she behaved like an angel, didn't move although Aline took a rather long phone call and later in the car, she lay down on the back seat and meowed not a word.

Arthur our clown, doesn't know what to do with himself. Now it has also snowed, first he walked along the walls, but now he dares to put his paws in the snow, and uses it as litter box.  He keeps me company on my desk, throws all pencils on the floor, tries to chase his sisters who send him to hell (even Kim) and watches us in the bathroom sitting between the two wash basins. It really looks funny in the mirror to see our three heads !

When the snow was gone Rosie made a little tour in the garden. My fake flowers are blooming ! But it's cold outside and no mousies in view.

So she stays mostly inside and keeps me company when I answer my emails.

That is the first view I have when I open my eyes in the morning !



Wow ! I think I see a mousie _

OK, after the selfie you give me that piece of chicken !

Can't find the tablet !

If you want a selfie do it yourself, I posed enough during the holidays _