As the "bed war" was going on and Rosie insisted to sleep in Pookie's bed at least during the day, I devoted myself and went to Ikea to buy two other beds, in case that Arthur wants to sleep in a bed now too.

Mr. G. put them together immediately, I didn't have to ask for this service a hundred times,

and here they are. Rosie sniffed at one bed, but then decided to sleep on a chair. Now the beds are standing at each radiator, but so far I haven't seen one cat sleeping in there, except Pookie in Mr. G's room during the night. Cats ! I feel terrorized !

Kim found a super soft napping place

The weather is bad, it's cool and rainy so the cats are doing their sleeping marathon inside.

Rosie and Arthur discussing where to sleep while I am sitting on the sofa and watch TV.



We bravely do our selfies each week ! But the truth is, that sometimes we just don't want !

That's all you get from me today !

I slept so peacefully, when she showed up with her tablet ...

I quickly got up and run away

and she ran behind me, this is the result ...

I like selfies

I don't mind, I just continue my cleaning up. For pushing the button I only need one paw !



Pookie in blue

more participants at here



Quite some time ago I had bought this little doll bed at Ikea for Pookie, as she can't jump on my bed anymore. She slept in there for a while, but  didn't like that Rosie was laying IN my bed, so she moved to Mr. G. There she realized very quickly that it was impossible to sleep in his bed because he sleeps like a windmill and she saw her life in danger. She started to sleep on the floor poor thing, so I put her bed in Mr. G.'s room. That was perfect ! She still sleeps in there during the night.

But !! Rosie this little witch apparently found this bed suddenly very nice too and started to sleep in it during the day. War was in the air. Now I feel obliged to go to Ikea and buy another bed, in which probably she won't sleep ! Cats !!!

From one day to the other the temperatures had dropped by more than half, from 24 °C to 11°C !! And on top a cold wind. The cats were offended and slept again inside. Here they play secretaries to Mr. G. probably in the "whole" day lunch break.

For once Facebook was very useful to me because through it I found a young man who fixed our garden ! He pulled out the weeds and planted the flowers. Rosie checked, but quickly returned inside.

Arthur who usually assists to all garden work in the neighborhood, was too lazy to help our guy, he observed him through the French windows laying on the warm radiator. It's a shame, I had to put the heating on !



Are the grapes in place ? I want a selfie with grapes !

Why couldn't you wait ! Now I have this awful background !

You 'll get no more !