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As there is still very limited outside excursions due to the rain, Arthur has found another occupation, he has become our doorman. As soon as somebody rings the bell, wherever he is he runs to the door, sits on the carpet and waits until I open the door. Then he would check who it is, and then he does his selection, or he turns his back and walks away tail up, or he hurries towards the person to stroke around his/her legs, which makes coming in a little difficult, fortunately we have a good insurance.

When there is nothing to do he admires the radiator

and as soon he is gone, Pookie takes the place for a little nap.

Now during the winter I work with my computer in the living room. It's warmer there. Rosie loves to sit on the table and watch what I am doing. The only inconvenience is, that I don't see anymore what is happening in our street !

Still bed pals ! Kim and Arthur.

There are sometimes discussions between Arthur and Rosie, who gets the best place on my lap ! I think I should put some weight on to at least XXXXL so that they would both have enough room.

Honestly I prefer Rosie because she is light. Arthur is heavier and after an hour I get the impression that an elephant is sleeping on my nap. So I amuse myself and change him into a girl with my camera case.



Aw, that's nice, purr, purr, I caught this moment in my selfie !

See ! Now you have the proof that I don't need to go to the vet dentist !

OK, I moved a bit, but look I have a white whisker ! Now I am depressed.

This time I posed really nicely !



 sleeping Rosie

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Instead of being the "House of the raising sun" we are the "House of the bored to death" ! It rains and storms already the whole week and not even Arthur puts a paw outside.

Instead all beds, sofas and other napping places are occupied with bored or sleeping cats.

Arthur was angry because I wanted to make my bed and he had to move

The only interesting event during the days are checking out if there is something interesting on our plates.

When she is not meowing for food, I find Pookie in this position.

As she is completely deaf now, she can even nap on a phone without jumping into the air.

Rosie looks like a sleeping cat angel but the appearance is wrong ! She chases her siblings around when she is awake.

They all think if only it would stop raining and we could go outside !