I think I finally got it ! I close my eyes, stretch out my paw and push the button !

Here ! That's what I think about selfies !

&@$%# how can I do my selfie with all these cables around ???

I am in a good mood for the moment, I just emptied my bowl !



Playing around with IPiccy

more participants at here



Since spring started and we go towards summer at least we should according to the calender, I take my computer in the living room, because in my room it is too light and I can't see the screen very well.

Arthur likes my new office and keeps an eye on me,

Anyway the table is the main meeting point of my cats, the only one who sits at the table and not on, is myself ! Fortunately the table cloth looks like fabric, but you can clean it with a cloth or a swam.

Arthur also has the right attitude as a gentleman, he observes with one open eye the poor gardener working hard cutting the hedge, even the noise of the saw doesn't disturb him.

Sometimes when it is very warm he sleeps besides the radiator on the cool tiles. It's his whole year around place because it's warm in winter and cool in summer !

When I work with my computer on the terrace, Rosie observes what I am doing and I have to smile seeing her little face.

Nothing special happened this week, I am only jealous, I wished I also was a cat and could lay on the table the whole day long !



Is my meal ready ? I pushed the button !

I am very proud, not only I look good, but I also made a selfie in the bathroom mirror !

No, I don't open my eyes more ! I don't like selfies !

I made it ! I wanted my friend with me on my selfie !