Just woke up, did some stretching and touched the button. Therefore no smile !

I feel happy ! I caught a mousie

This is a special selfie from me ! I am at the groomer ! My nails claws are already done and it was difficult to push the button !


At 3 am I woke up because of loud meowing and strange noises and screems ! I switched on the light and saw Rosie running around the dresser and trying with all strengths and efforts to get under it ! But no way she was too big. I immediately understood ! She had caught a mousie and it had escaped and was now sitting safely under the dresser !

Rosie was really angry and growled and rambled around the dresser ! First I thought to get up but then I was too lazy, I put earplugs in my ears switched off the light and fell asleep again.

When I woke up Rosie had disappeared an no mouse corpse was on the floor. To be sure I looked under and behind the dresser but there was nothing.

I have no idea what happened to the mouse, but Rosie rested happily on the sofa amongst her computer accessoires .

Arthur had started his outside life again and after a long excursion in the neighborhood he rolled around on the warm tiles.

Somebody rang at the door and when I opened it was a man who delivered me a parcel for my neighbor. And who was sitting besides him .... Arthur ! He is really a polite cat !

Grandma Kim looked more and more like a mop. I thought with the age she would produce less hairs !

But I was completely wrong ! The poor old girl was full of knots under her belly, where I am not allowed to brush her !

I took her to the groomer. She had always loved to go there and had purred and made pasta, but this time, since she became an "inside" cat, she was not happy at all and meowed loud and struggled and didn't hold still as she had done in the past. She was a completely different cat. The young woman told me that it is unbelievable how after so many years she had changed so much !

When I came home she immediately settled down on the grass and I thought I don't see a big difference between "before" and "after" !



Not available for selfies !

I just woke up ! and you came with this thing !

You pursue me even in the grass ! That's selfie harassment !

Oh no ! You ! OK I give up !


The cats are happy, the weather is warm and they can sleep outside or explore the neighborhood. Usually late afternoon they are running inside because of thunderstorms !

Arthur not stupid, had made himself a very nice warm bed in the bark. He had worked hard on it, pushed the bark aside to leave the black plastic cover free and then he sleeps on it because he finds it so comfy. I was a bit surprise to find such a hole in the bark, but then the penny dropped !

He also has discovered that the metal plate covering the access to the canalisation is warmer than the tiles ! There he spends the day meditating.

But when there is a noise in the kitchen he is ready to run inside and see if there is nothing special to eat !

Rosie is happy too and rolls around with pleasure

or she keeps company to her fellow cat statue observing what is going on.

I saw her here sitting in the bark and suddenly she was in the middle of the lawn with a fat mouse in her mouth ! She dropped it and as it wasn't moving anymore she returned to her napping place and I had to take a paper collect the corpse throw it in the field behind only to notice a little later that Arthur had brought it back !

Grandma Kim thinks she has to watch over the garden shed, and even when the grass is still a little wet she sleeps there.

Her fur is getting a bit brown and she looks like a mop, next week I take her to the groomer !

and when the thunderstorm arrives, she sleeps where Mr. G. uses to sit to watch TV.



And while I bravely make my selfie I am thinking what they have for lunch today !!

Rosie asked for assistance

Kim refused to show her face and cooperate !


Unfortunately these were the last pictures I could take from the outside dormitory of Arthur, Rosie and Kim

The last day they enjoyed the hot tiles and the sunshine. Kim in the shade, Arthur who wants to get more white in the sun.

It was also the last day for me with my outside office and Arthur who entertained me with his different poses.

Now everybody moved inside. They all came in running, even Kim with her old bones, because we had a very heavy thunderstorm with buckets of water falling from the sky and there was flooding in many areas. Fortunately we had nothing besides the noise. Arthur, the only male at the first boum hid under the bed, but then at the second, he noticed that his harem groomed, slept or ate, he also came out. As it happened for the last 4 days, they are all used to it, and don't pay attention anymore. Kim anyway has no problems with noises because she is deaf !

Arthur now, keeps me company in my room, I have to admit that he takes quite some space !

Hopefully it will get warm again soon, and we can go outside again !

PS. I still get no comments per email in my inbox. The first day I thought nobody loves me anymore, because my inbox was so empty, but then I heard all Blogger users  have the same problem. It started May 25 and it must be a big bug, as it takes so long to repair it ! I suppose you have the same problem with Blogger !



See what a  mess you made with the cables ! Couldn't you charge the phone before I took my selfie ?? Now it's too late

Yes, today I snob you ! I won't repeat this selfie session twice _

I pushed the button ! where is the treat ???


Rosie"suffers" from spring feelings ! She rolls around and as soon as one of us sits down she jumps on the lap and want cuddles.

But you have to pay attention, as soon as you touch her belly she grabs your hand and bites !! Little bitch ! It seems that is a sign of love, but I think it's rather a sign of "leave me in peace" !

She also likes camouflage and plays decoration on the radiator. Unfortunately for her, we see who is a real cat and who not ! Poor Rosie !

The bark is her hunting ground and here she watches the hedge, it's unbelievable how long a cat can wait for a mouse !!

When I look for Arthur, I know where he is when it's warm ! On the bark ! He heard me coming and stopped his grooming

but not for long then he continued

until he was disturbed by Rosie

Normally stalking is forbidden by law, but Arthur doesn't care ! Each evening when we watch TV he stares at us from outside ! We feel observed !