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I came back on sunday from a one week stay at the Summer Art academy in Libramont (Belgium) I attended a course for photography. We were 300 students, musicians, painters, sculptures etc. It was a lot of fun !

Here are a few pictures of this quite big campus.

When I came back thinking that all 5 cats would jump into my arms and meow of joy, I rather got the impression of this :

Of course they had a nice life with Mr. Gattino ! I wasn't missed at all !



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Kim my long haired cat was again full of knots. We always try to brush her but she runs away and it is very difficult. Twice I had her shaved at the vet, but on a long run that wasn't a solution. And then suddenly I discovered a "Beauty Shop" for dogs AND cats just by driving to the station. I made an appointment.

To get Kim in the cage was an adventure. It took us half an hour to get her in and we were both red faced and breathless. I thought with terror what would happen in the Beauty shop !

When I arrived I told the lady that Kim is very shy and she would probably be very aggressive, that she should pay attention, wear gloves and attach her. Nothing of that happened ! The girl took her out and put her on the table and started to brush her and take the knots out even at her belly !

and Kim this beast didn't do one meauw she just sat there and enjoyed the procedure ! She purred and kneaded with her paws I just had never seen her like that ! The girl told me that she had never had such a friendly and kind cat ! I was stunned ! Miracles happen apparently !

Look at her how she enjoys it ! She made us think of a lady enjoying the hairdresser !

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and this was taken out !



I saw Arthur sleeping in our garden, for once the weather was nice, but suddenly he woke up and watched something I couldn't see. That's why I took my camera.

Rosie had the same behaviour, she also looked in the same direction

Suddenly also Kim showed up and they all gathered around one spot. All three of them were very excited. It was a mouse ! I saw the poor little thing trying to escape to her three killers but suddenly Arthur jumped and got the mouse !

Growling he chased his harem away, took the mouse and disappeared around the house. Was I happy, he didn't take her in the house !



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This is me in my new outfit as personal cat reporter ! It is a carnival mask of Venice I got for my birthday, but I think my cats don't agree with my new uniform !

My girlfriend and neighbor reported me all happenings while we were gone. Apparently the very first day of our absence, Lisa was standing at the door and from the next day on she was accompagnied by Kim, Arthur and Rosie, only Pookie didn't go over. Her daughter discovered this at first, she opened the door to go to work and found my 4 cats sitting around and on the doormat ! She called her mother and said "Mom there are some people for you" and my poor neighbor thought it was Jehova witness (in fur !) It was quite difficult for her to cross our street with 4 cats in between her legs. It's a pity that nobody shot a picture of this !

First thing I noticed, Lisa has her full fur back and it's even growing on her belly. She really looks good. Unfortunately she is still yowling for nothing and just sits there and talks to the ceiling.

Pookie was first offended of our absence but then she came and slept happily on my bed again while I was busy with the computer. But she never comes during nights since Rosie joined the family.

Apparently it had rained the whole time we were away and our garden looks like a jungle. Today Arthur and Rosie went outside while I was cleaning the terrace full of leaves.

Rosie climbed high in the weeping willow !

"What are you doing up there Rosie ??"

"Just checking if there are birds ? OK then I do what I have to do "

My poor grass !!

and then they both settled down for a little nap in the warm grass, while I finished cleaning the patio.

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I came back home yesterday and we were greated with loud meauws by ol' Lisa ! She was the only one who dared to welcome us and apparently very happy to see her slaves back. After a while Arthur and Rosie showed up too, but didn't show any feelings ! they just looked at us as if they wanted to say "what are you doing here" and disappeared again. But in the evening they both came to sleep with me in my bed, even Arthur who does it only very seldom.

Morning cleaning, Rosie checks if it is done correctly

After having meauwed several times during the night, Lisa slept happily in her basket the whole day !

Arthur thought I just have to look cute !

Pookie also showed up after a while and immediately settled down in our bag, she still sits in there so my bag is not yet unpacked ! (good excuse, thank you Pookie !)

Kim even opened an eye to great us, which is a miracle

Apparently they didn't suffer at all from our absence and my friend told me that as soon as we were gone Lisa already stand in front of her door and meauwed !

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