I think I made a good job with my selfie

I wanted to show my claws

I think by getting older my face shrinks

Do I really have such a fat head ?



Arthur in all his glory !

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The weather was nice and my cats enjoyed outside life !

I had to plant flowers and arrange the front yard and while I was working hard Arthur watched me laying in the sunshine. It should have been the other way around.

Rosie looked at what I had done in the backyard.

Kim and Arthur too

and for once they were all 3 sitting on the terrace. Only Pookie preferred to stay inside.

Some birds had a fight and were rather noisy ! Arthur watched and tried to catch one. Fortunately without success.

and of course Rosie did the same !



I hope I showed my beauty !

That's what I think of your tablet !

See what you have done ? the tablet was too high !

The only way to support these selfies is being a philosophe !



Rosie as expressionist painting

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After a rather boring week, Arthur had a very nice weekend.

Grandson Toby was on visit and therefore he had somebody to play with ! Here he watches that Toby eats his breakfast.

Then they played outside with marbles ! What fun for Arthur to ran behind them !

Kim was very much upset because I had to take her to the groomer. After an exhausting hunting to catch her and put her in the carrier, we finally arrived. As usual she behaved like a model, was purring and made pasta. With the hairs coming out of her fur I could knit a few sweaters !

For the next day I took an appointment for Pookie !

Her nails had grown so much so that she got stuck on all fabrics. I tried to cut her the nails myself, but she struggled too much. I took her to the groomer and it was done in no time, I even didn't have to pay for it ! Pookie behaves very well in the carrier and also in the car, she gave far less concerts in the car than she does in the morning in the kitchen !

Rosie didn't go anywhere, she has a new hobby, she hides under the table and each time somebody goes by a little paw appears and she strikes out ! Little devil !



@#%$ I held the tablet upside down !

All the contortions I have to do to make a selfie !

I withdraw my paw too early

I love selfies !



Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

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During my stay in France the cats of my friend slowly got used to me

Ticoune even slept on my lap the last day, but Pedro preferred to watch me through the slats of the covered roof of the patio, which was so funny when I looked up.

Arthur greeted me as soon as I got out of the car and rolled in the red gravel which made him looking pink. In the evening he showed me his skills to open the drawer from under the sofa !

Kim took notice of my sudden reappearance, but I wonder if she had noticed that I was away for 10 days.

Rosie seemed to be happy that I was back and didn't leave me during the whole night. She washed my nose and purred into my ear.

Pookie too seemed content to see me back and gave her usual concert the next morning.