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Here is Mr. Arthur starring for me and of course he was half asleep otherwise he doesn't like my camera.

Last week my neighbor called me and asked me if I could take Yanouk her dog for a walk, because she was sick. Of course I said yes immediately and went over to pick up Yanou.

Arthur who was in the Garage was interested in the fact that I went out and on the street. He loves when somebody is on the street, which doesn't happen very often in winter. So he walked behind me until my neighbor's door. When the door opened and Yanouk with his 60 kg (132 lbs) jumped out with joy, Arthur quickly ran behind the fence because he knows that his friend is a little too heavy for him.

I took the dog on the leash and off we went. Followed by Arthur of course. When we arrived at the round about behind our house, a woman came out and looked at this funny group. Then she laughed and said "Arthur where have you been ? I haven't seen you for ages" and to me "Was he sick ?" I said no, but with this cold weather he prefers to do a 24 h sleep marathon on the beds. Ah, she said, usually he often comes to sleep in my bed and I miss him !

Another neighbor who has the honor of Arthur's presence in her bed ! I wonder if there is one bed free in the street where Arthur hasn't napped in.

When we were back, Arthur tired wanted to settle down for a well earned sleep, but he didn't count with Rosies energy. When she found him sitting in this carton, she didn't leave him in peace.

But then it didn't last very long until they both fell asleep !

I hope that you all survived the New Year's festivities and that the hangovers are not too strong ! Happy New Year !



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The (poor) cats had to spend Christmas alone. But apparently they survived very well, as the little son of my neighbor took good care of them. And finally what is the most important for a cat? It is a full bowl ! And there they had more then enough. It also was not a long absence, only one day and night.

When we came back Rosie had a lot to do. First she had to pose as a model for me and look cute. This wasn't very difficult. Rosie has become a real girl ! With some cats you don't see immediately if it is a male or a female, but there is no doubt with Rosie. Even my friends who are not cat specialists call here "she" immediately. It is already the way she walks, Marilyn Monroe was an orphan against her ! And then the way she always has to make order everywhere, I still find every morning her mice toys gathered around the bowls. During the day I don't see them.

Rosie here as model.

When I unpacked our suitcase I put all the gifts I have got on my bed. Of course Rosie had to check them immediately. She especially loved the little wooden cats.

And when I came back from my shopping, she sat in the carton and wait until I put it on the floor to just jump inside and play.

Rosie really is a very busy cat !



I leave today to celebrate Christmas in Amsterdam with our son. Therefore I cannot post tomorrow. But I will be back in the evening meanwhile I wish the same as my cats : A MERRY CHRISTMAS !

Lisa and Kim ! (not available for the picture !)

To all cats and their moms and dads, can openers, servants, butlers, beans, slaves etc.

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Rosie 2007

This is a slide show of Rosie the first cat I could take pictures of since her birth until today.

And I also want to introduce you to Puss-in-Boots' new little kitten Mitzi ! Isn't she cute ?



Every morning it is the same. Arthur and Lisa jump off the bed and Pookie jumps in. Rosie looks at this traffic. Sometimes I wonder how I find enough space to sleep with 3 cats !

After breakfast a little running around to keep a good shape. Since the Christmas tree is standing in a corner they always have to run there and hide under the table cloth. It is a miracle that the tree is still standing !

Michico, Adan's secretary sent me an email and explained how I could set my camera to take as beautiful eyes as Adan has on her photos. It was really very nice of her to explain it to me ! Thank you so much Michico. Now I have tried it out, but I don't know if it is my camera or Rosie's special eyes !

Suddenly she has huge green pupils instead of black, it looks like having two marbles instead of eyes.

I certainly did something wrong.

But she still looks better then with headlights in place of her eyes.

Is that your case ??



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When I had spread the whole Christmas decoration on the floor, Rosie was watching with interest from inside the plastic bag where everything had been. She wasn't so sure to check these strange things immediately. Lisa showed up right away to see if there was something to eat and as to her big disappointment it wasn't the case, she went away bored, to look in the kitchen if she could find something there for her always empty stomac. Kim didn't even throw an eye on it and Pookie didn't find it worthwhile to interrupt her 24h marathon sleep.

But Arthur had to look at what was on the floor there

and finally Rosie had a closer look.

and then they started playing around this plastic bag and had a lot of fun

When the tree finally was up, there was nothing to do, they had to play there and nowhere else ! I already saw my tree falling down in a few minutes !

Especially when Rosie climbed on the little table and sat under the tree.

Arthur found this place very interesting and since this day, he is always sitting there and sneaks out to what is happening in the living room.

This is my final result and is still standing since 3 days ! Hopefully it will remain this way !

After that event, Arthur and Rosie joined Pookie on my bed to have a little well earned nap.



Every evening it is the same routine. I open the window door to let some fresh air in before I go to bed.

Kim arrives immediately to check the weather

But good or bad she goes out

Followed then by Rosie. Rosie never goes out alone, she always needs a body guard. Brother Arthur or sister Kim are good once.

Of course she has to check what is under this pile !

And while I open the window in my room, Pookie loves to sit between the stores and the window

She always hopes that there would be little insects. But unfortunately in winter there are none.

But she has to have a closer look anyway.

Arthur has no routine, he goes out or not, this evening he decided to rather look at the Christmas decoration.

As usual (since the decoration is there) he pulls off a little angel he apparently loves them.

He yawns not sure to play with it or not.

It lays there and he looks around if I don't watch him !

and then he kicks off the little angel from the table. I don't know why he only plays with these once all the other Christmas ornaments are not interesting to him.

And each morning I have the honor to collect angels from under the table !