Nothing special happened during this week in my cat family

After having given her non stop morning concert, first for breakfast, then for asking to be lifted up to the sink to drink her water, she meows until we are both up ! Then she takes her morning rest, like here enjoying a sunbath. Dealing with an old stubborn cat is not easy !!

Arthur is the only one who is allowed to eat Rosie's special food, the others are been chased away. She watches

Arthur has found another mean to get on our nerves, he tries to open the drawer under the sofa and scratches ! Not good for the sofa. Mr. G. opens the drawer and then he would climb in, sit a little down and then come out behind the sofa.

Rosie wanted to try it out too, waited until Arthur had finished his tour and then did the same. We are distracted to watch in peace a movie on TV !

One thing is sure, living with cats you are never bored.



I love Selfies !

Yes I know, I should have opened my eyes

Leave me alone !!



No smoking !


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crime : He ate the whole Pizza topping !

Rosie wanted to be painted !

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I think my cats are slowly coming out of their winter lethargy !

Pookie started to play with a new little mouse I had bought and always meows for tap water. Since my invention with a cup and a glass I save water and she drinks out of the glass. The only trouble is that we always have to lift her up !

I have decided to go regularly all 3 months to the groomer with Kim. It's always hard work to get her in the carrier, but once she sits in the car she is quiet, I think she knows by now where we are going. As usual she purred and was delighted, this time she had no knots but a lot of hairs ! I have already an appointment for June.

Rosie is very playful for the moment and here she plays with me and a pencil !

Arthur lately became a very naughty boy ! He had started to pee on the doormat at the kitchen door. So I took the doormat away. But yesterday he peed against the doll who stands there in a corner, I had to wash it and now it's drying against the radiator. It's not a little wee wee, but a real flooding ! Does anybody know what I should do, that he stops ? It happens only there. Otherwise he is using the litterbox or goes outside. There are no new cats around and no other animals either.

Although I had been very angry with him, he just played the innocent boy and washed himself from top to bottom. He also wanted to groom Rosie's tail, but she didn't agree and got upset !

And when the day is over and I am reading in my bed I have this peaceful view !