I am too tired to lift my head out of my tail, at least I have opened one eye !

Selfie !! I just woke up, I am uncombed and unwashed !

Surprise, surprise !


Sometimes I think I live in a sleep testing laboratory. When I look around me everybody sleeps, only Mr. G. is hanging either in front of his computer or the Television. I am the only one who still moves  around.

So far Rosie has tested all chairs, on my lap or just besides my legs. That it is not always the same day you can see at my jeans !

Sometimes she sits on the table just besides my chair and she racks her brain where to sleep now !

Until she finds a better place she just settles down on the table

When I am busy elsewhere, she kindly keeps my chair warm !

She is a chair heater ! On this chair she had never curled up but yesterday we had a visitor who probably left such a nice smell that now she squats this chair ! I wonder what will happen when our sofas arrive !

As it's cold and rainy outside, Arthur interrupts his sleep tests and has some breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one.

he still sleeps on the same chair

Kim always in her private corner in our bathroom

and to conclude the daily sleep testing, they sleep in a synchronized way !



I am still half asleep, sorry ....

Phew, again a selfie, it's not my best day today !

Good heaven ! I have two more white whiskers !!


I think Rosie has the most of sleeping places ! She uses Mr. G's office chair,  the garden chair in the living room (sofas still not delivered) on Mr. G's sofa in his offfice, and on my bed. Outside she only goes for a little walk, because it is quite cold.

Walking makes thirsty !

Arthur was very disappointed and upset, because nobody came on Halloween for trick & treats. Offended he returned into the house

The sun was shining and he took a little sunbath on the window sill, but then got back into the warm house to sleep on Mr. G's bed and in front of the radiator.

Now that the window door in the living room is closed, and Sir Arthur too lazy to go downstairs and through the cat flap in the garage, he had watered our kitchen twice ! I hope it will stop !

Kim is still in her routine life ! She goes out for her business, but then comes back into her private room, our bathroom where she spends the rest of the day (and night)



I am tired she looks fresh so I thought she could do a selfie of both of us !

Sorry I forgot to put my tail on the other side !

Now they say that I am an ideal Halloween cat ! I don't know if that is a compliment ??


Arthur finally has accepted that his good old sofa is gone and that if he wants to sleep in the living room he has to choose a garden chair. He was very upset, because garden chairs belong in the garden and have nothing to do in the living. But it is better then nothing ...

Now that it is cold and humid outside his favorite game is to bully Mr. G. with a lot of success ! He meows for ham, then doesn't like it and poor Mr. G. doesn't know what to do, when Arthur turns his head around with a disgusted expression on his face.

But then there is still the radiator to warm up his belly and at the same time he can look out of the window, but there is not much going on.

Fortunately we have two because Rosie has the same ideas.

Only she prefers my bed, which she uses as bathroom, bedroom, yoga room. Often she does little walks during the night and brings us a gift in form of a fat mouse ! Last time half dead !  Mr. G. put it on a paper and in the garden.

Kim's days are like a pearl necklace ! She eats in the morning goes out but not long as it is cold, comes back naps until noon, eats again sleeps until 6 eats again, disappears for a moment and then when I dare to use the bathroom she sleeps again but during the night she eats a whole little bag of wet food.

I am allowed to brush her now and she even purrs ! Took me only 15 or 16 years to get this result !



I feel a little sleepy today

You woke me up !

Humans get grey or white hairs when they are old, I get a brown tail !

Rosie takes adventage of the last warm sun rays

But then it gets cool and she has chosen Mr. G's office chair for a nap.

Arthur as usual greets me when I come home  !

Often he sits there and waits that something happens in the street

Kim too is happy to warm up her old bones

And then she spends the whole day in our bathroom in her little corner

she also loves now to sleep on the bark.

Arthur had to choose other sleeping places and is quite unhappy !

We had dared to give away "his" sofas and now he has to do camping and that is not good enough for his highness ! He feels a bit lost and doesn't know where to go, he refuses to sit on our lap because we are not sitting on the sofas anymore ! Rosie is less difficult, but still also turns around and doesn't know exactly which place to choose in the living room. At least she tried one of the garden chairs !

Cats are creatures of habit !!  We feel almost guilty when we see them turning and turning around and looking for the sofas !