I will be away for 2 weeks discovering other countries and maybe cats !



Hurry up ! I smell chicken !

Nooooo leave me alone ! It's too hot for selfies !


It's hot ! unusually hot, sometimes over 34° (100 something F) We, Mr. G, and I are melting, the cats not so much they love heat apparently. Especially Arthur who lays in the sunshine in this high temperatures.

His ears got a sunburn, I wanted to put sun lotion on them, but there is nothing to do, even when I leave the tube in the kitchen and put the creme on my finger behind my back, he smells it or knows already what I want to do and then runs away !! The same with his eyes which I should clean each day with a special lotion, sometimes I can do it when he sleeps on my lap, but now when it is so warm he doesn't sleep on my lap anymore he sleeps outside somewhere.

It's really terrible, and the vet can't do anything. Arthur is too old for an anaesthesia.

He loves to lay on the warm bark in the sunshine

In the last month he has become old. He is now a bit bony and becomes skinny although he eats like a horse. He can't jump as high as he used to do and also his hearing becomes bad.

Fortunately he hasn't changed his lifestyle, only he slowed a bit down. He always greets people who ring at our door and sits with us when we have guests. He still loves company.

I hope it will last for another 2 years and he reaches the 20th birthday too.

Rosie is now the young girl in this household, she prefers to stay in the shade and not in the sun, she is less social then Arthur and hides when somebody comes. She only shows up after a while when she knows the persons.

Unfortunately for ol' Arthur, she still wants to play with him, especially since Kim is gone and chases him around.

For years she had the same collar and today I saw her without. Must have lost it. Fortunately I have a spare one always available, I just have to put our telephone nr on it.

Now in this heat she wanders from one shady place to another and is not very hungry, but honestly I am not hungry either !



Who are you ? Disturbing our Selfie session !

Sorry, I have something in my eyes, but I am far from being depressed !


There are not a lot of News in my retirement home. Especially when the weather is bad and they do their 24 h sleeping marathon. The only exciting move you can observe then is that the tail on the right side is suddenly on the left !

But then it changed. The funniest thing is, that it is cold in the morning, cool in the afternoon and warm in the evening !

Here is Arthur recovering from the heat outside

Then keeping company to his ceramic brother and watching what's happening through the window

and then checking if there is a single soul outside

Rosie sitting outside on the windowsill checks if we are still inside

or she is very surprised to see her Arthur sitting in my computer screen !

We all hope of a warm to hot summer weather and are all fed up with this clima change !



Sorry no selfie today

Me and my stone brother


I noticed no change in the behaviour of Rosie and Arthur since Kim is not there anymore. The only thing which seems strange to me is that both, Rosie and Arthur don't use their litter boxes anymore and each morning when I want to clean them there is nothing to clean. Even when it rained outside, now I am a little worried, they must have found another place hopefully not in the basement. So far there is no typical cat smell in the house.

For one day during this week it was nice and Arthur rolled happily in the sunshine

Rosie joined but not for long, then she returned inside.

To my despair Arthur loves to play table decoration and nothing can convince him to sleep elsewhere. Finally I gave up, let him sleep, he is also 17 and becomes a stubborn oldie, I clean the table cloth from hairs and change it when we use the table.

He also loves to sleep in Mr. G's bed especially when it is rainy and cold outside.

Rosie since a few weeks always uses her Ikea bed, which before she ignored and never used it. I just wanted to give it away to a shelter. She must have felt it because suddenly she sleeps in it. It seems  she doesn't like to give "her" things away !

I want to thank you all very much for your kind words and comfort you sent to us when Kim passed away. Of course she will stay forever in our hearts and live with us, only on the other side of life.

Ann Adamus Zoolatry put this nice photo of Kim on her Blog.



Just thinking ...

Sleepy ...


The main News this week is that Kim has left us forever. I observed her over the weekend and it got worse and worse. She ate, but vomited immediately after. She carried herself with difficulties to Mr. G's room to lay down on the carpet. She must have had pain in her back too. On Tuesday finally I couldn't stand it anymore and we thought it would be better to have put her asleep.

The vet came and without protest I could carry her and hold her on the kitchen table and then she died peacefully. It was a real relief for us and for her. She would have been 20 years old on Christmas Eve, when she was born in London from a cat which belonged to my friend Anne.

My son who lived in London for almost 8 years, choose her as company for Pookie who passed away 2 years ago.

Kim as a kitten, a little black furball, but already with a strange character, she didn't play as other kitten do, only sometimes with Pookie whom she considered as her mother.

She grew and grew and soon was bigger then Pookie. She loved to go outside that's why when my son had to move into an apartment in Amsterdam for his work and took his two cats with him, she didn't get used. There was no problem with Pookie but Kim didn't support life inside. She didn't eat anymore and let herself die. That's why my son asked me to  take his two cats for 3 months the time he would be in Amsterdam. 12 years later she was still living with us !

Kim was a real beauty, but was very special. She seldom came into the house or only when nobody was there. She slept outside or in the basement although she had everything like our other cats. She hated all humans us included and you were not allowed to pet or even touch  her she always run away.

As I couldn't brush her, I had to take her to the groomer when she was full of knots. Each time a drama to catch her and put her in the carrier. And then when she behaved like an angel and the groomer could do his work without problem. She sad that she was the bravest cat amongst her clients ! And with us she run away ...

And suddenly she changed, she was sleeping more and more inside in Mr. G's room, she also allowed him to pet her. Not me ! I was good to feed her. This started about one and a half year ago.

Slowly, slowly she didn't go out anymore and used the litterbox in the Garage, which she had never done. She refused to sleep in a basket but preferred a bath mat. As long as she ate well and her fur was shining I wasn't worried. I thought this is normal after all she approached the age of 20.

She was mostly sleeping in the bathroom

but also sometimes in Mr. G's room especially when the sun was shining on her.

And now she is gone, the bathroom is empty I always think she is still there. But she had a good life and 20 years is quite a long time for a cat. As she was mostly living outside we were used to not see her, so sometimes we think she will be back tomorrow !