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Don't think that this is the first breakfast ! My cats are the best actors of the world at would earn an Oscar. They had their breakfast, but when Mr. G. got up they behaved as if they hadn't eaten for at least a week !

Pookie the old girl lives her life like a train schedule. After breakfast she meows without any interruption until one of us lifts her up to the sink where she has her morning "coffee". And this is the only moment of the day where she asks to drink from the tap. The rest of the day she helps herself, not in the kitchen where the water fountain is, but in the bathroom where I had now put a smaller basin, but still big enough for 5 cats at least. That the basin is red and not blue anymore, didn't bother her, fortunately ! With her you never know ! She also has put on some weight, and her fur is again soft and shiny.

Arthur at least honors the cat fountain and probably the others too, because I have to add water quite often.

After a long grooming session

he plays a bit, just to please me and then falls asleep for the rest of the day ... the weather is bad !

I badly needed a black cat for Halloween. As Kim is the only one in our household, I asked her for a photo shooting. Kim wasn't cooperative at all, and when finally I had a picture, Pookie decided to play "background". I think I have to do some more photo shooting !

Rosie sleeps on my bed and tried to look cute, which she did !


THE CAT ON MY HEAD - Sunday Selfies

She smells so good !

Selfies made with my Kindle



Have you ever been to Arthur's Pub ?

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Arthur was happy ! His boring days were interrupted by the visit of little Grandson Toby !

They greated each other,

Had small talk

and he watched that Toby ate his breakfast. To be honest he wanted to share it, and was cross eyeing on the milk ! When I had put the bowl in the kitchen he emptied it and cleaned it for the dishwasher.

He was following Toby everywhere in the house on the street in the garden, he played with the little cars and made Toby laugh. During the night he unpacked a waffel and ate it all, I found the crumbs all over the living room !

From the others I can't report anything they vanished and only showed up when nobody was there ! But nevertheless they all had a very good appetite !



Arthur and me





Arthur is unhappy ! It rains, nobody is out and he is bored !

I gave him a mouse to play with, but without result, he didn't even open his eyes and finally pushed it away !

But when it came to supper time he stole a whole sushi from Mr. G's plate, quick like a flash and ate it all on the carpet of course. The tiles were probably too cold for him !

I did some hard work with Rosie ! I tried to make selfies of her alone.  Impossible, she refused to push on the button to shoot the picture and I had to do it for her, with the result that we are both on her selfie !

Most of her time she lays on the top of the sofa, she has chosen this place a few weeks ago and naps and grooms up there. I have to wait that she chooses an other place, otherwise I will always have the same pictures !

After ignoring her cat fountain, Pookie found another water source ! She finally discovered  a bowl in the bathroom which apparently was big enough for her needs !

Now she drinks from there since a few days. And today hurrah, was the first day she didn't meow the whole morning ! Try to understand cats ! 



I am participating in a new meme I just discovered !

a selfie of Rosie and me !





I am at the end of my cat "wisdom" ! Pookie continues her meowing now between 5 and 6 am ! What I do now is jumping out of my bed, feed her, jumping into my bed and put earplugs in my ears ! That allows me to sleep a little longer. Sometimes I can hear her even through them !

She has an unbelievable loud meow never thought that she would become such a loudspeaker. Mr. G. isn't bothered, he has built in earplugs.

Until it's feeding time around noon, she is the old peaceful cat and doesn't say a word meow. She must have swallowed an alarm clock, because she is always very punctual and she eats a lot !

Arthur enjoyed the last sun's rays outside on the kitchen sill

Now it became cold and wet and he prefers to iron my laundry on the radiator.

Rosie spends her days on the top of the sofa

when she is not warming up on the heating. She looks so cute but isn't she hides under the table or chair and slaps on poor Pookie when she walks by. I suddenly see a little paw stretching out ! Poor Pookie makes a jump and then hisses back. That's brotherly (or rather sisterly love).

If anybody has a recipe to make Pookie stop meowing, please let me know !