To play or not to play ?

Pookie the sink squatter

and little Rosie in her role as cute cat

I am still in Egypt until next Sunday. I haven't been in town yet, because I am too lazy and anyway I know it by heart that's why I haven't seen a single cat or other critters here besides the human once.

Enjoy Cats on Tuesday and don't forget to visit each other !!




I am posting from Hurghada (Egypt) at the Red Sea. I am spending 2 weeks holidays there.

Before I left I took a few pictures of my little cat family. Here are Rosie and Arthur in sweet harmony.

Pookie tries to fish

Arthur does what he knows best .... Sleeping

And this was the last picture of Pookie before I left, she slept the whole night on my suitcase !

They are all very happy to have the opportunity to terrorize poor Mr. G. for 2 Weeks.

I am sorry if I can't comment as usual, but my Internet and holiday time is limited !



I will leave at 6 am Sunday morning for two weeks in Hurghada at the Red Sea. Cats on Tuesday post will be hopefully there. Anyway I take my little notebook with me !




For the third time this year, Kim's fur was again full of knots. So I decided to take her to the groomer. What a show to get her in the cage ! I felt like a tiger tamer ! I had to chase her in the kitchen, close all doors open the door to the basement where I had also closed all the doors so there was only space on the steps where she couldn't hide.

When I lifted her up to put her in the cage, she screemed as if I would kill her, struggled wildly until finally I managed to put her in the cage. I was exhausted !

Here she looks as if I would take her to the slaughterer !

But once there she completely changed, she let herself take out of the cage without any protests, then she started to purr and kneaded invisible dough with her bottom in the air ! It was rather offending for me ! With all the hair the groomer combed out I could make a second cat !

Each time when I go to my neighbor Domi, Arthur comes with me. Yesterday I went over with the flight informations for our holidays in Egypt and we sat in the garden while Arthur meowed loud at the gate until I opened it. He could have gone through easily but he decided that I had to open the door. Then he settled down on the travel catalogue and did his washing. Arthur loves company.

For the moment it's love and harmony between the couple Arthur/Rosie, until she starts to hunt his tail again.

Pookie has decided to sleep in the kitchen sink and I have to take her out each time I need some water. She doesn't like this at all and meows her protests.

As you can see my life is not easy !






This week I was very worried about Arthur. He wasn't feeling well. He was laying around and each time he ate something he threw it up a little later. First I thought it was a coincidence, but when he vomited over the whole table and the floor in the living room. Mr. G. took him to the vet. The whole way he was singing loud his operas in the car and Mr. G. was near a nervous breakdown when they arrived.

She (the vet) couldn't find anything abnormal so she gave him two shots and a prescription for special food. Hill's of course ! All people owned by cats know that ! It makes a deep hole in your wallet.

Arthur who had never wanted to eat dry food and had never tried it either, he suddenly got his appetite back and he started to eat the little pieces.

First he didn't manage it and they fell out of his mouth ! Then he messed around but finally he found the technique and he eats normally and with pleasure again. Now of course he never askes for anything else and as I have put his food besides my bed to control that he is eating well, he has found the way to his bowl immediately and loves to eat especially during the night when I sleep, and then wake up because of the crick, crack, crick noise !

He has lost a few kgs which was good in one way, now he is recuperating on the radiator and warms his belly !

This week I had washed the curtains of the living room and Rosie was delighted that I had built up such a romantic tent for her ! Immediately she brought a red mousie in to share it with her.

I discovered a new setting on my camera (after 3 years already !). It takes pictures of things moving quickly. I tried it out when Rosie took care of her beauty and washed herself with eagerness ! I had never realized that she has such a long tongue ! The first picture is still a little blur, but it also was the first trial.

It continues to rain everyday and Kim has decided to squat this chair and watch TV with us.

Pookie since she has chosen to be Mr. G.'s secretary continues to help him everyday, by walking over the keyboard or sleeping on the mouse.