Arthur is happy ! The weather is nice and as fall has officially started our neighbors are working in their gardens. So each day Arthur is underway to check how far they are with their garden work and occasionally helps digging. Unfortunately sometimes he is chased away, which he can't understand as he only wanted to be helpful !

For his personal business he has chosen our freshly mowed lawn, because it smells so good and therefore inspires him.

He still loves this place from where he can have an eye on our terrace and watch what is going on.

Or he sits outside on the window sill and observes us in the living room, unfortunately when I took the picture he just turned his head around.

Rosie is rather lazy lately and does a sleeping marathon, besides me in the evening when I watch TV

or on my bed, with her tail elegantly draped around her.

I think I should hang a bowl with food around Pookie's neck, as I have seen with horses. She costs us our last nerves with her steady meowing ! The vet told me that this is normal, some cats become very talkative when they are old, and unfortunately Pookie belongs to this category.

Even when she rests peacefully she talks to herself, luckily not loud. Fortunately she doesn't meow during the night and sleeps until 6.30 or sometimes 7 am, but then she starts her daily concerts. If she was a human she would be 88 !

(only I have no more teeth)



It's not my fault if you put the tablet under my tail !

Don't you see ? I am eating ! But I can push the button !

It's Sunday, I stay in bed !

I am not available for selfies this time, the sun is shining and some neighbors are working in their gardens !




Rosie and Pookie were hiding somewhere, I suppose that Pookie slept behind the sofa, that's her favorite place now, nobody can disturb her, not even me with my tablet. Rosie who had slept the whole night is probably out on mouse hunting. So only Kim and Arthur did their selfie duty !

Sorry, I am half asleep but cooperative

I look great ! you can even see that my nostrils are clean !!



According to the News we have the hottest days in September since the creation of the weatherman ! Up to 35°C ! Therefore there is not much to report because the cats and humans included are laying around and try not to move too much.

Except of course for the daily bath

and other duties

As soon as her stomach is full (at least for an hour) Pookie sleeps inside in the sunshine !

When she thinks somebody is moving she is very alert ! He or she could go in the kitchen and then she would start to meow again. Our Pookie is a speaker ! Worse than a politician in his election campaign !

This weekend Arthur was a real happy cat ! His little friend Toby was on visit. When he saw him he chased his tail and turned and turned to make Toby laugh !

From this moment on, he became Toby's body guard

He watched him playing football (soccer), his only regret was that the ball was too big, and once he nearly got it on his head, but that didn't bother Arthur at all, he stayed were he was !

and they watched TV together.

Then Toby went away again, Arthur was a little sad, Rosie very happy, she had tried to avoid Toby as much as she could. Kim and Pookie not at all.

Now we are all hanging around and try not to move too much because of this terrible heat ! And nobody or only very few have aircondition in their houses !



No, I won't interrupt my bath only for this selfie ! At least people know now, that I am a clean cat !

My head in the sun, isn't that a nice selfie, Only I shouldn't have closed my eyes !

Do it yourself ! I am sleeping !

The treat is hidden behind the tablet ??



After nearly a week of humid and grey weather, where the cats did a napping marathon, summer has appeared again since a few days !

With the result that they are all outside !

Kim rakes her brain to decide under which bush she should sleep

Arthur and Rosie swap the radiator, as soon one is gone the other hops on, until they both go outside too.

Pookie waits until I am going out too, she is afraid to go out alone ever since she is deaf. She doesn't hear if somebody is approaching and when she gets hysterical, even if it is only Arthur.

Arthur too has his head smoking because he can't decide where to go and if there is something interesting in the neighborhood.

Rosie waits eagerly for mousies !

and after supper they are all laying around with a fully belly, while we watch TV. Rosie sits behind my head, that's why she is not on the picture.

This morning they have all disappeared, my cleaning lady is there and I don't know why, but none of my cats likes her, but she likes the cats ! Strange !