See what a  mess you made with the cables ! Couldn't you charge the phone before I took my selfie ?? Now it's too late

Yes, today I snob you ! I won't repeat this selfie session twice _

I pushed the button ! where is the treat ???


Rosie"suffers" from spring feelings ! She rolls around and as soon as one of us sits down she jumps on the lap and want cuddles.

But you have to pay attention, as soon as you touch her belly she grabs your hand and bites !! Little bitch ! It seems that is a sign of love, but I think it's rather a sign of "leave me in peace" !

She also likes camouflage and plays decoration on the radiator. Unfortunately for her, we see who is a real cat and who not ! Poor Rosie !

The bark is her hunting ground and here she watches the hedge, it's unbelievable how long a cat can wait for a mouse !!

When I look for Arthur, I know where he is when it's warm ! On the bark ! He heard me coming and stopped his grooming

but not for long then he continued

until he was disturbed by Rosie

Normally stalking is forbidden by law, but Arthur doesn't care ! Each evening when we watch TV he stares at us from outside ! We feel observed !



Oups it went off ! I hardly touched the button

Take my paw and push the button, I am too tired for selfies !

Ah, it's you ? Ok I am ready !


The cats are happy, they can play outside !

Rosie after having watched a little bug for at least 10 min, sniffed at it, pushed it with her paw, but unfortunately it was a lazy bug (not lady) which didn't move, so she decided to eat it ! I don't know if that is good for her health, at least it was organic !

Of course after this exciting bug hunting, Miss Rosie was tired and took her snail position for a little nap !

I had bought three mousies for her to play with, because I found that she slept too much, but she didn't want to move and the mousies didn't interest her at all !

But Arthur !! He suddenly discovered that there was still a young boy sleeping in his body, who wanted to wake up and play, which he did and he chased the mouse around threw it in the air and was quite busy for a while !

With the result that he too was tired and decided to take a sun bath ! I think he hoped that his fur would bleach in the sunshine and become more white, as for the moment he looks a bit pink because he had rolled in the red gravel !

Kim too did some exercise and jumped on the sofa. She is a bit slow, but still she manages.

and when it is not the sofa for a nap, she likes the tiles on the terrace. They are warm from the sunshine and that is good for her old bones !

This represents a still life, our living room in the evening, watching TV with Kim on Mr. G's lap Arthur or Rosie on mine  and the one who doesn't fit on my lap just naps besides. In this case Rosie.
And another week went by !



Noooo ! not today ! I am in a bad mood !

Can't interrupt cleaning my paw !

oups, I think I am a bit too close !


Since the weather is warm Rosie loves to go outside mousie hunting. Sometimes with or without success. She was so nice and didn't bring them home !

Since I put the little bed which was in my room besides the one in Mr. G's room, Rosie disposes now over a double bed ! She uses them both, while in my room she didn't use it at all !

Arthur is always outside, only when he is hungry or if I have visitors he appears.

He does all what he has to do outside now

Street watch

But in the evenings he likes to watch TV besides or on Mr. G's lap

Kim lays outside on the warm grass in the sun and warms up her old bones. She stays there the whole day, and seems to be happy. She doesn't go any further. As she is deaf she probably doesn't like to go further.

As soon as it becomes cooler she chooses a place in the house. Here she had jumped on my bed, and I was happy that she still can jump on sofas or chairs despite her old age of 18 !



Oups the camera went off and I am just thinking what face to make for a nice selfie !

I thought I do another kind of Selfie and am quiet happy with the result ! I even read the Waterloo news !

I told you it will be difficult the grass is too high !


I was away visiting my friend in the South of France, but now I am  back

Arthur likes the new bed cover which my cleaning lady had crocheted for Mr. G and he thinks that he fits very well on the colored stripes.

Each time our nails are too long I call our pedicure.

Arthur sat on the sofa and observed the whole operation he probably thought, now their claws are cut but don't touch mine ! He hates that ! Anyway he is taking care of this by  himself ! there are enough trees outside !

Since the weather had become warmer and there is also sunshine Arthur loves to sit on the windowsill and watches over the neighborhood or sometimes he also looks inside to check what we are doing !

Rosie is a little restless, I think that's why it is spring although she is spayed. She has lost some weight and goes out each night. Fortunately so far without a mouse.

Then of course she is tired the whole day

sits on the sofa

and plays the "cat computer" on charge. I don't know why but she loves cables and paper.

Mr. G's lap is not large enough for two but mostly Kim lays on him and Arthur besides, sometimes they change. That's how Mr. G. watches TV and when he needs something I have to get up and fetch it because "I can't disturb the cats" !

Oh miracle 18 year old Kim went outside and lay in the sunshine. Good for her old bones.

She doesn't go any further only around our house.

Slowly my cats wake up from the long winter sleep ! And Arthur is happy to check on the street what happens with the neighborhood !