The week was routine, but the weekend was exhausting, at least for Arthur, because the others had disappeared and were invisible. The reason : Grandson Toby and Dad squatted the house !

Pookie smelt that there was something special and suspicious in the air, the carpets had disappeared and toys were standing around ! She didn't like this at all.

And then they arrived.

 Arthur was delighted, they immediately had a little small talk on the terrace.

Even when two other little once arrived, he was happy ! He played crocket and ran after the wooden balls. Arthur behaved like a kitten again. He even bunny kicked the football (soccer) when it arrived accidentally on his belly !

In the evening before Toby went to bed they were watching TV together

Of course love also goes through the stomach and he hoped for some treats !

The next day Pookie noticed strange stuff on the terrace, it was a whole photo equipment. Before somebody arrived she quickly went inside.

My son wanted to take an "official" picture of his parents and therefore put up a background. Arthur had to help and hid under the drape

He also considered to jump on the seat to pose, but Toby tried it out too.

all this preparation for this result (taken with my camera)

When they finally left in the afternoon, Arthur was exhausted and had a restful nap ! The others arrived from all directions, happy that they were gone !



Each morning when I wake up I see Pookie waiting (and of course meowing) on the floor looking up to me in my bed. The times where she could jump up and walk on me purring, are gone, she can't jump anymore, at least not on my bed because it is too high. Fortunately she still manages to climb into Mr. G.'s bed ! The carpet covered board he had built for her to walk up on furniture she hasn't used yet.

We were cleaning our terrace, only Rosie checked from far sitting in the grass, the others preferred to stay inside !

Pookie was very intrigued by the noise at the front door, when Mr. G. cleaned it with the Karcher !

Arthur the philosophe watched us safely through the window laying on the radiator.

Nothing special happened this week, with the nice weather the cats walk in and out ! And I managed to take this picture of Kim before she ran away when she saw me coming ! She will always remain a mystery to me !



12 years ago on April 3, little Arthur was born, at least that's what we have been told by the Vet. We got him from a shelter beginning June when he just was 6 weeks old. He was such a cute little white fur ball, and became the funniest and very special cat we ever had ! He is the one who makes us laugh all the time !

Today he celebrated his birthday, as you can see from the picture above !



I had no courage to unpack my suitcase when I returned from Tunisia. I just left it there, anyway the clothes which were in there were summer clothes and not yet needed for the Belgian climate besides the fact that  they had to be washed.

Rosie was delighted for two days she slept in there, making only an exception during the nights, where she cuddled happily in my arm, which I had to withdraw after a while because I got a cramp.

Arthur played like crazy with my beach slippers, they must have a very special smell, probably of the hotel cats too.

He also takes himself for "Google street view" and watches what is going on in the street, while I am "working". Arthur is often out now, the weather is nice and spring makes him moving.

The other day when the doorbell rang and I opened the door, Dominique was standing there and besides her sat Arthur. He had walked her to our house door and on her way back he walked her home. Arthur is a gentleman. (when he doesn't bother his harem with his spring feeling energy, he wants to play and they don't !)

and on the top, this morning he sat besides my bed and asked for breakfast !

Pookie continues her daily routine, by talking a lot, eating a lot and sleeping a lot. At her age she doesn't care about spring anymore.

From Kim I haven't seen very much, only for breakfast, she now is again more outside then inside. I only realize that she sleeps inside because she always leaves a lot of hairs on her sleeping places !

The fact that we changed to summer time this weekend didn't affect them at all !

Happy April Fool's day !



During my one week stay in Tunisia, I have seen the four or maybe more cats who lived on the hotel ground. I can't say exactly because they were all grey, except my little friend a ginger cat.

One of the grey once, not shy at all !

The ginger one adopted me immediately, cats are clever they know who likes cats and who not. Especially with the guests ! The poor thing probably had a fight with another male and I know from my Arthur's vet, that males when they fight bite the tail of the enemy ! He had nearly half of his tail bitten off, and the wound was still a little wet and bloody. He also had a deep wound on his back. Around he had leaked the fur away. When I think that we put these awful collars on the neck of our cats that they don't touch a wound ! 

He was so friendly and affectionate and wandered around the terrace. I brought him sausage after breakfast and turkey or chicken after lunch and dinner. And he knew it right away ! He had an incorporated watch, because he was there punctually after each meal !

He had such a sweet face and at the end of my holidays I checked the wounds and they were almost healed !
There are many cats around, the trouble is they are not neutered and have babies all the time, which of course are killed. My heart was aching ! Fortunately I heard that slowly some tourists have founded an organization to spay the cats. But not enough. Nevertheless this one looked really happy with his life amongst the hotel guests. I wasn't the only one who fed the cats and they also got food from the kitchen.

Apparently Mohamed was a cat lover and had cut off his sleeve not to disturb his sleeping cat, therefore cats are well tolerated.

When I came home, my cats behaved as if I had never been away. Of course they were spoiled by Mr. G. What a pampered life they have with various cat menus to make them eat ! I wished all cats in the world had the same life !